Zenkai Origins Codes 2021

Apparently, there are many Roblox players who look for Zenkai Origins codes 2021. We are sure that you come to this page to get Zenkai Origins codes 2021. Is there Zenkai Origins codes 2021? Find out that answer here!

About Roblox Zenkai Origins

Zenkai Origins is the most recent games on Roblox platform. It was launched last night. For your information, Zenkai Origins is a fighting game made by Popo Studios for the Roblox platform. Based on the research, the game is an anime-inspired game based around the world of Dragonball, hence the name Zenkai, which refers to a Saiyan’s power boost. In this game, the players are able to create and customize a Saiyan and venture into the world, defeating opponents, completing quests, and getting experience to become more powerful. The exclusive Zenkai Origins codes are a great method to obtain some extra in-game boosts.

The Zenkai Origins codes are able to be used to redeem some rewards in the game of Roblox Zenkai Origins such as EXP, Boosts, Zeni, and other items. The new codes release all the time, usually during updates and when the game reaches major milestones. You are able to bookmark this page and then check back often for updates.

Zenkai Origins Codes (2021)

Currently, there are no active Zenkai Origins codes. Please check back soon. After any new codes are going to be added, we are going to add them to the list of Zenkai Origins active codes.

Zenkai Origins Expired Codes

At present, there are not any Zenkai Origins expired codes. Once any codes are going to be expired we are going to add them to the list of Zenkai Origins expired codes.

How to redeem codes for Zenkai Origins?

Here are some steps you need to do to redeem codes for Zenkai Origins:

  • To redeem codes for Zenkai Origins, first launch the game in Roblox and then press the “J” key on your keyboard to open the settings menu.
  • Also, you are able to tap the gear icon on the top right of the screen to access it.
  • There is a code redemption area on the bottom of the settings window.
  • Please enter Zenkai Origins codes into the box and press the Enter key to redeem the code.
    Automatically, any rewards are sent to your inventory or applied to your character.

Well, the text above is a way to redeem codes for Zenkai Origins. Unfortunately, now you will not be able to redeem codes for Zenkai Origins as there is no code for Zenkai Origins available to redeem. For this case, you need to wait until the developer of the game release code for Zenkai Origins.

How to get more codes for Zenkai Origins?

By the way, how to get more codes for Roblox Zenkai Origins? To get more codes for Zenkai Origins, you are able to follow the game developers on Twitter. Also, you are able to join the community Zenkai Discord server. Usually, the developer of the game is going to post new codes to both of those locations, along with game updates and announcements. If you do not use Discord or Twitter, you are able to bookmark this page and then check back often for new codes. We are going to round up the codes and provide them to you in this site when they release.

Zenkai Origins Controls

If you want to play the game of Robox Zenkai Origins, of course you need to learn about Zenkai Origins controls.

Here are Zenkai Origins controls:

  • M – Menu
  • F – Block
  • E – Ki Blast
  • Q – Dodge/Step Vanish
  • G – Transform 1
  • H – Transform 2
  • Shift + W W – Super Speed Fly
  • Shift/Ctrl – Fly Up/Down
  • ALT – Toggle Shift-lock

For your information, Zenkai Origins is developed by Zeklar (scripter), TBGlitch (Animator) and Superstephon (Builder). Please visit the official game page on Roblox, like it and follow to show your support.

Zenkai Origins Locations

The new Dragon Ball-inspired Roblox game called Zenkai Origins, immerses the players in the world of the classic anime series. The players are able to explore the vast open world, but discovering things can be challenging at first. You do not worry, because you are going to see a map that you can refer to at any time to get your bearings. Just search for the Zenkai Origins map and all locations.

Apparently, there are sixteen locations and one mysterious location available on the Zenkai Origins map at the moment. The entire map is an island with smaller islands and a big body of water surrounding it. The world is quite large, so it is easy to get lost. Luckily, you are able to refer to this map at any time if you ever have a specific quest or need to discover a particular location. You have to remember to press the Shift key and double-tap the W key to fly quickly.

Here are Zenkai Origins locations:

  • Forest

Starting location and home to Chichi

  • Diablo Desert

A desert in western Mount Paozu

  • Satan City

A big city north of Mount Paozu

  • Kame House

Home to Master Roshi

  • Pilaf Castle

Once home to Emperor Pilaf

  • West City

The popular megalopolis

  • Korins Tower – Home to Korin
  • East City

Location of Orin Temple

  • Wasteland

A rocky wasteland of Earth

  • Canyons

A rocky area with Army troops

  • Central City

The capital of Earth, and has a clothing store which changes stock every hour

  • Baba Palace

Home to Fortuneteller Baba

  • Kamis Lookout

A platform above Korins Tower

  • Yunzabit Heights

An island where Nameless Namekian landed

  • Cell Games

A tournament hosted by Cell to show off his power

  • World Martial Art Tournament

The intergalactic fighting arena

This is the current Zenkai Origins locations in the game. Of course, the map of Zenkai Origins will change. The developers of the game may introduce new areas and content as the game evolves.

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