How to Reactivate Your Roblox Account After Being Banned for 7 Days

Roblox is getting bigger day by day and it is the most favorite thing ever favored by both gamers and designers. The designers of the games are provided with a lot of options by Roblox Studios that can open some new possibilities. Coders reportedly love working on the new things and the same thing happens to the gamers.

In order to create a safe and comfortable environment, ban becomes such a normal thing. Basically, when a user violates Roblox Terms of Roblox, they will get banned. The ban itself varies, including:

  • Warning: Every user who agrees to the Terms of Service will be able to access their account immediately. Sometimes, this one is used to give feedback to the users on their work.
  • 1-day ban: It means the ban starts 24 hours or a day after the moderation was started.
  • 3-day suspension or 72 hours from the start of moderation
  • 7-day ban: It means a ban starts a week from the start of moderation.
  • Deletion: The account of a user has been closed and there is no way for it to be reactivated automatically.

Getting banned means having no ability to do things on Roblox, which must be frustrating for those who usually spend most of their time on this platform. The good news is that it may not last long and when it is done, you can reactivate your Roblox account again.

In order to reactivate your Roblox account after getting banned, you are able to try to restart your browser or the app called Roblox. After trying these methods, you can also try reinstalling the app called Roblox on your device. For those who play Roblox on the browser, it will be needed for you to clear cookies to continue. When you are done, you can log in to the Roblox app again and see if it works. In case the result is not the one that you want, you are encouraged to contact Roblox Support and describe the issue clearly.

Some users may be banned from a certain game. In this kind of case, the ban is only enforced by a game administrator and not a Roblox administrator. These bans are usually carried out through an admin command script.

If your Roblox account has been banned for 3 days and you want to reactive it, you can try these following methods:

Method 1: Shut your browser

The Roblox that have been unbanned may have a hard time when signing back in using Google Chrome or Firefox. The best thing to solve the issue is to use Internet Explorer or the Roblox browser to log in.

Method 2: Clear all cookies

You can exit every tab on your computer and then reopen that one that you want to fix. Then, select a website other than Roblox. For anyone who is using Mozilla Firefox, you have to go to Tools, and then Options, Privacy, and Show Cookies. If you want to delete the browser cookies, you can do it by choosing Remove All Cookies. If the Internet Explorer is the one that you are currently using, you can go to Tools, then Internet Options, and then General. To be able to delete the cookies from the browser, all that should be done is to select delete cookies.

Method 3: Login again

In order to log in again, the first thing that you have to do is to go to the Roblox main page. When you are there, make sure that your username is not currently logged in to the website. In order to recover the account, you can log in by using the login credentials.

Roblox has received a lot of criticism due to the lack of their effort in monitoring the user accounts. A lot of gamers reportedly have gotten a fake ban and contacted Roblox Support. Unfortunately, they are told that they cannot assist them.

Method 4: Contact Roblox Support

Everyone is recommended to use the Roblox Support form if they want to dispute a modern action. If the moderation action is proven to be false, it is possible for it to be reversed. Keep in mind that the responses to appeals may take a long time.

Aside from that option, another way is to try contacting the Roblox Customer Support. To do it, first of all, you will need to go to the official website of Roblox at On the site, find the Support section of the page, the one that will direct you to the Contact Us page where you will be required to fill in the needed information that is related to your account.

In the case when your Roblox account has been either banned or regulated, it is possible to ask the Roblox Appeals team to review the issue. After getting your request, the team will review the modification and make any required changes to the moderation status of your account. However, it is worth noting that there is no guarantee for the ban of your account to be lifted even after sending an appeal.

For everyone who wants to reactivate your Roblox account after being banned for 7 days, there is no specific information about it. However, you can still try these methods above and see if it works. For more information, it is always recommended to contact Roblox Support. Aside from filling out the form like the one mentioned above, there are two other ways to contact them. The first one is to contact the Customer Service Department by dialing the number 888 858 2569. Feel free to dial the number anytime you want as this service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The second one is by contacting the Roblox Customer Support through email. The email address that you can use is It is stated that the automated reply generated by Roblox Customer Support will be the one to fix the issue if the issue is specific and can be resolved easily.

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