How to Get Noob Marker in Roblox

In the world of Roblox, Noob Marker refers to the kind of marker that joined in 2008. It is believed that it is not really a noob. Noob Markers vary when it comes to the appearance. Basically, they are dominated by two colors. The bottom part is white while the top can be the color like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, or purple. Aside from the color of the top part, the expression also varies. Some of them look flat while some others look angry. In addition, they have a couple of eyes, a mouth, and legs.

As a player of Roblox, you might want to get Noob Marker in Roblox. If you have no idea and are looking for a way to do that, you come to the right place as you will be informed how to find them in Roblox here.

How to Get Noob Marker in Roblox

In order to be able to find the way to get Noob Marker in Roblox, you are suggested to watch the tutorial videos that are everywhere on Youtube. To be able to find such video on Youtube, here is the guide to follow:

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to open the official website of Youtube at using a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet. If there is a Youtube app installed in your device, you can just open the app.
    2. Once you are on its homepage, go to the search bar and type the keyword such as “Roblox Noob Marker”. Make sure to hit Enter after that.
    3. By hitting Enter, you will be presented with the results. There are a lot of results related to the keyword. If you want to watch a video, you can just click on the image or the title of the video and it will be played right away.

Feel free to watch any tutorial video to get Noob Marker in Roblox that you find interesting. Among the results, there is the one made and shared by Coolla. According to the video, Noon Marker is able to be found in a big house, in the snow biome. It is upstairs. To be able to find him, it will be needed for you to interact with a specific microwave. Once you are done inputting the code, Noob Market will show up there. When you interact with the microwave, you will be shown a keypad of numbers. Make sure to not copy the code that is shown in the video as every code is different. It means the code that you will get by following the steps above will be different than the one that is featured in the video. The next thing that you have to do is to go to your Roblox profile. You will need to make sure that the Roblox game is still running. Then, hover over to*numbers*/profile#. Next, find the URL number and copy it. Remember that the URL numbers are random for everyone. Since there is no guarantee if copy pasting works, it is better for you to just write it down. After copying your URL number, click GO. Once again, please copy the numbers and then paste it on the keypad. In the end, it will say Success.

The second video that is recommended to watch is by Georgefoxfrog. As shown on the video, the method to get Noob Marker in Roblox can be done by following where the character in the video goes. As you can see on the video, it goes inside the house.  Then, you will have to go to your profile. Please do it in your favorite browser. Google, Safari, and so on.  You will be able to find the code in the address of the website. Each of them is unique. Remember the code or write it down on a piece of paper. Once you have typed in the code, the Noob market will show up inside the chimney if the code that you entered is correct. For those who already have a Nook marker, you will not be able to get the badge.

It should be easy for you to get Noob Marker in Roblox by just watching and following the guide that is shown on the tutorial video. In case you have a hard time or you have something to ask, do not hesitate to write down your question in the comment section under the video. While the chance of you getting a reply from the uploader is 50-50, there might be someone that knows the answer of the question that you are asking and is kind enough to give a response to you. In addition to leaving a comment on the comment section of the video, if you have something to ask, you can also go to the community or forum and make or join a discussion. There are a lot of people who share the same interest as you in this kind of place so the chance of them to know the answer to your question is actually high. While trying to seek help from the members of the community or forum, make sure to behave well and to use appropriate words as you will get nothing but getting banned if you are rude or use inappropriate words. Please explain to them the thing that you want to know clearly so that they will be able to find the answer to your question as soon as possible.

Talking about the markers in Roblox, apparently, Noob Marker is not the only one that exists. Aside from Noob Marker, there are some other markers. Do you know the others? If you are wondering what are the markers in Roblox, some of them include Supernova Marker, Medium Stone Grey Marker, Sus Marker, Skinny Marker, Inverted Marker, Devil Marker, 90 Degree Marker, Teapot Marker, Alternate Marker, Balloon Marker, Cornhead Marker, Chicken Marker, Technical Marker, Difficulty Chart Marker, and so on.