What is the Difference Between Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com and Outlook.com?

Microsoft offers a few email services, including Hotmail.com, Mns.com, Live.com, and Outlook.com. As a possible user, you may want to know the difference between all of them first before creating an account. So, what is the difference between Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com, and Outlook.com?

About Hotmail.com

Hotmail makes it to the list of one of the most reputed sites. This one has been around for a long time. 1996 was the time when it was launched to the public. This service was mainly created and designed with the help of HTML. It has a few uses and qualities.

About Hotmail

One of the good things about Hotmail is the fact that users are allowed to access their inbox from any place. Talking about Hotmail, this service used to be under the MSN services. However, it is now a part of Windows Live. That’s why it is called Windows Live Hotmail.


    • The users can create free accounts.
    • It has amazing spam filtering services.
    • It is undoubtedly one of the high rated email service providers.


    • It lacks the safety policies, which are important to get protection against hackers.

About Msn.com

About Msn

MSN, which is also known as Messenger, is the name of one of the easiest ways to get connected with friends and family members. There is no doubt that tons of people love it as it has so many users. One of the reasons why it is loved by many is the fact that it has a much better and advanced modern design language. With this service, everyone is able to stay updated with MSN news that vary when it comes to subjects, including sports, weather, food, health, lifestyle, and so on. Plus, it is also full of amazing services, such as Bing, Skype, OneNote, BingMaps, and many more.

Thanks to Msn.com, the users are now able to easily carry out conversations. Aside from that, it is also possible to share some different news and updates. Apparently, this service is considered the main content provider of all sorts of news and reviews. Make sure to update this one regularly.


    • It is one of the big names in the web industry.
    • It has a number of useful services.


    • The price is pretty expensive, especially for the students.

About Live.com

About Live.com

Live.com refers to a web-based email service offered by Microsoft. This one was introduced by the company in 2005. When it was released for the first time, it was included in the MSN package. However, everything has changed now. Currently, it operates as its own individual entity under the name Outlook Live.

When creating an account in Live.com, there are two options to choose from. The first one is to create the personalized Outlook address and the second one is to use any other existing email address from the other services such as Yahoo or Gmail.

Live.com has a lot of good things. One of them is that it provides access to the inbox through any computer as long as there is an internet connection. It is really good, especially for those who love traveling and have no personal email address to use.


    • It can be used easily.
    • It is trustable.
    • The process to sign up for it is easier.


    • It has an ordinary look. To attract more users, the team should change its look or appearance.

About Outlook.com

About Outlook

Outlook.com is the kind of service that was created with the main function to get and deliver mails. Not only that, it is also useful to manage various data and information. In addition, it can be used to put tasks and appointments. It is perfect for the individuals for their convenience. In fact, a lot of organizations have started using it as multi-user software.

For those who have created an account in Hotmail or Live.com, it would be easy for you to make an account in Outlook.com as Microsoft is converting all the Hotmail and Live accounts to Outlook.com. It is such a good move done by Microsoft. Not only will you be able to enjoy the experience of the latest technology, you will also have the same email address.


    • It has a much better and secure display.
    • Compared to the others on the list, it is much more compatible.
    • As an effort to protect the emails, a filter and various spams are used.


    • There is too much functionality that can cause issues to the users.

What is the Difference Between Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com and Outlook.com

The difference between Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com, and Outlook.com

Even though Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com, and Outlook.com are similar, they have some differences. For those who are wondering about the things that make them different, check out everything below:

    • Hotmail is known as the main service that was released in 1995 with the use of HTML patterns. Msn.com was released in 1997 under Microsoft. Live.com was announced in 2005 or 2006. As for Outlook.com, it was introduced in 2012. Among these four, Hotmail is named as the oldest.
    • Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com, and Outlook.com have different designs and look. No one of them looks similar.
    • Among Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com, and Outlook.com, Hotmail is the one that is popular and loved by many just within a year it was released. The main reason is because it has the features that can be accessed easily.
    • In the past, Hotmail was written as Hotmail. However, the mode of writing is nowhere to be found on any other sites. It is the reason why the design of the website was changed over time.
    • Unlike MSN or messenger, the users are not provided with the facility of instant messaging by Hotmail.
    • Apparently, Live.com and Outlook.com are the same things. When you log in to either Live.com or Outlook.com by using your Microsoft ID you will be able to see the same mail. However, it is unavailable on Hotmail.com and MSN.com.
    • Compared to the others, Outlook.com is much friendlier. Apparently, it was rebranded by Microsoft. After rebranding, it is better and more efficient.

These are the differences between Hotmail.com, Msn.com, Live.com, and Outlook.com. Their differences are good as they can make them unique.