Roblox HQ Location Address

In the gaming industry, Roblox is a big name. Last year alone, it earned more than half of kids in the United States under age 16 who played games in this platform. It is well-loved because it is not only a place where the users go to play the games, but it is also the place where people play games made by the other developers.

Roblox is interesting and it offers something different. What sets it from the other platforms including Steam is that all the games are created by the users. On this platform, one is not only able to play the games but also able to make one. The developer of Roblox called Roblox Corporation is not the one that develops these games. The real developers of these games are the users of the platform. According to the report made by Roblox, the users have published more than 20 million games on the platform.

Due to its popularity, everyone wants to know a lot of things related to Roblox, including the office or the address of it, the place where everything is operated. The office of something related to Internet is usually unique and out of the box. So, where is the Roblox headquarters or Roblox HQ?

According to its official website, the main headquarter of Roblox or Roblox HQ is located at 970 Park PI #100 San Mateo, California 94403, the United States of America. There are actually two headquarters of Roblox. In addition to the one located in San Mateo, California, United States of America, another one is located in Shenzhen, China.

Roblox HQ Location Address
San Mateo,California

Roblox is aware that tons of players and creators are so excited about the idea of visiting the Roblox offices. Is it possible to visit its headquarters? What should be done to make a visit? Can we just come or is there any requirement?

According to its official website, we can read more about the visit to the Roblox HQ by visiting its Corporate Site at In that website, we can just scroll down to sign up for Roblox HQ tours. However, it is not as it told. The thing to sign up is nowhere to be seen, so is the thing about the Roblox HQ tours. It seems like the program is no longer exist or it is closed for the time being due to the current pandemic.

Roblox HQ tour did exist. There are a lot of people who have shared their experience touring at Roblox HQ on the internet. Some of them said they applied for the program to the website mentioned above. According to them, not everyone is able to pass and join the tour as there is a lottery system, meaning only the lucky ones get to join the tour. If you are thinking to just show up in the location, you will not able to enter the office so do not even try as it will just waste your time and your energy.

Aside from the Roblox users or the common people, it seems like Roblox often invites the big names such as games developers and Youtubers who usually post about games. One of the popular Youtubers who once joined the Roblox HQ tour is called Preston. Here is the link that will take you to see his experience:

Preston and his team joined the Roblox HQ tour in 2018. Apart from him, there were a lot of popular gamers and Youtubers who joined the tour, including Zack (Poke), Joe (Tofuu), Kreek (KreekCraft), Russo (RussoPlays), Dylan (Hyper), Michael (Iifanitik), and so on.

Just like any other tours, there was a guide. Preston and the others met her at the front of the office. Then, all of them entered the building and a huge Roblox name was displayed on the wall. As everyone can guess, Roblox HQ is huge. In that place, Preston and the others got a chance to meet the developers and exchanged some words with a few people there.

Roblox HQ is really interesting. Not only the gamers, even the ones who know nothing about the game would love to visit the place as there are a few interesting places, especially the snack room and the shop. Who does not love free foods and who does not love shopping?

From the experiences shared by Preston and the others, it can be concluded that the Roblox HQ tour is such a fun thing. It is such unfortunate that the program is currently closed temporarily. Let’s just hope that the pandemic is over and everyone gets the chance to join the tour hosted by Roblox.

As there is currently no way to visit the Roblox HQ or to join the Roblox HQ tour, you might want to consider the virtual version of the tour. It is 100% free and you can do it on your comfortable bed. To know what it is like to be at Roblox HQ, the first thing that you have to do is to open Google Map. When you are there, find the search bar and enter “Roblox HQ”, “Roblox San Mateo” or so on as the keyword. Upon pressing Enter, you will be able to see the map of the location. In addition to that, you will be able to see the videos, photos, and street views shared by the others. There are also some interactive panoramas where you can see the real life of the location through a video. With these, you will be able to see the real place and condition. You are able to move around the location and explore it. The only difference is that the current place might not as shown on these because these are not live and usually taken a while ago. Having the virtual is still way better than nothing. It is able to kill the curiosity.

As the close thing, Roblox has two headquarters. The main one is located at 970 Park PI #100 San Mateo, California 94403, the United States of America while another is in Shenzhen, China.

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