How to Sign Into Roblox Through Microsoft

You may face a logging issue where you cannot log into your Roblox through Microsoft. The issue commonly occurs when you log out of Roblox on your console, then you cannot log into Roblox again. In fact, this is a common problem that every player faces when logging into Roblox on console.

Are you looking for a way to log into Roblox through Microsoft? In this case, we emphasize that you can log into Roblox through Microsoft when you use the Xbox One to play Roblox. So, let’s see how to log into Roblox on Xbox One through Microsoft!

How to Sign Into Roblox Through Microsoft

Logging into Roblox Through Microsoft, Here’s How!

You can access Microsoft Store on Xbox One. If you want to log into Roblox, you need to install the Roblox app first. you can download, install and configure Roblox through Microsoft Store. Here’s how!

    • First, sign into your Xbox with your Xbox One account that you will use to play Roblox.
    • After you are logging in, you can open the ‘Microsoft Store’ on the Xbox console.
    • Look for Roblox and click on the ‘Download’.
    • After that, you will receive a confirmation email from Xbox.
    • Launch Roblox and click on the ‘Sign Into Roblox’.
    • You can enter your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.
    • After that, you can link your Xbox Account to Roblox. (The tutorial will be shown below)
    • You can choose a game that you want to play. To note,  you will have to play five games that are curated by Roblox before you can select from the wider list.

Congratulations! You successfully log into Roblox on Xbox One through Microsoft Store.

How to Link Roblox to Your Xbox Account?

In order to access online content and interact with other Roblox players, you should follow some steps on your Xbox console below!

    • To see the Account Settings, with Roblox you can open press X.
    • You have to give access to multiplayer features.
    • Then, you need to log in as your Parent User.
    • Go to Settings | Manage Family Accounts
    • Choose the Child User who will play Roblox.
    • Choose ‘View Details and Customise’
    • Then, you can set ‘Can Join Multiplayer Games’ to ‘Allow’.
    • After that, set ‘Can See and Upload Community Creations’ to ‘Everyone’.
    • Then, save the settings.
    • You also need to log back in as the Child User.
    • After you set the settings, you have to view the green circles on the ‘Account Settings’ page for Roblox.

That’s it! You definitely have linked Roblox to your  Xbox One account.

How If You Cannot Log into Your Microsoft Roblox Account?

You may ever get an issue where you cannot log into your Microsoft Roblox account. Certainly, it can occur due to some problems. From our little research, there are two ways that will help you to solve your problem, here are they:

Method 1: Using Safe Mode

Firstly, you can try to use safe mode by clicking on the ‘Power’ button located at the left bottom corner. Then, press and hold. After that, you need to Shift Key and click ‘Restart’. Here, you can click on the Troubleshoot. Click on Advanced options and Startup Settings. Last, click the ‘Restart’.

Now, you can try logging into your Microsoft account and then create a new administrator account.

Method 2: Activate Inbuilt Administrator Account.

If the first method cannot solve your problem, you can try to activate the inbuilt administrator account. To activate it, you can click on the ‘Power’ button located at the left corner. Then, press and hold. After that, you need to Shift Key and click ‘Restart’.

Here, you can click on the Troubleshoot. Click on Advanced options. Then, click on the ‘Command Prompt’ and enter the command: net user Administrator /active:yes. Now, you need to reboot your system and log into the inbuilt admin account. Then, try to reset the password for another account.

After you reset the password log into another account. To deactivate inbuilt admin account, you need to enter following command in elevated command prompt ‘net user Administrator /active:no

Hopefully, you can solve your problem by following the two ways above. Make sure to do those ways step-by-step.

Let’s Join the DevForum!

After you log into your Roblox account, it’s highly recommended for you to join the DevForum. Unfortunately, you do not know yet how to join the DevForum. No worries! We’ll show a guide to join DevForum below!

In order to join the DevForum, make sure that you have been reading and browsing the resources in DevForum frequently. After enough browsing, you will automatically be leveled up. If you have been leveled up, you can see a ‘Sign-Up’ window. You can click on the ‘Sign Up’. If you click on the button,  it will take you into your Roblox account.

After that, you will be prompted to verify your account by email. Make sure to set an email first if you do not set your email yet. Click  the ‘My Settings’ and choose the ‘Account Info’.

The Account Info provides your personal information including your Display Name, Username, Password, Phone Number and Email Address. To set your email, click the ‘Email Address’. You can also enter your active email and open your email, as the verification is sent into your email.

Open an email that Roblox has sent and click on the ‘Verify Email’ button to verify your account. If it is successful, you will be taken into account. You also need to set your phone number. To set your phone number, you can click on the ‘Phone Number’. Then, enter your password when you log into your Roblox account.

The code will be sent into the SMS that you have entered. When receiving the code, you can enter the code into the available bar. If it’s successful, the email address and phone number will be changed into ‘verified’ status. After your phone number and email have been verified, you can go to the DevForum. Click the ‘Sign In’ button to log into. Now, you already join the DevForum and start posting any topics or ask any questions that you need.