How to Be a VR Player in VR Hands Roblox

In order to be a VR Roblox player, you definitely must use the VR generation called Oculus Quest 2 that can allow you to play the game with more real experience. With the Virtual Reality (VR) technology, you can now play Roblox games in 3D visualization. To play the Roblox games with VR, you need to enable it first.

Today, you can enhance your Roblox experience with VR hands that you will have while playing Roblox. Most Roblox players demonstrate how the VR hands work in the game on their social platform, especially YouTube. Do you wonder how to get VR hands when playing Roblox? If so, let’s see our post below!

How to Be a VR Player in VR Hands Roblox

How to Get VR Hands When Playing Roblox with VR?

The VR hands or Hand Tracking is a great feature for Oculus Quest 2 and Quest. This feature actually allows you to use your hand instead of your touch controller. The Hand-Tracking feature will work with the inside-out cameras on Oculus Quest 2 and Quest.

The only one way to get VR hands when you are playing Roblox with Virtual Reality (VR) technology is by using the headset. This is the kind of the  PC-powered VR gaming headset that you should have when playing Roblox with VR, as this tool will bring up the VR hands in your game.

The VR headset will then detect the orientation and position of your hands and the configurations of your fingers. After it has been detected, the computer vision algorithms are used to track the movement and orientation of our hands.

How to Turn On or Off the Hand Tracking?

When you are playing Roblox, you can enable or disable the Hand Tracking feature. Certainly, you may not always want to use the Hand Tracking feature while playing Roblox games. Well, you can turn on the feature if you want to use it, otherwise turn it off if you do not want to use it.

Here’s how to turn on or off the Hand Tracking feature!

    • First, hit the ‘Oculus’ icon button that you can find on your right Touch controller to bring up the universal menu.
    • You can then hover over the clock located on the left side of the universal menu. When ‘Quick Settings’ appears, you need to choose it to open the Quick Settings panel.
    • Choose the ‘Settings’ option located in the top right corner.
    • Then, choose the ‘Device’ from the left menu and then choose Hands and Controllers.
    • After that, you need to choose the toggle beside the ‘Hand Tracking’ to turn it on or off.  From here, you can also turn the auto-switch for hand tracking on or off.

Well, if the setting is on, your headset will switch between using your controllers and your hands automatically if you place your controllers down or pick them up. Otherwise, you will have to turn on and turn off the Hand Tracking feature manually if this setting is totally off.

Recommended VR Headsets That Can Bring the VR Hands

In fact, you can now play Roblox on the Oculus Quest 2, as long as you meet the requirements for Oculus Quest 2. As you know Roblox is not designed to run the standalone hardware, so to run Oculus Quest 2, you will need the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift headset.

The good news! You can now play Rolox games on your Oculus Quest 2 through your PC. To run it, you may need a few extra steps. The important stuff you shouldn’t miss is an Oculus Link cable that is a special kind of high-quality USB-C cable. Aside from that, you can also connect the wireless to your PC and play Roblox that way.

In other words, there are a bunch of requirements that you should meet to run the Oculus Quest 2 to play Roblox. According to a video from EliteCrafted Gaming YouTube Channel that you can watch here, there are a number of VR headsets that you can use to bring the VR hands in the game, here are they:

    1. Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S

The Oculus Rift S is a very perfect starter VR headset that has a large screen resolution. This headset features the controllers that will fit nicely in your hands. This kind of VR headset comes with built-in tracking, so you do not have to worry about setting up sensors.

In fact, Roblox will be more compatible with the Oculus Rift headset, as most Oculus gear actually comes with exclusive games on their store.

    1. HTC Vive

 HTC Vive

The second option of VR headset is HTC Vive that also gets the best impression from many Roblox players. The controls available on the HTC Vive are so big that makes it seem like you are holding a weapon or tool.

This headset also features lighthouses that can detect a pretty decent sized area. Well, the HTC Vive headset is very great for experienced users with a large room.

    1. Valve Index

Valve Index1

You can also use the Valve Index headset that you can buy at $1,000 price. There’s no screen tears found in this comfy headset that enable the full immersion. The knuckles controllers also have 4-finger tracking compatibility.

With Valve Index, you actually can use the experimental 144hz refresh rate at a slightly higher price. The 2.0 lighthouses will be able to detect a wide room. So, this headset is very recommended for every Roblox player.

    1. Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality1

Even though there’s not much information about the Windows Mixed Reality headset, a lot of Roblox players revealed that this kind of headset is quick and easy to set up. This headset also has good comfort that will make people pleasant when using this headset.

Another surprising thing about the Windows Mixed Reality headset is that the users will be able to flip up and down to see the stuff happen IRL. We think the Windows Mixed Reality headset is totally recommended for people with lower-end PCs.

Okay, those are some recommended VR headsets that you can use to bring up the VR hands on your game.