How to Reset Your Level in MM2 on Mobile

You may face a problem where your level goes back to low level after reaching the higher level. If it happens, you will then look for the way that allows you to reset your level. However,  you do not get the solutions yet to reset your level in Murder Mystery.

If you encounter this problem, you shouldn’t worry. In fact, this problem does not occur to you, but a lot of MM2 players also get the same. If you want, you can find out everything you should know about your level, reset your level and many more regarding the Roblox Murder Mystery. Here you go!

Can You Reset Your Level in Murder Mystery 2?

How to Reset Your Level in MM2 on Mobile

Unfortunately, you cannot reset your level into the higher or lower level that you have reached. If you see your higher level was reset into a lower level, you don’t have to worry, you just keep playing the game and then it will eventually change.

If it happens, you can just play one game. Then, you will level up back to 100. After that, you may see a prestige button somewhere on the screen. If the button appears, you can just press that and your level will be reset to what level you are.

Sometimes, you may be bored to play in one level for a long time. Then, you may think to reset your level manually. If you think so, you will not get it until whenever. The level you progress is the last level where you are allowed prestige. So, make sure to play and make quick progress so that you can reach the level.

How Many Prestige Levels Should You Achieve in Murder Mystery 2?

When playing Murder Mystery 2, you will need to achieve the levels available. There are at least 10  levels that you can achieve. You definitely will get Prestige level if you have achieved the highest level in MM2. The levels in MM2 that you can achieve include:

    • Prestige Level I (1): 100
    • Prestige II (2): 200
    • Prestige III (3): 300
    • Prestige IV (4) : 400
    • Prestige V (5): 500
    • Prestige VI (6): 600
    • Prestige VI (7): 700
    • Prestige VII (8): 800
    • Prestige IX (9) : 900
    • Prestige X (10): 1000

In Murder Mystery, Prestige refers to an ability that can only be achieved at level 100 at tier X (last tier). Furthermore, Prestige aims to reset the player’s normal level. After you have reached the highest level, you will get the badges.

In this case, Prestige will allow the players to look more skilled, as they have been playing for a longer time than many average players. Talking about prestige, the higher your prestige is, the higher you are on your leaderboard on the left side.

Are There Any Tips to Achieve the Highest Level in MM2?

It is known that reaching the highest level in MM2 does not require you to have a great gameplay ability. If you already think about it, you may not look for any tips and tricks that will lead you achieve the highest level in Murder Mystery 2.

In fact, tips and tricks to achieve the highest level in MM2 are still necessary, particularly this is your first time to play the game. As a new to Murder Mystery 2, you will still need to take some tips and tricks to ease you achieving the highest level in MM2.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you to gain the highest level in MM2:

    • Try to find the coins and gain 10 coins to protect you via a bow.
    • Try to go for the cap and kill the murderer when the sheriff dies. You can go with a bow carefully (the 10 coins one)
    • Don’t believe anyone, as you can try to look out for suspicious behavior.
    • Try to vote for the good maps which can give you many coins including Toy House and Office. Both places provide many coins. Then, you can try using the interactables to gain more.
    • Try to go for a grinding season and play many games. It will give you the murderer role at the some point. After that, the murders will grant you many XP.
    • You should remember the location in which you can locate coins for every map. For example, there will be a long straight way with the computers on birch if you explore the map Office. That’s where the interactables are found. There are 5/6 coins to get.
    • Make sure to avoid going for a location where everyone is at. You will not get coins at all.
    • Try to survive as long as possible and just go everywhere and pick out all the coins with less than 6 innocents.

Okay,  those are some tips and tricks that you can take to achieve the highest level in Murder Mystery 2.

How to Play Each Role in Murder Mystery 2?

To make a serious effort to achieve the highest level and become good in MM2, you need to know how to play each role. There are 3 roles that you should choose in Murder Mystery 2. If you are a beginner in Murder Mystery 2, you should learn the basic guide, allowing you to be a good player in this game.

In Murder Mystery 2, you can choose a role either as an innocent, a sheriff and a murderer. Per game, there will be one murderer, one sheriff and innocents as the rest. To be a good player in MM2, you can understand the role that you select.

    • To get good as a sheriff, you can try to kill the murderer before he kills innocents, including you.
    • To get good as an innocent, you can need to survive from the murder and help the sheriff. If the sheriff has been killed by murderer, you can pick out the gun.
    • To get good as a murderer, you can try to kill everyone in the game, including sheriff. As a murderer, you need to be careful of the sheriff, since he is the only player with gun that may kill you quickly.

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