AttaPoll Roblox Info

AttaPoll is a United Kingdom company, but available in the USA which has been around since 2016. Well, in this page, we are going to share some information related to AttaPoll. If you want to know that information, make sure you read this entire article.


Attapoll Roblox is claimed to be able to generate Robux for free to the accounts of Roblox users. Of course, now you may be curious about the existence of Attapoll, and also want to try getting free Robux on Attapoll. Before continuing with the discussion, we are going to remind you that using a free Robux service such as Attapoli Roblox can be dangerous for your account and device. For whatever reason, getting Robux for free by using a service such as an online generator, will be able to result in your Roblox account having issues.

AttaPoll Roblox Info
Is AttaPoll Roblox legit?

According to the research, the platform has more than 1,000,000 downloads on the Google Play Store, with a 4/5 rating. Apparently, the company has a good reputation within the online forum or community. Lots of people praise how easy it is to make money. But, there are also some people who reviews complain about the late screen outs.

AttaPoll Roblox is a legit app which is easy to use. The minimum payout is only $5, that can be earned in a week or so, and you are able to boost your earnings by referring family and friends to the platform.

How Does AttaPoll Roblox Work?

So, how does Attapoll work? You have to know that AttaPoll connects the users of AttaPoll with companies and organizations who require input for marketing goal. The companies are willing to pay AttaPoll users to obtain honest feedback and insight. This information will help them to create marketing campaigns and develop products.

What is AttaPoll Roblox Sign Up Process?

To become an AttaPoll member, you have to download and install the app on your device. Also, you have to agree to the terms and conditions of Attapoll. Then, you are able to proceed to answer some questions. The app is going to ask you to select your preferred Google account. Similar with Google account that you use for your PayPal, easily you are able to link your PayPal account to AttaPoll. Also, you are able to download the app from the Apple Store, with a similar sign up process. Aside from that, you also need to answer several basic profile questions. This information is very important for AttaPoll to match you with appropriate surveys. For note: AttaPoll is available globally, and it open to anyone age 13 or over.

How Much AttaPoll Roblox points are Worth?

Need to know that AttaPoll uses a credits system, and each credit is worth 1 cent. So, you will need 500 credits to obtain $5

How Much Can You Make from AttaPoll Surveys?

When you log in, you are going to see the available surveys. Each survey will display the reward. Also, it will display an estimate of the time it will take to complete it. This is going to help you to prioritize the most interesting and higher paying surveys. Before you are able to complete a survey, you have to go through several qualifying questions. Those are crucial to confirm that you match the target demographics. Please be sure to answer those questions honestly. If AttaPoll Roblox suspects that you are lying, then they may blacklist your account.

After you go through the qualifying questions, you are going to proceed to the survey. For your information, surveys are able to last up to 30 minutes. You will be able expect 10 to 60 credits. Usually, surveys are available daily. Therefore, you need to check your notifications regularly.

Other Ways to Make Money on AttaPoll – Invite Friends

Each AttaPoll member has an invite link. Simply, you are able to share this link with your family members and friends. You are going to receive 50 credits for each person you refer, after they complete three surveys. This is not as high a reward as many survey panels, however there is no maximum number of people you are able to invite to join the platform.

How to Redeem Points with AttaPoll?

    • PayPal

If you use the app on Android or iOS, you are able to claim your earnings via PayPal. The minimum withdrawal limit is only $5. Usually, you are going to receive a payment within a few days.

    • Bitcoin

If you prefer, you are able to select to receive your earnings via cryptocurrency. AttaPoll is going to convert your credits to Bitcoin. Warning: A minimum of 10,000 credits is required.

    • Donations

If you are feeling charitable, you are able to donate your earnings. AttaPoll Robux makes it easy to donate from only 50 credits.

What are the AttaPoll Pros and Cons?


    • Since AttaPoll is an app, you are able to make money from anywhere. Surveys are quite quick, so making sure you have internet service, you are able to complete new surveys on the spot.
    • Surveys are concise and easy to complete. You are able to see the available surveys as soon as you log in. AttaPoll will update your balance after every successful survey.
    • Getting a percentage of your referral’s earnings is nice, but sometimes it can be frustrating. AttaPoll will make it easy to increase your earnings. You are going to get your bonus as soon as your referral completes three surveys.
    • You only need $5 to cash out for a PayPal payment.


    • The surveys pay a maximum of 60 credits or $0.60. It is at the low end of the scale for survey sites.
    • Several reviews have been asking, “is AttaPoll Robux legit?” after some screen outs. Even if the company is genuine, it will be able to be frustrating to screen out 15 minutes into a 20 minute survey.
    • If you have any issues, there is no direct email address or phone number to contact to the customer support team. You will need to fill out a contact form and wait for a response.

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