Can You Watch Ads for Robux?

As you probably know, Roblox has a currency known as Robux. There are several ways to get this currency. As not everyone can afford Robux, many people are looking for ways to obtain it for free without having to spend anything. If you are one of these people who think that Robux is pricey and go to one of the search engines to find the way to get Robux for free, you might be suggested to watch ads by some websites so that you can get free Robux. Before trying this method, you might be wondering if you really can get Robux by watching ads. So, can you watch ads for Robux?

There are a few websites that claim to give free Robux for their users when they are done following what they ask. In addition to completing surveys, one of the most common things that are asked by these websites is to watch ads. Basically, based on what they promised, you will be rewarded with free Robux after watching ads.

Can You Watch Ads for Robux

One of the most popular websites that offer this kind of thing is called OPRewards. OPRewards is known as an online platform with the aim to play a role as a bridge that connects gamers who want to obtain digital rewards for free with the companies that look to reward users for helping them out. One of the tasks that should be completed by the users is watching the video ads, in addition to checking out the mobile apps of the companies or filling out their surveys.

How does everything work? As one of the users who wants to be rewarded with free Robux, the first thing that you have to do is to make an OPRewards account. After creating one, you are able to choose from a list of different offers to complete. The offers that are provided by the companies include tasks, surveys or apps download. Once you have successfully completed any of these offers, the money will be sent to OPRewards. Talking about the money that is given, usually, the easier offers pay less and the harder ones usually pay more. After having the money from the companies, OPRewards will purchase digital game goods to reward you. if you are wondering if the site gets benefits from it, apparently, it does. As explained on its official website, it keeps a small commission for itself. As a user, you will be able to immediately redeem your points for the digital game goods that you want.

Is OPRewards safe? Just like any other similar websites that offer similar things, OPRewards claims that it is safe to use. It never asks private information from the users, such as their passwords of their game account. However, it does ask the username of the game account for some games so that it will know which account to send the digital currency to. As for some other games, the users will be given a gift card with a balance that can be redeemed in the game.

While OPRewards or some other websites claim themselves as safe websites, there is actually no guarantee that your Roblox account will be safe. Not only that, there is also no guarantee for you to get the free Robux as promised by them. As it is risky, you are highly recommended to avoid such things and just use the legal ways to get Robux, such as:

    • Using your Roblox premium membership

Apparently, you will be able to get Robux by using Roblox premium membership. Follow every step below to be able to do that:

    1. Firstly, open the official website of Roblox at in your favorite browser.
    2. Do not forget to also log in if you have not done it yet.
    3. After logging in, click the three lines icon to open a menu.
    4. Thirdly, click Upgrade Now.
    5. The next thing that you have to do is to choose an upgrade tier. Please click on one of the categories, depending on how many monthly Robux that you want to get.
    6. After that, choose a payment method.
    7. Once a payment method is chosen, click Continue.
    8. It is also important for you to enter your payment details.
    9. Lastly, click Submit Order to purchase your chosen rendition of the Premium package, the one that will add the right number of Robux to your daily balance.
    • Purchasing Robux

Aside from using Roblox premium membership, you can also purchase Robux separately. There are several steps to purchase this currency, as follows:

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to open the Roblox website and log in.
    2. Once you are logged in to the site, click the Robux tab.
    3. In the next step, find the number of Robux to buy.
    4. After making a decision, click Buy for.
    5. The fifth step is to choose a payment method.
    6. Then, click Continue.
    7. Afterward, enter your payment details.
    8. When everything is done, click Submit Order to add the chosen number of Robux to your profile.
    • Selling items

In addition to using Roblox premium membership and purchasing Robux separately, you can also sell items to get Robux. The instructions for this method include:

    1. First of all, you should make sure that you are a Premium member because only Premium members can make and upload items for sale on the Roblox marketplace.
    2. After making sure about it, go to the official website of Roblox.
    3. Please log in to your account by entering username and password if you have not done it yet.
    4. After logging in, click the Create tab to open My creations.
    5. Then, choose an item category.
    6. Next, upload or make the product that you want to sell.
    7. Once you are creating one, it is time for you to put the item on sale.
    8. Do not forget to click Save to save the changes and to make the item available for sale.