How to Trick EcoATM for More Money

One of the best wishes that everyone wants when selling old electronic gadgets is to get more and more money. However, EcoATM will not give you a very high price, since it will estimate how much your old electronic gadget is, based on your gadget’s condition.

However, many people recently try to look for a trick to get more money from EcoATM. Fortunately, they finally found the trick to get more money from EcoATM. If you are curious how to trick EcoATM for more money, you can dive into our post to find the guide. Here you go!

How to Trick EcoATM for More Money

Tricking EcoATM for More Money, Here’s How!

EcoATM can be found in some grocery stores, Walmart worldwide and shopping malls. Of course, you can easily find EcoATM nearby, particularly if you are a resident of the United States.

If you want to trick an EcoATM for more money, you may have to root your device to access developer options. Afterwards, you can change your old device’s information with the information of the latest version of the device in the build properties.

With the use of a trick, you can probably sell your old electronic gadget to EcoATM for a better market price. Because EcoATM’s regulations are pretty strict, keep in mind that this method does not always work.

However, if you have an old phone and want to sell it as a newer device to trick EcoATM in giving your more money, you can try the following steps:

    • First, you can get your old phone.
    • You can now root your phone.
    • Then, download and install root file explorer on your device.
    • After that, you can look for the ‘build.prop’ settings option on your device.
    • Here, you need to keep in handy the information about the newer phone with those details you will replace your older device.
    • What you should do now is just change the information in your ‘build.prop’ settings option with that of the newer phone.

That’s it! You can now sell the device to the EcoATM machine. We hope your device  will get accepted as a new one and you will gain more than you deserve for the device.

How to Sell/ Recycle Your Electronic Device?

Selling or Recycling your old electronic device is pretty straightforward and simple to follow. Of course, before you do the trick to get more money from EcoATM, you should understand how to sell/ recycle your electronic gadget device. If you are not familiar with the steps to sell/ recycle, you can do the following steps:

    • First, you can start the Eco-ATM device.
    • You can click or touch the ‘Sell’ option.
    • After that, you can proceed to choose the type of device you want to sell and choose your payment method.
    • You have to specify the condition of your device.

To note, it’s very important to specify the condition of your device to help the machine calculate the payment amount and send it to the seller.

    • Afterwards, you can continue to enter the information about the accessories of the machine. By doing this, it will allow the machine to ascertain the model of the device to verify if the device is new or old.

That’s it! You successfully sell or recycle your electronic device.

How to Find EcoATM?

With over 5000 kiosk locations, EcoATM can be easily found all across the US. Of course, a lot of people want to gain the most money that they can get from selling their old devices. You can find EcoATM at shopping malls, Walmart and some grocery stores.

Can You Sell Stolen Electronic Devices to the EcoATM Machine?

Of course, you cannot. This is a very bad and illegal way you shouldn’t do. You should remember that when you sell a device to the EcoATM machine, it will record the device’s information and ID and then share it with law enforcement.

Of course, if the device has been reported stolen, in all probability the authorities will get notified. Not only that, in all probability even the EcoATM machine will not accept this device.

Fortunately, if the EcoATM on the off chance accepts the stolen device, the relevant authorities will give the EcoATM management with the FIR of the stolen device within 30 days of the transaction. Afterwards, Eco-ATM will turn the device over to law enforcement.

It’s important to note, during any transaction the EcoATM device does take the seller’s photo ID and also the fingerprint in most cases. Of course, you would be better to not take the risk of selling a stolen device since there is a high chance that you will be caught.

What devices Are Accepted by EcoATM

What devices Are Accepted by EcoATM?

Even though all electronic devices from all brands will be accepted into the EcoATM, you may not always gain money in return. A good way to ensure that you are taking measures to protect the environment, as the device will be recycled in a proper and effective manner.

Here’s the list of accepted devices by the EcoATM in return for which you can gain a cashback:

    • iPhone
    • Apple products
    • Broken iPhones
    • Android tablet devices
    • Amazon readers like Kindle
    • Motorola cell phones and smartphones
    • HTC cell phones and smartphones
    • Blackberry personal data devices
    • Samsung devices including Galaxy S Note, Series and more.

Pros and Cons of Using EcoATM

For pros of using EcoATM, it’s a perfect way to make quick cash by removing your old or broken electronic devices. In this case, EcoATM will save the hassle of posting an ad online, displaying your device to multiple people and bargaining.

If you are selling it directly, you may gain higher value for your device. In addition to making quick money, you also protect the environment and ensure that the devices are either reused and recycled without polluting the environment or disposed of in a correct manner.

For cons, EcoATM will only pay a small amount for most electronic devices. You can sell them on other sites and get much more compared to from EcoATMs if the devices are good and working condition.

EcoATM will take in all electronic devices but you may not pay for certain devices meaning you can select to give them away for free without any money in return.