How Old Is Venti Genshin Impact

There are a lot of rare characters in Genshin Impact the game, but the main focus of this article is Venti. Venti is known as a playable character that has the power to control the wind to come out as the winner against his opponents. The boy is the God of Freedom and he is popular for his calmness as well as his peaceful tunes.

How old is Venti? The sad news is that no one knows the exact age of Venti. Usually, the characters have their game written in either the manga or in the game, but the case is different with Venti, he is like the only exception.


The official website of Wiki shows that the birthday of Venti is on the 16th of June. As far as the age goes, he seems to be really secretive about it.

How Old Is Venti Genshin Impact

However, the age of Venti could be expected to be more than a couple of thousand years. Despite looking so young when it comes to appearance, there are usually times when these thousand year old semi gods look very young.

It is really interesting if we look at the possibility of Venti to have the two personalities. It seems like the Wind Archon takes over his mind on some occasions. Sometimes, Venti can turn into a wise one and speaks philosophically.

Venti is one of Genshin Impact’s characters with an interesting personality. He usually misbehaves and rhymes regularly in his speech. What makes him interesting is the fact that he loves to tease his strong opponents and friends. He loves music way too much, to the point where he made up a name for his lyre. There is a quote that you might have heard from him, saying that every being deserves a name to be called upon and woven into a song.

This one is another proof that Venti might have lived long enough, that the Wind Archon himself has taken over everything, including his mind and his body. It is possible that some books or information about his age exist in the game but until now it is still unknown.

Some other sources state that Venti was born as 2600 some years ago as a thread of a thousand winds to an elemental spirit called Barbatos and lastly, Venti the humanoid bard. It is such an unfortunate situation for Venti as he is stuck in a 15 year old body of an underage boy and cannot satisfy his desire for alcohol.

  • Birthday: June 16
  • Age: Physically, 15 but 2600 years old in reality
  • Height: 162.2 cm

More about Venti

Venti is good looking with fair skin, aqua eyes, and a slim build. The boy has dark blue hair that borders on black, with short twin braids that makes him more attractive. His current form is not his original one, instead, he stays in this form to honor an old friend.

Venti wears a lacy white top and a leather midsection that looks like a corset, as well as teal shorts with gold embroidery. At the bottom part, he also wears white stockings with three gold diamond shapes along every leg and there is also a hat, the beret one, with a Cecilia, the name of his favorite flower. He holds a wooden lyre with blue strings that has the power of Anemo.

The age of the other characters in Genshin Impact

Just like the other gacha games, there are a ton of characters in Genshin Impact that can be played, which most of them seem too young to hold weapons and attack monsters to protect Mondstadt. However, just like in the universe of all the good gacha games, age is clearly relative.

Actually, the developers of the game, miHoYo, never released canon ages and heights for these available characters. In this case, you will need to keep in mind that there will be a margin of error since most of the ages and heights educated estimates based on way of acting, lore, the dialogue of the character, and the appearance in general.

  1. Traveler

Birthday: Birthday varies by player input

Age: 15

Height: 162 cm for male and 157.6 cm for female

  1. Amber Nesoberi

Birthday: August 10

Age: 21

Height: 157.3 cm

  1. Beidou

Birthday: February 14

Age: 27

Height: 168 cm

  1. Bennett

Birthday: February 29

Age: 16, so he is technically 4 years old considering he is a leap year baby

Height: 160 cm

  1. Chongyun

Birthday: September 7

Age: 17

Height: 161 cm

  1. Diluc Ragnvindr

Birthday: April 30

Age: 21

Height: 180 cm

  1. Kaeya Alberich

Birthday: November 30

Age: 26

Height: 182.6 cm

  1. Jean Gunnhildr

Birthday: March 14

Age: 20

Height: 169.5 cm

  1. Barbara Page

Birthday: July 5

Age: 16

Height: 158 cm

  1. Klee

Birthday: July 27

Age: 10

Height: 135 cm

  1. Fischl

Birthday: May 27

Age: 15

Height: 158.5 cm

  1. Keqing

Birthday: November 20

Age: 17

Height: 159 cm

  1. Lisa Minci

Birthday: June 9

Age: 32

Height: 166.4 cm

  1. Mona

Birthday: August 31

Age: 19

Height: 157.7 cm

  1. Ningguang

Birthday: August 26

Age: 25

Height: 168.5 cm

  1. Noelle

Birthday: March 21

Age: 15

Height: 158.8 cm

  1. Qiqi

Birthday: March 3

Age: 8

Height: 133 cm

  1. Razor

Birthday: September 9

Age: 16

Height: 164.3 cm

  1. Sucrose

Birthday: May 11

Age: 18

Height: 156.6 cm

  1. Xiangling

Birthday: November 2

Age: 14

Height: 158.6 cm

  1. Xingqiu

Birthday: October 9

Age: 17

Height: 165 cm


For those who have any questions about how old Venti of Genshin Impact, try to reach out the representative of the developers. You can also join the communities or forums of the game and get in touch with the members. If you want to know more about the other information about the other characters, go visit Wiki. This one is probably the best one that provides a lot of information about anything related to this game and some other games.

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