Hardest Geoculus to Find in Genshin Impact

If you are trying to find Geoculus in Genshin Impact, you may not be able to find some of them. It means that those locations may be the hardest part for you. Talking about the hardest Geoculus, it may be different for each player. However, here are the hardest Geoculus to find in Genshin Impact according to a Youtuber.

Hardest Geoculus to Find

According to a Youtube channel named Crypto Maseru on his Youtube video entitled #10 The Hardest Geoculus Spot! | Genshin Impact Guide which was uploaded on October 5th, 2020, here is the hardest Geoculus spot in Genshin Impact.

  • The first location, you have to go to Mt. Tianheng. There, you have to walk on the bridge made from stones and then at the edge of the bridge, you can find the Geoculus over the bridge. By any chance, if you do not have any Geo element on your deck, you are still able to use your main character and change it to Geo element.
    Mt. Tianheng find geoculus
  • The second location is in Mingyun Village. You have to climb and use your Starfell Sword so that you are able to reach Geoculus.
     Mingyun Village Find to Geoculus
  • You have to go to Guyun Stone Forest. Then, you need to climb to the top. Then, you have to use your Starfell Sword skill again and then get the Geoculus.
    Guyun Stone Forest Find to Geoculus

Well, for some players, these locations may not be the hardest. It is because there are some Geoculus which are hidden and those are actually the hardest geoculus to find.

However, to help you find Geoculus in Genshin Impact, here is how to find Geoculus that you missed in Genshin Impact.

The Methods to Find Geoculus You Missed in Genshin Impact

All around the map of Teyvat, Geoculuses are able to be found. Since they are not displayed on your mini-map, you have to do a little bit of exploration and it can help you. On the Nerds Chalk site, you can read the explanation that if you have missed some Geoculus when you are exploring areas around Teyvat earlier, the location will be able to be seen on the map. The thing that you need to do is to navigate and explore these locations and then you are able to discover some Geoculuses easily.

You may have collected some of your Geoculuses in Genshin Impact. So, you can find the missing pieces by following the tips below according to Nerds Chalk.

  • The online map can be used by you and you need to note that using the online map in Genshin Impact is not cheating. As you know, in the other RPG games, if you use an item map from the internet, it is not liked. However, in Genshin Impact, you are given the map by the developers of Genshin Impact where it can be accessed by using thi link here. When you are in the game, the map can be utilized side by side so that you will be helped in finding all the Geoculuses. The Methods to Find Geoculus You Missed in Genshin Impact
  • Swimming, flying and exploring the underground in Teyvat can be done by you to find Geoculus. Some Geoculuses are able to be found high up in the air while some others are hidden underground. Are you having problems collecting all the Geoculuses? If so, changing your altitude can be done by you and then you are able to look at the minimap again. If you do this, the location of some hidden or difficult to reach Geoculuses will be seen on the map.
  • You are able to use a walkthrough. In RPGs, sometimes discovering collectibles is difficult. If it makes you frustrated,  it can take away the point of playing a game. If you feel like this, you are able to try to do a walkthrough online. After the Geoculuses that you have not been able to find were collected, you are able to go back to your game and then close the walkthrough. You can do this to maintain the whole experience of your gameplay. It is better for you to avoid going through the whole walkthroughs and following them for the whole game. It is because they may be able to reduce the experience of gameplay and also they will reveal spoilers for important moments that you have not faced in your game. One of the walkthroughs that you are able to watch is a walkthrough video from Taka GG on Youtube. In that video, specific time codes for the location of each Geoculus are shown by him.
  • You need to be aware of your mini map. If you are near a unit, the icon for Geoculus which disappears will be seen on your mini map. It will help you to discover the Geoculus easily, but it is important for you to know that this icon which disappears will go away from your mini map if you stay too far away from the location of that particular Geoculus.

Several Locations and Ways to Get Geoculus Orb

As you know that the locations of Geoculus can be anywhere. It can be inside a tower, floating in the air, underneath the bridge, above a rock, and many more. Here are some possibilities of Geoculus Locations and how to get it according to Gamewith.

  • It can be found inside a tower. If you find it there, you can climb the tower.
  • It can float in the air. If so, you have to climb up a tall ledge nearby and then you must jump off to get it.
  • It can be found underneath the bridge. If so, you can swim up to get it.
  • It can be found above a rock and you can use Traveler’s Geo skill to get it.
  • It can float in the air and you can jump at it and glide from a nearby ledge.
  • It can be found floating in the air above some stones and you can get it by gliding over from a nearby cliff.
  • It can be hidden inside some ruins and you have to walk up to it .
  • And many more locations.

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