Top 10 Most Recent Download Manager Apps for Android in 2022

Android has become the most-used operating system on smartphones today. On Android, there are a number of useful apps that can be used for certain purposes. One of the useful apps that you must have on your Android phone is the Download Manager app.

It is known that the Download Manager app works to optimize internet speed on your Android phone when downloading a variety of files. The process of downloading files on your Android phone becomes easier and more organized.

With the use of Download Manager apps, Android phones will commonly make the internet provided by the operator run more optimally. Of course, it is perfect for those who often download a lot of files on their Android phone.

If you do not know yet which download manager app is best for you, you can dive into our post since we will show you the top 10 latest download manager apps for Android in 2022. Let’s check them out!

1) Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager

The first recommended download manager app for your Android phone is Advanced Download Manager. Advanced Download Manager can detect the link whose file you want to download. It can speed up downloads using multi-threading (9 parts). You can also download the files left behind and continue after stopping.

You can download this app for free on the Google Play Store, which can be directly integrated with the browser on your smartphone. This app also supports a lot of browsers, such as Dolphin, Chrome, Boat Browser, etc. After the download process is complete, there will be a program icon and download process on the notification panel.

2) Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager, the second download manager app option, claims to be a download manager app that can increase download speeds up to five times faster than the default downloader. To speed up the downloads, this app uses multiple HTTP connections.

You can also increase the maximum number of connections per download for a file to increase the download speed. The Turbo app also includes a built-in web browser and a slew of useful features, such as the ability to save directly to an SD card.

3) Loader Droid

Loader Droid

So far, Loader Droid is a fairly complete download manager app for Android phones. With the use of this app, you can make downloads reliable, smarter, easier, and more efficient. You can also download multiple files at once: videos, images, music, apps, etc.

Aside from that, existing downloads can also be paused or resumed. The good news! The download speed also works very well with mobile data and Wi-Fi. This app also comes with a user-friendly interface in a “light” or “dark” color scheme.

4) IDM Download Manager

IDM Download Manager

Since this app was first used on PC, IDM Download Manager has grown in popularity among PC users over the years. Recently, IDM Download Manager became available on Android. So far, this app is very reliable to use for managing downloads of various types of files.

With the use of IDM Download Manager, you can easily download any videos of files. The download speed can also be optimized for fast completion. You can also use this app to efficiently download and manage any file type or size.

5) Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus

Another recommended download manager app is Download Accelerator Plus. This app can split your files into three parts to increase download speed with an auto-resume option. Many users who have tried this app have stated that Download Accelerator Plus is one of the best download managers that you must have on your Android phone.

You can use Download Accelerator Plus to download multiple URLs at once or add them to a queue to download later. Aside from that, you can also refresh dead links with new ones to continue downloading. There is also the option to save files to an external SD card by default.

6) Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager

If you want to efficiently download and manage any type or size file on your Android phone, Free Download Manager is the perfect option for you. This app overcomes most of the limitations of the default downloads, such as integrity checking, authentication, support for all file types, and life cycle management.

Downloads can be accelerated by up to ten times using Free Download Manager.It can also retrieve large files, including torrent files, music, and videos, from almost any platform. Aside from being able to be used for downloading content from online websites, this app can also schedule downloads at the desired time.

7) FVD – Free Video Downloader

FVD – Free Video Downloader

On the Google Play Store, you can download Free Video Downloader, which allows you to download files from a lot of websites directly to your device. So far, this app is very easy to use to download files. If the FVD icon appears when there is a file to download, it can be a sign you can start the download process right away.

8) GetThemAll


What you should know is that GetThemAll is not a download manager, but rather a browser app for Android.If you want to download files from the internet via GetThemAll, you may have to use the built-in browser. Afterwards, this app can download files from hundreds of websites.

GetThemAll can really assist you in finishing your file search and downloading them quickly.When you start browsing with the GetThemAll browser, you can find a download button behind each piece of downloaded content. It is known that this app also supports multiple file downloads and runs downloads in the background.

9) 1DM


On Android, 1DM has become one of the best download manager apps that can support up to 16 parts to speed up downloads. When downloading files via 1DM, you can pause and resume downloads. Furthermore, this app can also download content from streaming websites as well as files in the form of torrents.

It is important to note that downloading videos from YouTube is not supported due to its terms and conditions. Instead, you can download music or video from websites up to five times at once. There is also a feature called “speed limiter” that works to limit download speed.

10) Download All Files

Download All Files

Download All Files has become one of the best and top-rated Android download manager apps that you can download from the Google Play Store. This app allows you to prioritize ongoing downloads. It also has basic download manager features to pause or resume downloads, resume interrupted downloads, etc.

Download All Files lets you save almost any type of file from a website so you can open it in a different app or on your computer. It is important to note that this app does not support YouTube video downloaders or other streaming services such as film or music.

Okay, those are the top 10 latest download manager apps that you can download from the Google Play Store. It is highly recommended that you use Download Manager Apps on your Android phone to efficiently download files from websites.

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