Title Nickname in a 1984 Sports Movie NYT Crossword Clue

Do you like playing crossword in NYT (New York Times)? If you like playing it, sometimes you may find some difficulties when you try to answer it. If now you are trying to find the answer of Title Nickname in a 1984 Sports Movie NYT, you come to the right site because here we are going to give you the answer.

The Answer of Title Nickname in a 1984 Sports Movie NYT Clue

If you now trying to find the answer of a clue “title nickname in a 1984 sports movie” in New York Times (NYT), the answer is:

Title Nickname in a 1984 Sports Movie NYT Crossword Clue-


For your information, this crossword clue was last seen on January 3rd, 2021 in the daily NYT crossword puzzle.

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About NYT Crossword

The New York Times (NYT) crossword puzzle is a daily puzzle.  It is published in The New York Times, online at the website of the newspaper. It is syndicated to more than 300 other newspapers and journals and also you can find them as mobile apps. This is a classic US puzzle game and it is created by various freelance constructors and has been edited by Will Shortz since 1993.

According to Wikipedia, the puzzle is increasingly hard throughout the week. The easiest puzzle is usually on Monday and the hardest one is on Saturday. The bigger Sunday crossword is usually as hard as a Thursday puzzle. The standard daily crossword has 15 squares x 15 squares. On the Sunday crossword, it measures 21 squares x 21 squares.

On Sunday, February 15th, 1942, the first puzzle ran. In 1950, the crossword then became a daily feature. When the first daily puzzle was published, there was no author line. Then, as of 2001, the identity of the author of the first weekday Times crossword was still unknown.

For years, the popularity of the puzzle grew. Even in America,  it was considered the most prestigious of the widely circulated crosswords. The popularity of this crossword puzzle is proved by a lot of celebrities and public figures who have admitted publicly that they like the puzzle. Some of them are author Norman Mailer, opera singer Beverly Sills, baseball pitcher Mike Mussina, former President Bill Clinton, Tv host Jon Stewart, conductor Leonard Bernstein and music duo the Indigo Girls.

The puzzles of The Times have been gathered in hundreds of books over years from various publishers. The most notable publishers are Random House and St. Martin’s Press. Besides the puzzles of Times can be found in the printed newspaper, you are also able to find it online at the website of the newspaper.

If you want to try to answer the crossword puzzle online through the website of the newspaper, you have to subscribe so that you can access it. In 2007, there was also The New York Times Crossword game which was released by Majesco Entertainment. This game is a video game adaptation which is aimed for the Nintendo DS handheld and it includes more than 1,000 Times crosswords from all days of the week.