About Genshin Impact Harbingers

Genshin Impact is a new game, but this game has had a lot of fans. If you want to play this game, there are a lot of things that you need to know. One of them is Harbingers. What is it? Or, for you who are fans of this game, you may also need some explanation about this thing. So, here they are.

What Are Harbingers?

The Eleven Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact are the top echelons of the Fatui. And, there are the powerful lieutenants of Tsaritsa who have been given absolute authority. They have their abilities boosted with the Cryo Archon, Tsaritsa, gave them. It makes them more powerful than normal Vision wielders. Within the Fatui, each Harbinger leads their own division.


In the game, The Harbingers are the strongest and highest-ranking members of the Fatui. Besides, they are also all wealthy and powerful members of Snezhnayan society. The amount of money Childe has saved at the Northland Bank ‘boggles the mind’ while Goth tells the Traveler that Pantalone rented out the whole Goth Grand Hotel in Mondstadt for the personal of Fatui and paid him upfront. They selected those in the Fatui who have proven themselves in their strength to be their direct subordinates.

By their subordinates and footsoldiers, all of the Harbingers are revered. They often call them Lord or Lady and they try not to get on their bad side. Fatui foot considers if they have a sparring session with a Harbinger, it is an honor for them.

Each of them has a number, but it does not denote a definite scale of power. It just relates to their seniority in descending order. The first and the oldest is Pedrelino and the newest to join the ranks is Tartaglia. After they joined the Harbingers, the members took up a new name as well as a title. It is also referred to as an alias or codename.

The Harbingers seem to be rather divided in their methods and views across the Fatui. In front of the Traveler, Tartaglia shows an open dislike of the methods of Signora, while Viktor states that he would rather work for Capitano instead of Signora. Universally, Scaramouche is disliked by everyone including his friend Harbingers.

Members of Harbingers

There are nine members of Harbingers as you are able to see in the list below.

  • Name: Pedrelino

Title: The Fool

Vision: Unknown

Delusion: Unknown

  • Name: Scaramouche


Title: Balladeer

Vision: Unknown

Delusion: Unknown

  • Name: Pulcinella


Title: The Rooster

Vision: Unknown

Delusion: Unknown

  • Name: Signora


Title: The Fair Lady

Vision: Unknown

Delusion: Cryo

  • Name: Tartaglia


Title: Childe

Vision: Hydro

Delusion: Electro

  • Name: Dottore


Title: The Doctor

Vision: Unknown

Delusion: Unknown

  • Name: Pantalone

Title: The Indefinite

Vision: Unknown

Delusion: Unknown

  • Name: Sandrone

Title: The Puppet

Vision: Unknown

Delusion: Unknown

  • Name: Capitano

Title: The Captain

Vision: Unknown

Delusion: Unknown

Scaramouche is no.6 of the Eleven Harbingers of the Fatui. During the event Unreconciled Stars, he is the first encountered. During the event quest The Crisis Deepens, he appears and he introduces himself as a vagrant from Inazuma. Then, he appears in What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals where he greets the Traveler, Fischl and Mona as the trio is discussing the meteorite crisis. How about his personality? According to rumors by Viktor, he is not well-liked. Some even say that he has a disagreeable personality and others say that he does not know when to keep his mouth shut. For appearance, he is youthful. He has dark navy blue hair which covers his ears and grey eyes with red accents at the edges. He wears short black trousers and black slippers and also a big hat. His attire looks like traditional Japanese or Chinese wear.

Pulcinella is no. 7 of the Eleven Harbingers in the Fatui. There is not much information about them. However, they appear to be rather calculating. They predicted correctly that Tartaglia’s immense strength and habit of being in the midst of chaos could be used to advance the cause of Fatui, while sating his desire for battle. Also, Pulcinella gives cautious counsel regarding Tartaglia. They call him trustworthy but warning against growing attached to him.

Signora is no. 8 of the Eleven Harbingers of the Fatui. Firstly, she is seen at the end of Act 3 of the Prologue. It is after the Traveler has helped Dvalin and returned the Holy Lyre der Himmel. How about her appearance? She is a tall woman with pale skin, platinum-blonde hair and light grey eyes. She wears a black Fatui mask over her face and it covers her right eye. And she also wears a black earring on her left ear.

Tartaglia is  no.11 of the Eleven Harbingers and In Genshin Impact, he is a playable character. Firstly, he appeared in the game during Chapter 1 Act 1 of the Teyvat Chapter Storyline. He loves fighting and will put his goals temporarily on hold to be able to join in an intense battle. He is self-confident, very solipsistic and brash.

Dottore appears in the manga and it is set some time before the story of the game as a diplomat to Mondstadt. He is ruthless and has little regard for human life. When he appears for the first time, it makes him threaten Krupp with being an experiment subject for his repeated failure to get results. Then, he makes good on that promise after Krupp is compromised by Diluc during a banquet.

Pantalone is the leader of the Fatui who report directly to the Tsaritsa. However, he has not made an in-person appearance yet. He is in charge of Snezhnaya’s economic policies.

Some Trivia

The titles of Harbingers are derived from the stock characters in commedia dell’arte which is a type of Italian theater which uses masks to designate their role of the characters in the story. In Japanese and Chinese, the aliases of Harbingers are translations of the Italian commedia name while the Italian name is their actual name among the Harbingers.