Bituro Survey App Review

You may have discovered Bituro while browsing for lots of reward apps on Google Play. Bituro app allows the users to complete simple tasks from your smartphone and redeem points for Bitcoin, PayPal, Etherium and gift cards. One of the easiest tasks you are able to do for making money with Bituro is by installing and using third-party apps such as games, VPN services, etc.

Bituro app provides a convenient way for anyone to make several extra money. But, before you start using this app, you should know if the users are receiving points and getting paid. In this review, we are going to share Bituro app reviews from the users, explain how Bituro app works and share some information about Bituro app.

Bituro App Reviews from the Users

Bituro Survey App Review

At the time of our latest update of this review, the Bituro survey app has a score of 4.4/5 from over 5,500 reviews at Google Play. Also, it has a score of 4.5/5 from 315 reviews at the App Store.

Based on the research, the Bituro Survey App has a lot of satisfied users who are happy with their experience using the Bituro Survey App. The members report having cashed out, while some on more than one occasion. The members like the fact that they are able to cash out with only $1 in their account. But there are a number of complaints regarding missing points for tasks carried out. Despite contacting the Bituro Survey app, they have not been able to solve it.

We would love to hear from any of our readers who have used the Bituro survey app. If you have and want to share your experience, you are able to comment in the comment section below.

Is Bituro Survey App Legit? Does It Pay?

Yes, the Bituro app is a legitimate platform which is likely to pay you after you collect enough points to cash out. But lots of people reported that they did not receive points after completing tasks. This is a big issue because you can end up working for free and wasting a lot of time.

According to the company’s ToS, they are not responsible for any loss of points due to the errors and failures in the system. Because in theory, the user must be able to give proof of completion and Bituro must give the credit. Unfortunately, we do not think there is effective communication between app developers and ad networks that makes it difficult to claim missing points. Another reason why Bituro does not give you points is if the advertisers are not paying them after you complete the offer or survey. For instance, this can occur if you did not complete the task correctly or if the advertiser defaulted.

One of the things people complain most regarding reward sites and apps is being banned for no reason. We know several apps suspend accounts before people have the opportunity to cash out. We were reading Bituro’s Terms of Service (ToS) and saw that they are able to terminate your account if they suspect you have already violated their ToS. For instance, you are probably going to get caught if you log in with a VPN or try to make some accounts. If you do not violate the Terms and Conditions, we think you should not worry about getting banned.

The Pros of the Bituro App?

    • For those who are looking for fun ways of earning money, and tasks which offer flexibility, this Bituro Survey app satisfies both of those requirements, while giving rewards in return.
    • Many different tasks are available, so you are always going to discover an interesting choice that helps you to earn. You are able to watch videos, take surveys, install apps, and more. The offer wall always has choices which improve your points.
    • The referral program does not have a time limit, thus you will not only earn for two months or six months. You keep obtaining a percentage of your referrals’ earnings for life.
    • The minimum for withdrawal is low and is easy enough to meet after you watch several videos or complete a few surveys daily.
    • Your points are able to be redeemed via gift card. Also, you are able to send cash to your PayPal account or get Bitcoins.

The Cons of the Bituro App

Here are some cons of the Bituro app:

    • This Bituro Survey App offers points for downloading apps. However, this is not always the best way to make money with the platform as you have to keep them on your device for quite a while.
    • Although lots of the apps are useful, but they take up a lot of space.
    • The gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks and Google Play are available. The drawback is that this choice for redeeming your points is not available to international participants. It is just offered to United States residents.
    • There are reviews from the users about the Bituro Survey app. Lots of people report a good experience and say they received rewards whereas other people say they have not had points added. Several complain about poor customer service.
    • It is just a small income opportunity.

Some Final Thoughts on the Bituro Survey App

The Bituro app can be used to make money online even if you just have several extra minutes each day. The tasks are fun. Many of them can be completed in less than 6 minutes. You are able to earn a few extra dollars while playing games which relax you or sharing your thoughts through quick surveys. Also, the withdrawal minimum on the platform is low enough for you to make a transfer to PayPal. The company has a referral program. You are going to keep on earning from that for life. This is an easy method to earn some dollars. We would love to hear from people who have used this Bituro survey app. Please comment below if you want to share your experience of using this Bituro survey app.

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