What Can I Do With My Bituro Account?

Bituro is an app which pays you for participating in the activities they offer. It is a decent app to use as a secondary source of income online. By the way, what can you do with your Bituro account? Check out that information below.

What is Bituro and What Does It Offer?

As explained, Bituro is a mobile-only online rewards platform which will reward you for completing surveys, watching videos, installing apps and more. It offers various earning chances. In order to find out the true earning potential of this Bituro app, you have to take a closer look at how you will be able to earn from this Bituro app.

Offer 1 – Paid Surveys

One way you are able to earn rewards on Bituro is by answering paid surveys. One thing to take note of with this survey offers available in Bituro is, they are from other survey websites. So, you do not be surprised if you click an offer and it is going to take you to a different site. When answering a survey, what occurs is, you have to go through a set of qualifying questions first.

This is done to specify if you belong to the group the survey is targeting. If you qualify, then you are going to answer the actual survey. If you do not qualify, simply you are able to move on to the next survey. After you have completed the survey, you are going to receive the reward promised for the survey offer. Do not be worried if the points will not be reflected in your Bituro account right away. Because the survey comes from a different site, usually it will take a while before the points show up in your Bituro account.

Offer 2 – Paid Tasks

The Paid tasks are like paid offers which you encounter on Get-Paid-To sites. Actually, they are basically the same thing. To see all the paid task offers, simply you are able to go to the Tasks section of the app. The logic to this earning chance is, each offer will ask you to do something like play a game, watch a video, install an app, register to a certain website, etc.

However regardless of what you need to do, one thing keeps the same. You need to complete the task before you are able to earn the reward. So, it is very crucial to read carefully the set of instructions given for each paid task offer. You have to make sure to follow the instructions to the letter to ensure you will earn the reward. Again, like the paid survey offers, the tasks are going to come from other sites. So, Bituro app is actually only acting as a router for those offers.

Offer 3 – Guessing Game

The one unique earning chance that Bituro app offers is their guessing game. It is not an earning chance per se, as it mostly relies on chance. There will only be one winner per day. Actually, it is a pretty simple game. You must guess the right value of a Bitcoin for the next day, and whoever gets the right value or the closest to it wins the reward. So, this is actually a contest between members of the Bituro app.

There is no guarantee you are going to win, however if you have the closest guess, you will be able to win a number of points proportional to the number of the players who join the game. If you get the right amount, you are also going to earn an additional 1000 points as a bonus. To enter one guess, you need 1 token. You are able to earn 1 token by earning 50 points in the app (whether from completing surveys or tasks). Usually, the winner will be picked every day at 6:15 AM PST. You are able to enter as many guesses as you want as long as you have a token.

Offer 4 – Referral Program

Also, you are able to get the opportunity to earn additional rewards by inviting people to join the app. You are going to earn a certain number of points for every person you successfully invite. The number of points you earn will depend on which country the person you invited lives in. They seem to put more value on people who live in certain countries like the United States. In fact, the people who live in the United States have access to more offers, thus they bring in more income. That is how their referral programs work. You are able to see the guidelines on their referral page. Also, you able to earn 10% of your referral’s earnings. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to spend some time inviting people to join because you are able to earn a lot of points.

If you want to invite people to join, you have to give them your invite code or link. Make sure that they use that code or link to join the Bituro app for them to count as your referral. Also, you are able to embed an invite banner on your site or just share the link with people you know. Every person who clicks that banner and joins the app, will become your referral.

How Much Money Can You Make?

In our experience, apps that only act as a survey/offer router do not really pay that well. The advantage is, they have lots of earning opportunities available on a daily basis. So, there is always something you can do to get rewards. The amount of money you can make on Bituro survey app will mostly depend on how active you are on that app. The more surveys and tasks you complete, then the more you can earn. But since they do not pay that well, you have to do quite a lot to obtain a significant amount. Overall, we would say that the Bituro app does not have a very high earning potential. You have to invest a significant amount of time in order to obtain a decent amount of money.

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