Skywars Roblox Creepy Sins Codes

Skywards has become a massive game in Roblox which has over 688 million visits. Developed by an indie team on the Roblox platform, Skywars was named as one of most played games. This game has also been favored by over 2 million favorites.

One of the developers behind the Skywars is CreepySins that you can find on Twitter @Creepysins. The team works on CreepySins Studio @CreepyStudios for developing various projects on the Roblox platform. They strive to provide an unforgettable experience for the players and also push the bounds of creative gameplay.

Skywars Roblox Creepy Sins Codes

As a development team for one of the most popular games on Roblox, CreepySins always regularly releases the codes for Skywars that can be redeemed by player. They seem to provide the best effort for the players, making the Skywars gameplay easier.

Well, are you looking for the working Skywars codes released by CreepySins? If so, you’re at the right page now, as this post will give you a list of codes for Roblox Skywars. Let’s find these codes in our post below!

Here’s a List of Skywars Codes!

The codes shown below are working codes of Skywars hat you can redeem in order to earn many amazing items used in-game. Here are they:

    • sword: Use this code to earn a Sword (NEW)
    • Witch: Use this code to earn a Witch skin
    • Monster: Use this code to earn a Monster skin
    • Vampire: Use this code to earn a Vampire skin
    • Werewolf: Use this code to earn a Werewolf skin
    • Mummy: Use this code to earn a Mummy skin
    • Santabot: Use this code to earn a Santabot Skin
    • penguin: Use this code to earn a Penguin Skin
    • polarbear: Use this code to earn a Polar Bear Skin
    • icegolem: Use this code to earn an Ice Golem Skin
    • iceknight: Use this code to earn an Ice Knight Skin
    • icequeen: Use this code to earn an Ice Queen Skin
    • dragon: Use this code to earn a Dragon Skin
    • zombie: Use this code to earn a Zombie Skin
    • skeleton: Use this code to earn a Skeleton Skin
    • monster: Use this code to earn a Monster Skin
    • Frankenstein: Use this code to earn a Frankenstein Skin
    • sword: Use this code to earn an Iron Sword
    • ghost: Use this code to earn a Potion
    • sparklez: Use this code to earn a Potion
    • snowman: Use this code to earn a Snowman Skin
    • korblox : Use this code to earn an Armored Skin

Redeeming the Skywars Codes, Here’s the Guide!

If you already have the working code for Skywars, make sure to enter the code exactly as each code is case-sensitive. However, you may copy and paste the code to prevent typos or errors. It’s highly recommended to avoid typing the codes manually.

To redeem the Skywars code, you need to look for the text box at the bottom left of the screen. Then, copy and paste one of the codes above. After you have got it entered in correctly, you just simply click on the ‘Submit’ button. Automatically, you will earn a certain reward, depending on the code.

If you get a skin as your reward, you should know that it is not permanent, of course, you may need to re-enter the code to put it on again.

Skywars Gameplay

Skywars is a fighting game in Roblox which was created by 16bitplay Games based on the Skywars game mode in the Hypixel Minecraft server. Sure, there’s an indie development team behind the Skywars game, one of them is CreepySins.

At the start of this game, you will spawn on different islands when the round begins. Within this game, every player should kill each other before the timer ends. Then, the last player alive wins the round.

The players that are still alive when the timer ends will also win the round. Every player spawns with a sword, bow, blocks, and also pickaxe. In this case, blocks can be used primarily for barricades, bridges, and other benefits by the players. Well, more blocks can be gained by mining them with pickaxe.

Of course, you can also mine ores which are underground in each island. The ores can be mined for coins that can be used in the shop. Ores on your island really have different values and take a certain amount of hits before mines.

A pickaxe will be required to mine them. To get more rare ores, you can find it on an island in the middle. Moreover, you can purchase weapons, armor, blocks and power ups from a shop in the lobby.

Here’s a list of Ore Values:

    • Coal Ore = 5 Coins
    • Iron Ore = 10 Coins
    • Gold Ore = 15 Coins
    • Diamond Ore = 35 Coins
    • Emerald Ore = 50 Coins

Tips and Tricks to Get Good at Skywars

Let’s follow the tips and tricks below to get good at Skywars on Roblox!

    • Avoid fighting a person which has extremely more powerful weapons.
    • Avoid close combat and do range combat or traps. The good strategy in this game is to only stay at your island and build three block high towers on each end of your island. Then, when people try to kill you, they may stop and break down the tower. To make them easy to kill, you can try to dig blocks from underneath to make them fall in void.
    • Avoid auto-clicking because it will lower your ability to control the mouse, especially when you’re placing blocks.
    • During battle, try to dig one block down to make it harder for your enemies to hit you.
    • When you’re against a player with wood/ group armor, make sure to lead them to a bridge and walk in a line. You can then suddenly jump and walk backwards, then quickly mine the blocks under them.
    • It’s not recommended for you to stay underground the entire game, because you won’t develop the skills to get better.

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