How to Make a Post on Roblox Developer Forum

If you have been accepted as a member by DevForum, you will then be allowed to create the posts for any topics. However, your post will be monitored through the approval stage before it shows up to other DevForum members. That’s an advantage for Devforum members where they can create a post to ask people’s opinion, ask for help and many more.

Certainly, you may not know yet of how to create a post on DevForum, considering there may be some certain rules that you should meet. No worries! We’ll show you a guide of creating a post on DevForum in an easy step. Find out the guide below!

Making a Post on DevForum, Here’s How!

To make a post on DevForum, make sure that you have been accepted as a DevForum member. If yet, you totally cannot make a post on DevForum. It means that you need to read and browse any posts available on DevForum to level up from ‘Visitor’ level to ‘Member’ level.

So, here’s how to create a post on DevForum!

    • First, Log into your Roblox account.
    • Log into your Roblox account
    • Go to DevForum.
    • After you are on the DevForum homepage, you will see a ‘ + New Topic’ option.
    • DevForum homepage, you will see a ‘ + New Topic’ option.
    • To create a new post on this forum, you can click on the ‘ + New Topic’ option.
    • You will be taken into a post window.
    • Here, you need to create title as brief as possible
    • You also have to choose the category related to what topic you want to share with other members.
    • You can then start typing about what you want to share with people.
    • Click the ‘Create Topic’ button to make your post.

That’s it! Creating a post on DevForum is pretty easy, isn’t it. To note, your post will pass through approval first before it shows up to others. Of course, you need to wait until your post gets accepted. If your post has been accepted already, your post will be automatically visible for other members.

Ultimate Guide for Making a Post in DevForum

If you want to create a post in DevForum, you may need to meet some rules that will lead you to make a great post. If you already understand the rules, we think that you will successfully deliver a helpful topic for other members.

    1. Knowing each category

To create a topic on DevForum, at least you need to know each category available. By knowing each category, you will create your topic appropriately by topic. Here’s a list of categories that you can find on DevForum:

Public Updates and Announcements

This category can be used when staff members put announcements, release notes, updates and others. Sure, if you are not Roblox Staff, you cannot create the topics with this category.


This category can only be used by international members to discuss development in their native languages on the DevForum. In this category, there are subcategories for some specific languages.

Development Discussion

This category can be used to discuss all topics which are associated with development and creation on DevForum. You can also ask a question which can be discussed. Here are for examples:

    • Am I asking someone to solve a problem?
    • Am I asking others to share their own opinions or ideas?

Learning Resources

This category is used for creating tutorials or resources for the Developer Community.

Development Support

This category is a right place in which you are able to ask help on any development problems that you face.

Public Collaboration

This category is used to post development portfolios and also recruitment posts. In other words, this is a marketplace for developers to show themselves, post opportunities or also find work for development work for other members to see.

Platform Feedback

Only developers can use this category to post bug reports and also feature requests for Roblox. Keep in mind to not post feedback about DevForum here.

Inception Forum

The category can be used to discuss the DevForum itself including feedback, bugs, suggestions and also issues.

Bulletin Board

This category can be used to share anything related to Roblox with non-forum communities on the Roblox platform. In fact, most members use the Bulletin Board for posting their group rules, game updates, game handbook and other things.

    1. Understand to use mechanics parts

To create your post more professionally, you need to understand the use of the mechanics. In this case, it tells about your post title and also description. Make sure to notice for two points here:

Good title may contain:

    • The capital word is used for main words
    • Explain the issues or question in detail
    • Thoroughly associated to the topic

Aside from that, you also need to describe your topic as detailed as possible. If your post is explained clearly, it will make people really understand what your topic talks about. If you choose the development support category, make sure to separate subheadings with those different titles:

    • What do you want to achieve?
    • What is the issue?
    • What solutions have you tried so far?
    1. Use of correct Grammar

You may already understand that grammar is an essential part of creating a post readable, understandable and accurate. Make sure to understand how to use good grammar in your sentences when creating a new post on DevForum.

    1. Add some key features

When creating a post on DevForum, you can also take advantage of key features to make your post more professional. In this case, you will style your topic with HTML, Polls and other useful techniques.

You need to know all HTML elements are created using an opening tag. To use the HTML in creating posts, you need to type less than sign ‘<’, your element, last greater thing than sign ‘>’, here’s for example <h1>.

After that, you can add what you want to put in the tag. You can also use this element to create titles or subtitles. Now, it’s the final step where you can make an ending tag. Here, you can use the exact format from step one accept you place a backslash before the element. Here’s for example: < /h1> and the final example: < h1>Hello World!< /h1>.

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