What is PR (Power Rankings) in Fortnite?

You might just have joined Fortnite and you are not really familiar yet with a lot of terms on the game. You might have heard of PR or Power Ranking and are wondering what it is and that’s why you are here. So, what is PR or Power Ranking in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, PR or Power Ranking is the term to call the rank of the best players in the competitive field of the Battle Royale version of the game. This one is updated automatically each 24 hours, and all the players move up based on the results in the tournaments in a specific year.

PR or Power Ranking

How is the ranking calculated?

The Power Rankings are based on the tournament results of a player in a year. There is a specific Tier of every tournament, which is based on the competitive value of the tournament, the format and or the players present, and the number of the players. There is a special Tier of a few specific tournaments that is going to differ from the permanent Tiers.

What should you do if you want to appear on a leaderboard?

If you want to appear on a leaderboard, all that you have to do is to complete in any of the featured tournaments. Keep in mind that Minimum Power Ranking points are needed to show up on a particular leaderboard depending on the region.

How do you update the points on a player profile?

In order to update the points, you should “blank edit” the player page in question.

Fortnite Tracker Power Rankings

For those who want to see the Power Rankings, you might want to visit Fortnite Tracker. This one has created and optimize a great community tool. The tool is designed to fairly rank the best players in the world. To make it possible, they gathered many ideas and feedbacks from both competitive and casual communities.

The first iteration (V1.0) of Fortnite Tracker Power Rankings was launched on January 22, 2020. The tool is really simple and useful. The search can be filtered by region, platform, and Epic ID. The main vision of it is seamlessness and integration.

How does Fortnite Tracker calculate the ranks?

In order to calculate the rank of the player, a cumulative point model is used. Each event a player joins in will be worth a specific amount of point, which depends on placement and event difficulty or importance. The system is created based on point, flat point distribution between 5 to 1000 for anyone that gets a top 10,000 event placements. This one is amazingly top heavy, those who are not included on the top 100 receive less than 200 points while the top players or teams get closer to the full 1000 points.

In addition, multipliers are included to the flat point distribution, which varies by event difficulty or importance. It is possible for a cash cup to have a 1x multiplayer, while a World Cup qualifier has a 10x multiplayer. Basically, winning a cash up would be worth 1000 points while winning a World Cup qualifier is 10000.

Lastly, a balanced time decay system has been introduced. It is the only method to consistently make sure the Power Rankings displays the top current players. 4 months after a tournament ended, decay stars. It begins by cutting up 10% of the points from the event. Each month, that percent slowly increases until 10 month passes. After 18 months, the whole tournament is deleted from power rankings calculations.

Example of Fortnite Tracker Power Rankings leaderboard

Platform: PC

Region: Global

Rank Player Points Earnings Events
1 NRG EpikWhalelol 332,539 $155,650 133
2 100T Arkhram 316,951 $171,675 131
3 EP wavylol 272,062 $100,950 133
4 NRG benjyfishy 266,809 $432,245 137
5 Gamma Th0masHD 253,672 $161,080 139
6 MCFS Andilex 250,820 $200,975 141
7 bugha 249,650 $146,367 121
8 Maken 246,949 $88,901 117
9 PWR worthy 245,043 $100,042 82
10 Noob jynx 243,654 $80,512 83
11 XTRA EpikReetlol 241,937 $64,425 138
12 Bestplayertayson 237,046 $199,655 99
13 100T MrSavage 234,697 $166,930 140
14 SPG volx 232,744 $93,845 72
15 100T regx 229,123 $148,150 96
16 1P Acorn 226,306 $58,776 115
17 daddy favsqu 223,978 $61,570 112
18 cented ay лол 223,277 $132,175 136
19 SNG king 222,227 $119,392 74
20 NRG Clix 220,838 $95,910 117
21 Liquid STROMADON 217,682 $114,667 126
22 G2 Jahq 216m245 $88,925 116
23 4DRStorm 216,046 $66,000 126
24 FaZe Mongraal 215,677 $285,406 119
25 XSET Shark 214,642 $74,975 119
26 Khanada_Claus 211,764 $153,167 123
27 Falcon Spy 210,084 $41,357 80
28 WAVE JannisZ 209,247 $202,965 97
29 LOUD leleo -CR- 207,013 $124,917 89
30 C9 Avery 206,756 $97,975 104
31 BBG BuCKE 205,913 $87,017 123
32 LG Slackes 205,364 $65,475 107
33 nicks ay non 204,986 $65,800 83
34 CR Qjac 204,899 $64,015 76
35 Degen 203,804 $40,860 138
36 PWR repulse 203,795 $75,470 92
37 X2JORDAN ツ 203,045 $81,325 72
38 Rustyache32 202,525 $62,600 70
39 Mcfrapx2003 202,471 $59,000 122
40 k ay лол 202,058 $134,900 76

Online top earners:

Rank Player Cash Winnings
#1 NRF benjyfishy $432,245
#2 COOLER aqua $380,159
#3 vitality stompy- $296,401
#4 FaZe Mongraal $285,406
#5 Best Player $274,816

If you want to see the complete Power Rankings leaderboard and the Power Rankings leader board of the other regions, please visit Fortnite Tracker. Checking this kind of content will not require you to sign in to it is really easy. To see all of the recent events and how many points received by the player, you can just click on a player name.

Alternative of Fortnite Tracker

Beside Fortnite Tracker, there are a few other sites that provide the Power Rankings. One of the most recommended one is Gamepedia. There, you are able to find the Power Rankings for different devices, different regions, different range of points, and different types (current, teams, cumulative). If you want to know the team or the player more, all that you have to do is to click on the team or player name.

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