How to Enter Roblox Customer Support Ticket

Did you send an email to Roblox and then you get a customer support ticket code? If so, you may wonder what you have to do with it. Here, we will inform you what we got about Roblox customer support ticket and the other information related to Roblox customer support.

Entering Roblox Customer Support Ticket

When we tried to search the information about it, there is no clear information about how to use the Roblox Customer Support ticket. However, a user says that there is nothing to do with the ticket. However, there are some users who say that the code can be put in Roblox profile in the bio as you can watch in some Youtube videos.

In the blog post of Roblox Fandom site, there was also a user who did not know to do with the Roblox customer support ticket that he had. The user whose username is DJCreeperPlayz wrote on that blog post that he needed help since his brother changes his age to more than 13 years old. He did not know why he did that but then he tried to change the age back. After that, he was stuck on it where the account was in 13 years old more for almost a year. Then, he messaged Roblox and here was the thing that Roblox said.

Thank you for contacting Roblox Customer Service. Your ticket is 4242434. We will get back to as soon as possible. In the meantime, check our Help pages here and here for answers to many common inquiries.

Please make sure to include the Roblox user name(s), if known, as well as specific details about any issue you are experiencing. You can reply to this message with that information if it has not already been provided.

For billing inquiries, please also provide the full first and last billing name that was used for the account, the billing email address, date(s) and amount(s) of any charges and method of payment. While we may ask for the last four digits of a credit card, we will not ask for the full number. To cancel a membership please follow the steps here:

Please make sure to keep sensitive information secure. Roblox will not ask for your user account password nor full credit card number.

To provide you with the best and most expedient assistance, please reply only to this ticket and do not send in additional email requests. Sending multiple emails about the same issue may result in increased response time.

Customer Service Team

To get more information about what you have to do with the Roblox Customer Support that you get and how to enter it, you are able to contact Roblox Support to ask. You may be able to ask about this to Roblox Support in Twitter @Roblox. Through this Twitter account, you are able to ask Roblox about the meaning of the Roblox Customer Support Ticket that you get and also what you have to do with it.

Some Methods to Contact Roblox Support

Roblox provides Roblox Support to give help to Roblox users when they have questions or problems related to Roblox. There are some methods to contact Roblox Support and you can choose one of the methods if you want to contact them. Here are those methods including with the explanation of each method.

    • Roblox Support Form

In the Roblox Support page, there is a Roblox Support form. What is it? This form is used for Roblox users who have problems related to Roblox. To contact Roblox by using this method is easy. You just have to enter your first name, email address, confirm email address and username. In the email address field, if your age is under 13 years old, you can use your parent’s email address. Then, after you fill in the fields, you also have to enter the issue details including what device that you are having problem on, type of help category and description of issue. In the device section, you have to choose from the drop down menu about what device that you use here you are having problem on whether PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Amazon Device, or Xbox. The type of help category is also chosen from the drop down menu. The options are account hacked or can’t log in, billing and payments, bug reports, chat and age settings, DevEXDMCARoblox Toys, How To, Gift Card and many more.

    • Roblox Support Phone Number

Roblox also has Roblox call support. You can use this method to contact Roblox Support. The number is 888-858-2569 where it is available for 24 hours 7 days a week. It uses an automated system menu and you will be asked to leave a voice message with your information before you will be called back by them. This phone number is toll-free. Mainly, this number is helpful you have a particular question about Roblox. It is important for you to note that you can speak directly to someone in Roblox directly when they contact you back. If you have not contacted yet, you have to wait for it. It may take some time to wait the phone call from Roblox, so you have to be patient.

    • Roblox Support Email Address

You can also send your question or consult your problem related to Roblox through email address. Your email can be sent to The thing that you have to do is to send your question and then send it. You have to make sure that you give a detailed information about the help that you need from them and you also have to include your name, account information and any relevant billing information. When you enter the information, make it in detail so that they can understand your problem and can fix it as soon as possible. Also, you have to note that your email may take a little longer to respond. However, according to Roblox Fandom Wiki, this email support is no longer suggested or preferred by Roblox.