Scratch the Surface of a Car Crossword Clue

When you try to find the answer of a crossword clue in a New York Times crossword puzzle, you may find a clue about scratch the surface of a car. What is the answer to this clue? Do you know the answer of it? Well, you come to this site surely for finding the answer. So, you can check it below.

The Answer to Scratch the Surface of a Car Crossword Clue

If you find a crossword clue in New York Times crossword puzzle or maybe in the other crossword puzzles: Scratch the Surface of a Car Say, the answer of this clue is:


For your information, the meaning of MAR is to spoil, to scathe, to damage or to ruin. It can also mean a small lake or a blemish.

If you need the answers of the other crossword clues which are related to Scratch the surface of a car say crossword clue, you can check them below.

Scratch the Surface of a Car Crossword Clue

There are some other crossword clues which are related to this clue which means that it has one or some words which is the same as this clue. What are they? You can check them below together with the answers.

  • The answer of Army Surface To Surface M crossword clue is LANCE. Lance can be defined as a weapon of war which consists of a long shaft or handle and a steel blade or head. It is a spear which is brought by a horsemen.
  • The answer of Scratch The Surface of, Maybe crossword clue is GRAZE. Graze can be defined as the act of grazing, a scratching or injuring lightly in passing.
  • The answer of Army Surface to Surface Missile crossword clue is LANCE.
  • The answer of I Obtain Wound Around Eye, Say, From Scratch crossword clue is ABINITIO.
  • The answer of Say Something Angrily When You Scratch Yourself On crossword clue is BARK. Bark can be defined to make a loud, short, explosive noise with the vocal organs. It is usually said of animals, especially dogs. It can also be defined to speak sharply or to make an important outcry or to make a clamor.
  • The answer of Below The Surface, Left Car Coat crossword clue is UNDERSEAL. Underseal can be defined as a thick and resilient coating which is implemented to the underbody or chassis of an automobile with the aim to protect against damage from small stones and many more things. It would rapidly chip ordinary paint and it permits rusting to start. It can also be defined to coat with underseal.
  • The answer of … Quo, You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours crossword clue is QUID-PRO.
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The Other Crossword Clues Including the Answers

There are the other crossword clues that may appear when you try to answer a crossword puzzle. Below, there are some crossword clues that we list including the answers. So, you check them below. If you find the crossword clue which is the same as you are finding in the crossword puzzle that you are trying to solve, then you can use the answer.

  • The answer of Indirect and Lengthy crossword clue is CIRCUITOUS.
  • The answer of Villainous Ogre Madly Going Round the Bend crossword clue is ROGUE.
  • The answer of To Put A Wrong Clause Right Is Not Sacred crossword clue is SECULAR.
  • The answer of It’s Crazy To Tear At This Speed crossword clue is RATE.
  • The answer of Part of the Elephant, Part of a Foot crossword clue is HEEL.
  • The answer of Strong Desire or Craving crossword clue is URGE.
  • The answer of Omelet and French Toast Ingredient crossword clue is EGG.
  • The answer of Plant That Shares Its Name with a Green Gem is JADE.
  • The answer of Apprehend a Thief crossword clue is NAB.
  • The answer of A Letter in Red for Oliver, Say crossword clue is REED.
  • The answer of Matted Weeds Used as a Vegetable crossword clue is SWEDE.
  • The answer of Beat Regularly crossword clue is THROB.
  • The answer of Girl’s Name for a Mad Airman crossword clue is MARINA.
  • The answer of Quietly Points to a Number Forming A Chain crossword clue is PENNINE.
  • The answer of It Can be Played Without safety Precaution crossword clue is NONET.
  • The answer of Mummy’s Loving Little Rhyme crossword clue is CHUMMY.
  • The answer of Bacchanalian Party Held by Female in Charge crossword clue is HEDONIC.
  • The answer of Strange Date Sadly Gets Turned Away crossword clue is ALIENATED.
  • The answer of Ignore Ticket on Unoccupied Bantley crossword clue is PASSBY.
  • The answer of Posh Stuff Husband Put Into Pitchers crossword clue is CHAMPERS.
  • The answer of Shorter Morse Code Element crossword clue is DOT.
  • The answer of Tenant’s Monthly Concern crossword clue is RENT.
  • The answer of Flour Filter crossword clue is SIEVE.
  • The answer of Pancake Palace Familiarly crossword clue is IHOP.
  • Th answer of Common URL Ender crossword clue is COM.
  • The answer of Secretly Run Off Together crossword clue is ELOPE.
  • The answer of Rolls of Bills crossword clue is WADS.
  • The answer of Distinctive Flair crossword clue is ELAN.
  • The answer of Toned Down the Volume crossword clue is MUTED.
  • The answer of Superlative Suffix for Cool crossword clue is EST.
  • The answer of One From Mars crossword clue is ALIEN.
  • The answer of Wedding Site crossword clue is ALTAR.
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Those are the other crossword clues that we can share to you. If you find one or some crossword clues which are the same as the clues above, then you can get the answer. So, we hope that it can help you to be able to answer the crossword puzzle that you are trying to solve. Now, you can continue to answer your crossword puzzle.

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