Error While Updating Worn Items Roblox

When you try to wear an item, do you get an error message? Here is everything you need to know about the error while updating worn items in Roblox.

Overview – Error while updating worn items

Apparently, there are over 43 million players across the world who use Roblox to play games every day. Also, the Roblox community has more than 2 million developers and independent creators who create their own content. Recently, lots of Roblox players have got errors in a variety of areas during the game. One of them is the new glitch. The error is not new to Roblox. Throughout the past four years, many users have experienced this problem repeatedly. Some speculate that these problems are caused by the server-side, and are most experienced in the United States Server. The errors show up on Roblox when you try to wear or remove an item. It says ‘Error while updating worn items’. To wear any clothing item on Roblox, you have to go to the Roblox Avatar Editor. The error is displayed at the top of the screen. As a result, the players of Robox cannot update their avatars and this frustrates them.

How to fix error while updating worn items?

Lots of Roblox players and creators spent a lot of time researching, however it has been found that these issues can only be solved on the server end. If the server gets updated or bug fixes occur, this error could be solved. Currently, there is no complete fix for ‘Error while updating worn items’ on Roblox, but you are still able to wear an accessory or item of clothing using this way.

You are able to follow these steps below to fix error while updating worn items. Here are steps:

  • At the first step, you have to head over to
  • After that, you are able to click on the name of the item you want to wear. Note: You only need to click the text of the name, please do not click the image.
  • An individual item page is going to open. Now, you are able to click on the three dots on the right side of the name of the item.
  • The next step that you have to do is to Click Wear.
  • It will say ‘Added to Avatar’. Simply, you are able to head back to your avatar, and you should be wearing the item.
  • While it is not a full fix, you are able to use this method to wear your favourite clothing until Roblox fixes this issue.

Problems Uploading Clothing Roblox

If you are having difficulty making clothing, there are some things to look into.

  • Membership

You need to know that your Roblox account must have a membership to upload and sell clothes such as pants or t-shirts. Although you are still able to make t-shirts without a form of membership, but you cannot sell them.

  • Image Size and Format

All images uploaded will need to be a .gif, .png, or .jpg file. You have to ensure that your image size is correct. It is always vital to use the appropriate template when making your clothing. Occasionally the size of the image will be able to shift by a pixel or two when editing or saving. If this occurs, it will give you an issue informing you to use a template even if you already did. If this occurs, you need to make sure that your image size is 585 pixels (wide) and 559 pixels (high). Then, you are able to try uploading again.

Getting black screen/white screen when open Roblox Avatar editor – Here’s solution

You may get black screen / white screen (blank screen) when you open Avatar editor for Roblox. It is one of the common problems in the Android operating system. Usually when you open an app, you are going to see a black screen for several seconds, and then the app will crash with or without an error message. There are some ways to fix this issue.

  • Most of the time, it might be a temporary loading problem. For this case, you only need to press the recent applications menu (usually the first left button) in your phone. Then you have to close the app which has this issue. Now, you are able to open the app again. It will work normally.
  • Please try to reboot your Android mobile. You have to press and hold down the “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time for up to 10 seconds. After that, release the buttons and hold down the “Power” button until the screen turns on. Now you are able to try opening the app, it should work fine.
  • If none of the above works, you are able to wait till your phone battery drains and it turns off automatically. After that, you have to put it to charge, and then press the power button. It should work after this.
  • If you cannot fix it with anything, you have to uninstall the app and reinstall it. Usually, Android restores all settings after you re-install and log into the app. You are able to see if that fixes it.
  • In some rare cases, the re-install app also does not work. If that is your case, then you have to try installing older versions of the app.

Avatar editor for Roblox app will not load or not working properly – Here’s reason

There are some situations that may cause load problems in mobile apps.

  • The Avatar editor for Roblox app server may be down, and that is causing the loading problem. For this case, you have to try after a few minutes.
  • Your wifi or mobile data connection is not working properly. For this case, you have to check your data connection.
  • There are too many users using the app at the same time. In this case, you have to try after several minutes.

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