Airport Bummer Crossword Clue

Airport bummer NYT crossword clue answer is DELAY. Keep in mind that this crossword clue might have a different answer whenever it shows up on a new New York Times Crossword Puzzle. In fact, duplicate clue answers are not entered twice, meaning each answer that you see is unique or a synonym.

Airport bummer crossword clue is included in the NYT Crossword January 03, 2021. Apart from the Airport bummer, there are a lot of crossword clues that are included in the list. Here are some crossword clues and answers of that day:

Airport Bummer Crossword Clue

New York Times across clues:

  1. Clue: Ocean motion

Answer: EBB

  1. Clue: I expected better from you!

Answer: TSK

  1. Clue: Tracking systems

Answer: RADARS

  1. Clue: Makes out in Manchester

Answer: SNOGS

  1. Clue: stuffed and fried cornmeal pocket in Mexican cuisine


  1. Clue: Lizzo or Lorde


  1. Clue: ___ -hole

Answer: HIDEY

  1. Clue: Amazon, e.g.


  1. Clue: Title for Iran’s Ali Khamenei


  1. Clue: Tailored blouse style


  1. Clue: Pieces of pentathlon equipment

Answer: EPEES

  1. Clue: Pieces of biathlon equipment

Answer: SKI

  1. Clue: Outdoor wedding rental

Answer: TENT

  1. Clue: Some reusable bags

Answer: TOTES

  1. Clue: Give a refill

Answer: TOPUP

  1. Clue: Poet Limon

Answer: ADA

  1. Clue: Yearbook sect.

Answer: SRS

  1. Clue: Item lugged up a hill

Answer: SLED

  1. Clue: Gardener’s supply

Answer: SOIL

  1. Clue: Alphabetically first member of the Baseball Hall of Fame

Answer: AARON

  1. Clue: Dull yellowish brown

Answer: KHAKI

  1. Clue: Subject of some teen gossip sessions


  1. Clue: Sure-footed alpine climber


  1. Clue: React to, as an online joke

Answer: LOLAT

  1. Clue: I wish I could ___ that (“lck”)

Answer: UNSEE

  1. Clue: Document that never lacks a title

Answer: DEED

  1. Clue: Divert

Answer: AMUSE

  1. Clue: Solid green ball in un juego de billar

Answer: SEIS

  1. Clue: It’s ground-breaking

Answer: FAULT

  1. Clue: Way overcharge, so to speak

Answer: ROB

  1. Clue: Vape shop inventory

Answer: ECIGS

  1. Clue: Sci-fi’s Dr. Zaius, for one

Answer: APE

  1. Clue: Even a bit

Answer: ATALL

  1. Clue: Bakery item that’s often messy


  1. Clue: Lavishes love (on)

Answer: DOTES

  1. Clue: Part of R.S.V.P.

Answer: SIL

  1. Clue: Business that might hold a blowout sale?

Answer: SALON

  1. Clue: Common food drive donation

Answer: CAN

  1. Clue:Julius Caesar role

Answer: CASCA

  1. Clue: Lhasa ___

Answer: APSO

  1. Clue: Necklace components

Answer: BEADS

  1. Clue: Parts of volcanoes

Answer: RIMS

  1. Clue: 2007 #1 Alicia Keys album

Answer: ASIAM

  1. Clue: Not keep

Answer: GOBAD

  1. Clue: Caribbean capital


  1. Clue: Kind of test question


  1. Clue: Some video-making devices

Answer: IPADS

  1. Clue: Rod who won four Wimbledons

Answer: LAVER

  1. Clue: “The very ___!”

Answer: IDEA

  1. Clue: Yellow bills in Monopoly

Answer: TENS

  1. Clue: Lobster-catching aid?

Answer: BIB

  1. Clue: Holiday preceder

Answer: EVE

  1. Clue: Choose to participate

Answer: OPTIN

  1. Clue: Award won twice by Hammerstein, fittingly

Answer: OSCAR

  1. Clue: Horror director ___ Saul Guerrero

Answer: GIGI

  1. Clue: Contraction that omits a “v”

Answer: EER

  1. Clue: 0 to 60, e.g.

Answer: RANGE

  1. Clue: Proceeds breezingly


  1. Clue: What a spike goes over


  1. Clue: Not black and white


  1. Clue: Early computer

Answer: ENIAC

  1. Clue: “Encore!”


  1. Clue: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up tidying method


  1. Clue: Take care of

Answer: SEETO

  1. Clue: Well, so’s your face!, e.g.

Answer: RETORT

  1. Clue: The antagonist Bellwether from Disney’s Zootopia, e.g.

Answer: EWE

  1. Clue: Ask for a treat, say

Answer: BEG

New York Times vertical clues:

  1. Clue: Discharges

Answer: EGESTS

  1. Clue: Hassle

Answer: BOTHER

  1. Clue: Genius

Answer: BRAINS

  1. Clue: Not to be on the level

Answer: TILT

  1. Clue: Anxiously worry

Answer: STEW

  1. Clue: The nickname in a 1984 sports movie


  1. Clue: Courses

Answer: ROUTES

  1. Clue: WeChat or KakaoTalk

Answer: App

  1. Clue: Very serious

Answer: DIRE

  1. Clue: With skill


  1. Clue: Shakespeare character who cries The I defy you stars!

Answer: ROMEO

  1. Clue: Power-saving mode

Answer: SLEEP

  1. Clue: ___ Used to Be Mine (song from Waitress)

Answer: SHE

  1. Clue: Long of Hollywood

Answer: NIA

  1. Clue: My guess is…


  1. Clue: Realm for comic book fans, say


  1. Clue: Damascenes, e.g.


  1. Clue: Gardener’s supply

Answer: DIRT

  1. Clue: Over here!

Answer: PSST

  1. Clue: Geaux Tigers! Sch.

Answer: LSU

Crossword clues rank

For those who want to know more about the crossword clues and answers of New York Times crossword on January 3rd, 2021, you can visit the site called NYT Crossword Answers. This site offers the full list of the crossword clues and answers from January 3rd, 2021 as well as from the other dates.

Talking about the crossword clue and Airport bummer, there are some similar clues. Here are them with the possible answers an rank:

5 starsDELAYAirport Bummer
4 startsWORKA bummer for bums
3 starsPITY“Bummer“
3 starsAW GEE“Bummer”
3 starsDARN“Bummer”
3 starsAH ME“Bummer, man!”
3 starsALAS“Bummer, man!”, more formally
3 starsWHAT A SHAME“Bummer”
3 starsOH NO“What a bummer!”
3 starsTOO BAD“Bummer!”
3 starsRAINOUTBallpark bummer
3 starsLOSSBottom-line bummer
3 starsOASISBummer
3 starsHORRIFYINGBummer
3 starsTRIBULATIONBummer
3 starsPOORBummer
3 starsFAILUREBummer
3 starsSADNESSBummer
3 starsDESPAIRBummer

As there are some same clues with some possible answers, you can just see the hint of the letters to answer it. Actually, checking the letters also does not immediately solve the crossword as there are some answers with the same amount of letters.