How to Attack Roblox in Wild Savannah

Created by LudicrousCunningFox, Wild Savannah is one of the most popular games related to animals which you are able to find on Roblox platform. This is a fun and expansive game on the platform that you are able to visit at any given time. Based on the research, the game has had several million visits since its release, and continues to be known as one of the most popular animal games in Roblox. In this game, you are able to take control of animals that are found in the savannah and use them to live their lives and survive.

You are able to play as a variety of different animals, each with its different gameplay mechanics. There are lions, tigers, crocodiles, and more of the sort which you are able to play as or play against. Also, the savannah in this game is designed quite well, featuring beautiful visuals and many different regions inside of the jungle which can be explored. You will be able to perform attacks, pounce, rest, grab things, and do much more in this Roblox animal game.

How to Attack in Roblox Wild Savannah?

How to Attack Roblox in Wild Savannah

In Roblox Wild savannah, you have to survive as a variety of animals in the Savanna. You need to attack, hunt, scavenge, or forage for food and evade predators to live another day. By the way, how to attack in Roblox Wild Savannah? For this case, you should learn some controls of the game.

Here are some controls you need to know:

    • Mouse buttons
      You are able to use the mouse button to attack.
    • “E”
      You are able to press E to eat or drink.
    • “R”
      You are able to press “R” to rest.
    • “V”
      You are able to press “V” to pounce.
    • Space bar
      You are able to use the spacebar to jump.
    • “T”
      You are able to press “T” to let go of objects.
    • “Q”
      You are able to press “Q” to start flying.
    • Number keys
      You are able to use number keys for calls.

How to Fly in Roblox Wild Savannah?

You have to know that Stat wise marabou storks are the weakest animals in the game, and due to their low health and attack they are easily killed by other Roblox players. As we explained above, to take flight, simply you are able to press Q and point your cursor up, then tap SPACE.

How to Climb Trees in Roblox Wild Savannah?

Need to know that leopards are able to climb trees by repeatedly pressing Y while facing into the tree. They are able to pounce (V) on all herbivores (excluding buffaloes) and storks.

How to Catch Fish in Roblox Wild Savannah?

In the main game, fish come in three variants. They are able to spawn in any of the water sources. These fish are able to be caught by Nile crocodiles and Marabou storks. They are going to try to swim away if the player tries to catch them.

If you want to catch fish, you will need to grab them and attack them. To grab a fish, you are able to press E. Then, you need to press E to eat it when you grab a fish. If you want to know where they are, you are able to look under the water. Then, if you see a fish there, you will be able to catch it.

Mammals in Roblox Wild Savannah

Mammals are a class of playable animals in Roblox Wild Savannah. They have a long growth time. Almost all large animals in the game of Roblox Wild Savannah are mammals, including the Bush Elephant; the largest animal in Roblox Wild Savanna. Apparently, there are a total of 36 confirmed playable mammals and two confirmed AI only mammals.

In-game Roster

Here are the mammal species that are currently available to play as in the game:

    • African cheetah
    • African Leopard
    • African Lion
    • Blue Wildebeest
    • Cape Buffalo
    • Common Warthog
    • Grant’s Zebra
    • Impala
    • Kongoni
    • Lycaon
    • Masai Giraffe
    • Savanna Hare
    • Spotted Hyena
    • Thomson’s gazelle
    • Topi

In Development

There are mammals that are still under development. Several have only their models in progress, while others can be tested out in the testing places.

    • Aardvark
    • African Bush Elephant
    • Common Hippopotamus
    • Fringe-eared Oryx
    • Olive Baboon

Planned Playable Mammals

Here is a list of planned playable mammals that have not yet been worked on.

    • African Crested Porcupine
    • African Wildcat
    • Banded Mongoose
    • Bat-eared Fox
    • Black-Backed Jackal
    • Black Rhinoceros
    • Bohor Reedbuck
    • Bushbuck
    • Caracal
    • Common Eland
    • Defassa Waterbuck
    • Grant’s Gazelle
    • Gerenuk
    • Honey Badger
    • Kirk’s Dik-dik
    • Serval
    • Vervet Monkey

AI Mammals

Here is a list of mammals that are AI only:

    • African Grass Rat
    • Rock Hyrax

What is the Largest Animal in Roblox Wild Savannah?

As we said before, the Bush Elephant is the largest animal in Roblox Wild Savanna. Also, it is known as the savanna elephant. Usually, males Bush Elephants are larger and have bigger tusks than female Bush Elephants. Aside from that, they are also the longest living mammal in Roblox Wild Savanna, capable of living more than 70 years. Remember that an iconic feature of the elephant is its trunk, which is utilized to manipulate objects and interact with its surroundings.

A flock of bush elephants consists of females and their young. The flock is led by an experienced female, the matriarch. As they become older, the elephant bulls are going to leave their herd and live alone. Or they are going to form groups with other bulls. The bush elephants communicate by using a large range of sounds and gestures. They form strong bonds with each other. Bush elephants feed on lots of different plants. They are even capable of pushing over large trees.

What is the Strongest Animal in Roblox Wild Savannah?

The strongest animal in Roblox Wild Savannah is the Nile crocodile. Need to know that Nile Crocodiles have large heads and powerful jaws. Their bite force is the strongest of any animal in Roblox Wild Savannah. With the highest current oxygen level and swim speed, they are well suited to ambushing prey at water sources.

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