How Do You Get the Chaotic Hat in Roblox

Chaotic Top Hat is an accessory in Roblox. It was published on November 20, 2020 in the avatar shop by Roblox. Chaotic Top Hat was made for the Ready Player Two event. According to research, since January 28, 2021, Chaotic Top Hat has been obtained 424,558 times and has 3,859 favorites. By the way, how to get the Chaotic Hat in Roblox?

Getting the Chaotic Hat in Roblox

To get the Chaotic Top Hat in Roblox, you have to complete the Dungeon Quest. Then, you have to do some steps properly. Each step needs plenty of work. Getting the Chaotic Top Hat is difficult enough. So, be sure to follow these steps below carefully, and you are going to get the Chaotic Top Hat successfully.

How Do You Get the Chaotic Hat in Roblox

Step 1: Finding the Gems

First step, you will need to find 7 colored gems in a specific order. Please run through each gem, definitely touching them. There is not an audio indication, so ensure you run through them.

Here are the exact order of the 7 colored gems:

    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Cyan
    • White
    • Purple
    • Green

Warning: If you do not follow this first step, then the second step of the Chaotic Top Hat quest will not trigger.

Here are the locations of each colored emerald:

    • Red gem location

Red gem location
To find a red gem location, you are able to start from the spawn point, travel forward and cross the small bridge. Please continue walking straight until the path starts to turn right. You do not turn right up the path. Just look behind one of the first trees you discover. Yeah, the red gem is behind that tree.

    • Yellow gem location

Yellow gem location
You are able to find a yellow gem behind a long stone building, within a crack in the wall. For your information, this stone building is located above the spawn. You have to travel in that upward direction until you discover the crack in the wall.

    • Blue gem location

Blue gem location
The location of the blue gem is behind a tree. If you follow a path from where you discovered the yellow gem, then you will be able to find this blue gem behind the tree.

    • Cyan gem location

Cyan gem location
This Cyan gem is under the wooden bridge which is just past the spawn point. The Cyan gem is in an underwater cave. You are able to swim below the bridge and enter the cave to discover the cyan gem.

    • White gem location

White gem location
This white gem is located above the Advanced Training Bags. You are going to find the white gem behind one of the trees.

    • Purple gem location

Purple gem location
The purple gem is able to be found just past the large closed door which is built into a mountain. The purple gem is located behind a rock wall, to the right of the large closed door.

    • Green gem location

Green gem location
You are able to find the green gem behind the spawn point where the boulders are blocking a cave. Please climb the boulders to squeeze through the cave. Then, continue into the cave until you reach an obby. Need to know, this obby is difficult. You have to be prepared for precise platforming and several attempts.

Step 2: The Blinking Lights

In this second step, you will need a 6-digit code to unlock the cell door to reach Step 3. To get the code, you must count five blinking lights. Above the Boulder cave is where you are able to stand to see all blinking lights at once. Remember that every player has a different code. For note: If you have recording software like OBS, you are able to use it so that you will be able to watch the lights blink in slow motion. If not, you have to watch the blinking sequence until you are sure that you have picked up the correct code.

You will be able to know the sequence has ended when the lights no longer blink and a long pause ensues. Warning: The amount of lights blinking = a number. In an example: If 5 lights blink at the same time, the first number is 5. Then, if the next lights only have three blinking lights, the second number is 3. Again, if the next lights only have 4 that blink, the fourth number in your code will be 4.

After that, go back to the bridge and then look for the locked cell to the right. Please enter the code by literally clicking the numbers on the keypad. If entered correctly you are going to have been teleported to a bright location with a lot of servers.

Step 3: The Glitch Boss

This sequence is on a 10 minute timer, so you have to move with haste. Just break down the door to enter a small obby. This one is easier than the green gem obby. Time your jumps correctly and safely make it to the other side. Again, break down the door to reach the last chamber: The Glitch.

The Glitch Boss – Strategy:

    • When the whole ground changes grey, quickly you have to run behind a server. If you do not get there in time you are going to take a lot of damage.
    • You have to avoid the red and grey lines. The Glitch will be able to shoot lasers at you.
    • While you use your regular attack, try to spam your Q and E attacks as much as possible. This will make a three-way combo which deals lots of damage to the Glitch.
    • When the health of Glitch reaches halfway, the two stationary power machines are going to spawn. They will be able to heal the Glitch over time, so you have to take those out as fast as possible.
    • If you lose a life, the Glitch’s health will remain where you left off. However, you have to be careful not to lose all three lives.

When you defeat him, the Glitch is going to disappear. And you are going to get a Mission Completed. Finally, you have earned the Chaotic Top Hat.

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