BTRoblox Extension for Microsoft Edge – Making Roblox Better

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BTRoblox Extension – Making Roblox Better

BTRoblox – Making Roblox Better is an extension that purposes to increase Roblox’s website by modifying the look and adding to the core site functionality by adding a plethora of new features. You will be able to enhance your Roblox experience right now. If you have any bugs to report or features to request, simply you are able to send a message on Twitter @AntiBoomz.

Additional information

    • Version: 2.18.2
    • Updated: April 4, 2021
    • Size: 461KiB
    • Language: English (United States)

BTRoblox Extension for Microsoft Edge - Making Roblox Better

Features of BTRoblox Extension – Making Roblox Better

BTRoblox is a Google Chrome and Firefox extension for Roblox made by AntiBoomz0r which modifies the style and adds additional features to the Roblox website. There are many features of BTRoblox – Making Roblox Better. BTRoblox changes lots of aspects of the Roblox website. For instance, BTRoblox changes the layout of the Profile page. Also, BTRoblox swaps around several things in the sidebar (some menus on the left showing home, avatar editor, profile, etc.).

BTRoblox comes with some different site themes that you are able to select from, including sky, red, dark as night, simply black, and Default for those who do not want a theme. Also, BTRoblox has a feature where the real life price of an item is listed next to the Robux price of it. Aside from that, BTRoblox Extension also fixes the problems where audios instantly stop after you hit the play button. It allows downloading of Roblox audio from the audio library and hides advertisements. There are no in-game changes, because BTRoblox can only change things on the site.

Changelogs of BTRoblox Extension – Making Roblox Better

Version 2.18.2 (April 4th)

    • BTRoblox added general higher Robux Precision to show your current Robux in higher precision (10.5K+ vs 10K+)
    • BTRoblox Re-added label: This user has no description.
    • BTRoblox removed groups: group Wall Ranks, because Roblox now shows ranks in group wall posts by default.
    • BTRoblox fixed version 4.01 meshes not being visible.
    • BTRoblox fixed profile game or group or favorite thumbnails sometimes not scaling properly

Version 2.17.7 (February 24th)

    • Now fast user search works properly with the new search.
    • BTRoblox fixed player description not working in your profile.
    • BTRoblox fixed player aliases not working in the profiles.

Version 2.17.4 (February 11th)

    • BTRoblox fixed problems where the previewer breaks when your avatar is wearing deleted clothing.

Version 2.17.3 (February 11th)

    • BTRoblox fixed incorrectly being able to equip some clothing or faces at once (visual bug)
    • BTRoblox fixed version 4.01: meshes not loading. It seemed to work without any changes.
    • BTRoblox fixed problem where hover previewing a bundle for the second time will make bundle outfit not to be applied.
    • BTRoblox fixed problem where the previewer breaks once your avatar is wearing deleted the clothing.
    • BTRoblox added Robux to Cash labels to a group admin.

Version 2.17.1 (Februay 3rd)

    • BTRoblox fixed group shout filters UI.
    • BTRoblox fixed audio downloading.
    • BTRoblox fixed the dark theme not being applied to btr settings.
    • BTRoblox fixed errors when loading games on the profile pages.
    • BTRoblox fixed general fix Audio Volume.
    • BTRoblox removed the ‘Download all versions’ button because it was pretty much worthless.
    • BTRoblox removed the general fix Audio Preview because it is no longer necessary.

Version 2.17.0 (Februay 2nd)

    • BTRoblox added an advanced accessory button next to the redraw thumbnail button on the avatar page.
    • BTRoblox removed accessory type limits when equipping accessories on the avatar page.
    • BTRoblox removed friends always Show Unfriend setting as it has been broken for a long time.
    • BTRoblox fixed updated and created labels on the badge details page.
    • BTRoblox fixed problems where the place version history pager showed the wrong max page.
    • BTRoblox fixed sales labels showing up even when sales data is not available.

Version 2.16.3 (November 19th)

    • BTRoblox fixed Roblox badges on the profiles.
    • BTRoblox fixed copy asset ID in library.
    • BTRoblox added number formatting to group member count on the profiles.

Version 2.16.2 (Novmber 18th)

    • BTRoblox fixed profile statistics once again.
    • BTRoblox fixed head texture preloading.

Version 2.16.1 (November 17th)

    • The sales numbers no longer show up if you do not have access to them (it is no longer possible to get sales figures for the items you do not own, blame Roblox)
    • BTRoblox fixed recommended games showing in the wrong place on the game details page.
    • BTRoblox fixed player statistics not showing up on the profile page.
    • BTRoblox fixed severl version 4.00, meshes not working once previewed.

Version 2.16.0 (October 8th)

    • The script source viewer has been redone.
    • BTRoblox fixed newer meshes not being preview-able.
    • BTRoblox fixed sales on the item pages.
    • The item owners list is hidden unless you are able to view it.
    • BTRoblox removed the nav editor button because it no longer works.
    • BTRoblox added some options to choose some navigation buttons.
    • Now hover previewer properly previews bundles.
    • BTRoblox added Bug fixes.

Version 2.15.3 (July 31st)

    • BTRoblox switched the old API to a newer one.

Version 2.15.2 (July 21st)

    • BTRoblox added a stopgap fix for broken header or navigation changes. Unfortunately, the modify navigation button still does not work, and will most likely be deleted in the future update.

Version 2.15.1 (July 20th)

    • BTRoblox fixed problem where a player profile redirected to their inventory if embed Inventory setting was enabled.

Version 2.15.0 (July 19th)

    • BTRoblox renamed Robux to USD to Robux to Cash, added 10 more currency options.
    • BTRoblox removed the missing permissions banner, because it did not seem to help people too much.
    • BTRoblox re-added manual “legacy theme compact mode” that was made automatic in the last patch. Apparently people liked it. t
    • BTRoblox created updated label show “Just now” instead of showing “updated -X seconds ago”
    • BTRoblox created extension to hide ads by default.
    • BTRoblox fixed source viewer freezing with certain scripts.
    • BTRoblox added fixed bugs.