Mike Schroepfer Net Worth

Mike Schroepfer is an entrepreneur and technical architect. Also, Mike Schroepfer is a manager who has been the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at Facebook since March 2013. He is recognized for the former Vice President of Engineering for the Mozilla Corporation as of July 2008. By the way, how much is Mike Schroepfer Net Worth in 2021? Well, let us find the correct answer from this page.

How Much is Mike Schroepfer Net Worth?

Since August 15th, 2021, the estimated Net Worth of Mike Schroepfer is at least  $695 Million dollars. According to the research, Mike Schroepfer has over 52,140 units of Facebook Inc stock worth over $212,704,198. And over the last 9 years, Mike Schroepfer sold FB stock worth over $460,628,064. Aside from that, Mike Schroepfer makes 21,813,000 dollar as a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at Facebook Inc. By the way, what is the salary of Michael Schroepfer? As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Facebook Inc, the total compensation of Mike Schroepfer at Facebook Inc is $21,813,000. There are two executives at Facebook Inc getting paid more, with Sheryl Sandberg having the highest compensation of $27,144,100.

Mike Schroepfer Net Worth

Mike Schroepfer FB stock

Since 2012, Mike Schroepfer has made over 141 trades of the Facebook Inc stock, according to the Form 4 filled with the SEC. On 15 August 2021, Mike Schroepfer exercised 52,140 units of FB stock worth $17,695,795. You have to know that the biggest trade that he has ever made was selling 270,000 units of Facebook Inc stock on 25 July 2013 worth over $9,155,700. On average, since 2012, Mike Schroepfer trades about 34,802 units every 18 days. As of 15 August 2021, Mike Schroepfer still has at least  626,725 units of Facebook Inc stock.

Insiders trading at Facebook Inc

Insiders at Facebook Inc have already traded over 42,215,974,987 dollar worth of Facebook Inc stock over the last 27 years, and purchased 47,846 units worth 1,006,201 dollar. The most active insiders traders are Mark Zuckerberg, Jan Koum and Peter Thiel. Usually, Facebook Inc executives and independent directors are going to trade stock every two days with the average trade being worth of $119,488,335. For your information, the recent stock trade at Facebook Inc was executed by Mark Zuckerberg on 1 October 2021, trading 77,300 units of FB stock currently worth $26,485,299.

Mike Schroepfer’s Career

Now, you need to know about career of Mike Schroepfer. Do not worry as here we are going to share some information about Mike Schroepfer’s Career. Based on the research, Mike Schroepfer was a Software Engineer at computer software company Puffin Designs from October 1997 up to November 1999 when he became a partner in Reactivity, Inc., a computer software consulting practice.

In June 2000, Mike Schroepfer built the computer software company called CenterRun. He became its Chief Architect and Director of Engineering. For your information, in November 2003, CenterRun was acquired by Sun Microsystems. After the takeover, Mike Schroepfer became the Chief Technology Officer for Sun’s data center automation division. From July 2005 up to August 2008, Mike Schroepfer was the Vice President of engineering at Mozilla company, where he led the development of the Firefox web browser.

In July 2008, Mike Schroepfer became director of engineering at Facebook. Also, he was listed as number 20 in the twenty five Most Influential People in Mobile Technology by Laptopmag.com. In the year of 2010, Fortune listed him and his two clients at Facebook’s technical branch as joint number 27 in their own list. Apparently, Mike Schroepfer has been recognized for his work on artificial intelligence at Facebook. In particular, Mike Schroepfer got attention amid the social media network’s effort to solve the proliferation of false, misleading, and inappropriate content within the platform.

We get information that Mark Zuckerberg believes that Facebook will be able to solve the issue through its proprietary AI technology that initially focused on bigger facial recognition capability and better ad targeting. According to Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s AI succeeded at certain kinds of content moderation. For instance, its picture classifier algorithms are able to identify and remove photos and videos automatically which contain nudity.

On November 16, 2015, Mike Schroepfer became one of the members of the board of directors for Investment Management firm (Wealthfront). Schroepfer lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. On September 23, 2021, then Mike Schroepfer announced that he would be stepping down from the role of CTO at Facebook next year.

Mike Schroepfer career

Mike Schroepfer’s biography

In addition, here we will also talk about Michael Schroepfer’s biography. Please continue reading the following text to get information related to Mike Schroepfer’s biography.

As we know that Mike Schroepfer is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Facebook. Mike Schroepfer leads the development of the technology and teams that enable Facebook to connect lots of people around the world and create breakthroughs in fields like artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Aside from serving as CTO at Facebook, from January 2011 to December 2012, Mike Schroepfer previously served as a member of the board of directors of Ancestry.com Inc. He has served in some positions at Facebook since joining in September 2008.

Need to know that Mike Schroepfer served as Vice President of Engineering at Mozilla company from December 2005 up to August 2008. He led the global and open product development process behind Mozilla Firefox. Prior to Mozilla Firefox, Mike Schroepfer served in several positions at Sun Microsystems, Inc. (an information technology company), including as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of its data center automation division. Also, Mike Schroepfer is co-founded CenterRun, Inc., a developer of application provisioning software that was acquired by Sun Microsystems.

Mike Schroepfer began his career by working at startups company including a digital effects company where he would be able to develop software that used in motion pictures. From Stanford University, Mike Schroepfer holds a bachelor’s & master’s degree in computer science.

Well, the text above is an explanation about Mike Schroepfer’s Net Worth, and other information related to Mike Schroepfer. If you have any question about Mike Schroepfer, just comment in the section below.

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