Mattress Mack Net Worth

Mattress Mack is a businessman and he is the owner of the Gallery Furniture retail chain. You may be curious about the net worth that he has. Here, you will find the answer and you will also read the other information about him.

Mattress Mack Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mattress Mack or Jim McInvale’s net worth is $300 million. In 1981, he launched Gallery Furniture from his pickup truck with $5,000 in life savings. Then, in early months and years, the business grew slowly but surely.Unfortunately, after the oil industry fell on hard times, it also affected the retail business in Texas. In 1983, he took his last $10,000 and then he decided to invest in a series of local television commercial spots.

Now, Gallery Furniture has become one of the most successful furniture retailers which is independent in the country. The stores have obtained the highest level of sales per square foot of any store in the US. As reported in 2005, the revenue of the company was $200 per year. And in 2015, it was an updated report which reported that the revenue of the company was around $10 million.

Mattress Mack Net Worth

About Mattress Mack

James Franklin McIngvale is the complete name of Mattress Mack. He was born on February 11th, 1951 in Starkville, Mississippi. He was a student of Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas and then he became a student of North Texas State University which is now University of North Texas in Denton. Then, he played football.

Mattress Mack is known for his sales pitches which are energetic and fast-paced and usually it ends with some variant of his catchphrase “saves you money!”. Where did his different sales style come from? It came from an incident that happened early on in Gallery Furniture’s history. Mattress Mack encountered financial difficulties and he invested all his remaining money around $10,000 in a tv commercial to be aired on two Houston stations as explained earlier. When he watched the commercial which was being produced, he was not satisfied and ad-libbed a sales pitch where he spoke rapidly due to the limited amount of time available. It was proven that the commercial was very effective so it made his sales increase drastically.

In 1992, together with his wife, he became executive producer of the action-comedy film entitled Sidekicks. This film starred Chuck Norris and Jonathan Brandis. In return, Norris did some tv advertising commercials for Gallery Furniture which is owned by Jim and Linda.

In 1999, Jim spoke about the influence of W. Edwards Deming on his business methods to the British Deming Association. Then, in 2002, he co-wrote the book entitled Always Think Big with Thomas Duening and John Ivancevich. His residence is in the Northgate Forest community in an unincorporated area of Harris County, Texas.

In August 2017, he opened his stores to people affected by Harvey. Harvey was a hurricane that had flooded the city. In June 2019, he suffered a possible transient ischemic attack.

In 2019, Houston was flooded by Tropical Storm Imelda and McIngvale opened the doors of Gallery Furniture again and he cooperated with Crisis Clean Up to give free meals and shelter at the North Freeway location. McIngvale and staff from his stores rescued people from cars and flooded homes during the storm.

During the Texas power crisis and winter storms in 2021, McIngvale permitted people to shelter from the cold and spend the night at Gallery Furniture. In 2021, after the evacuation and destruction because of Hurricane Ida which hit the Gulf Coast and especially Louisiana and New Orleans, McIngvale started to shelter Louisianan residents at Gallery Furniture and also gave warm meals and amenities for free. Not only that, a supply donation drive and caravan into south Louisiana were also organized by him to send supplies to the area.

Well, that’s the information about Mattress Mack according to Wikipedia. And how about his political views? You are able to read about it below.

Mattress Mack Political Views

Mattress Mack Political Views

According to Wikipedia, here are the political views of Mattress Mack. In 2010, the Tea Party Movement was supported by him. Funding full-page ads for the Tea Party was one of his forms of support. The ads appeared in the Houston Chronicle. Mattress Mack became a guest speaker together with a lot of local conservative radio hosts for The North Houston Tea Party Patriots at Sam Houston Race Park.

In the 2015 Houston mayor’s race, conservative candidate Bill King was endorsed by him over Sylvester Turner. However, the winner of the election was Turner. In 2018, he supported the reelection of the Republican U.S. Representative John Culberson. He appeared in commercials which supported the congressman. However, Culberson did not win the election and the winner was Lizzie Fletcher.

In April 2020, McIngvale was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott to the Strike Force to Open Texas. It is a group which has the task to find safe and effective ways to slowly reopen the state in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic.

About Gallery Furniture

Gallery Furniture owned by Mattress Mack has a website which can be accessed at If you access this site, you are able to find some menu at the top of the screen including Financing Options, Shop, Sales, Login, Community, Call Mack and Call Store.

You are able to shop any furniture here including for your living room, bedroom or dining room. Here, you are able to buy mattresses, motion furniture, recliners, lift chairs, tv stands, home theatre, and many more. Here are some products that you are able to find in Gallery Furniture.

    • Angelina King Bed
      This bed costs $1,499.99.
    • Henrietta King Storage Bed
      The price is $2,199.99.
    • Rancho Viejo 66″ Console
      This costs $799.99.
    • Gardendale 84″ Console with Fireplace
      The price is $1,299.99.
    • Evermore Oak Sofa
      The price for this sofa is $1,599.99.
    • Palance Chestnut Sofa
      The price for this sofa is $1,599.99.
    • San Antonio Dining Room Table
      The price is $1,499.99.
    • Brunswick 72″ Dining Room Table
      The price is $1,699.99.
    • Houston Rough Sawn Dining Room Table
      The price for this dining room table is $2,499.99.

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