How to Use BTRoblox to Find Empty Servers

For those who want to find out information regarding how to use BTRoblox Extension to Find empty Servers, you have to read this article until the end. Here we are going to reveal that information. Keep reading this article to get information you need.


Some Roblox players said that there is no chance to find an empty server on Roblox as it will automatically shut down when there’s 0 players. What you are able to do is find some games with free private servers like Adopt Me, RoVille, etc. You will be able to see those kinds of the games under the category: Play with Friends (Free VIP servers). But, how do you find a nearly empty server? To discover the server with the least amount of players, just keep spam clicking on Load More in the Servers tab of the game. There is a high opportunity that the last player will leave right in time when you join that server. But we prefer to play with others, because it gets boring when you are alone, particularly on a big map.

Using BTRoblox to Find Empty Servers?

To find empty or almost empty servers, you will need to add the BTRoblox extension on your chrome browser. Also, you are able to add it on Firefox. After adding the BTRoblox extension, just refresh Roblox. And in the settings you are going to BTR settings too. This is going to help you ensure that the BTRoblox extension is added. Please click on whichever Roblox game you want to play, and scroll down. Then, you are going to see servers and the number of web pages available. Please head to the last webpage, click on the box, and then type the last number to get there faster. On the last page, you are going to find empty servers or servers with only one or two players depending on your luck. Now, click on the server and start playing.

Getting a good Roblox server is crucial, because it will help you in being away from upset players who keep annoying you. Also, empty servers ensure the smooth running of the game. Roblox has VIP servers, but it is a paid service not many want to spend on. Instead, this is a free way to find relatively empty servers. Aside from that, getting empty servers also depends on the Roblox game you are playing, and the time you are playing at. It could be difficult to find empty servers in Popular games compared to several other niche games.

Finding and Join Empty Servers on Roblox using Roblox Plus

    • Firstly you have to install the Roblox + file for your Chrome browser. This is going to allow you to find servers and see the population easily.
    • In addition to searching for the servers, you will also get records of articles and Roblox, a small text box for the Avatar website, and topics for the site.
    • If you are not using Google Chrome as your default web browser, then you are able to use Roblox + File in Mozilla Firefox or Opera browsers.
    • When you are done installing Roblox Plus File, you have to go back to the Roblox game and search for the servers.
    • The easiest method to find empty Roblox servers is to go to the bottom of the drop-down menu and search the site. For note: This procedure will not be successful in all the games.

Another Way to Find Empty Roblox Servers

Here is another way to Find Empty Roblox Servers:

    • At the first step, you have to open a Roblox game.
    • After that, find the Roblox servers.
    • To find empty Roblox servers, you have to take a look at the last web page.
    • You have to right-click on the website page.
    • Then, choose the check option to open the console.
    • Otherwise, you are able to press the F12 key on your system’s keyboard.
    • Please ensure that the Articles option is selected.
    • You will need to browse to the code specified in the Items option until you see the Last Handicapped option.
    • A list of currently enabled servers are going to be displayed. You are going to find empty Roblox servers.
    • During peak periods you will not be able to find any empty Roblox servers for a particular game.

Installing BTRoblox Extension

It is easy to install the BTRoblox extension. You will be able to find it on Google Chrome or Firefox.

Here is a way to install BTRoblox extension:

    • At the first step, you are able to go to the Chrome Web Store.
    • Then, search for “BTRoblox.” Keep in mind the BTRoblox extension created by AntiBoomz.
    • Again, it is very important to select the correct one, so you will be able to enjoy all the great features of the BTRoblox extension.

After it has been installed, simply click on it. Eventually, your Roblox experience will be better.

Finally, you know how to install the correct BTRoblox extension, so you do not hesitate to install the BTRoblox extension right now to use it in finding empty Roblox servers.

What is BTRoblox Extension?

BTRoblox extension is a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension for Roblox. It was made by AntiBoomz0r which modifies the style and adds additional features to the Roblox website. Of course, BTRoblox extension has lots of features. It can change lots of aspects of the Roblox website. BTRoblox tool is not only changes the appearance of the Roblox site. But, it also adds some useful features to the core functionality. Based on the research, BTRoblox extension has more than one million active users, and it has a good rating.

Here are some features of BTRoblox extension:

    • BTRoblox extension will introduce the group shout features.
    • BTRoblox extension will allow the audio downloading.
    • BTRoblox extension has a dark theme for the Roblox site.
    • BTRoblox extension is head texture preloading.
    • BTRoblox extension will hide or show the item owner list.
    • BTRoblox extension will hide ads if you wish.
    • BTRoblox extension has advanced accessory button.