How to Make a Clan in Wild Savannah Roblox

In Wild Savannah, you’re allowed to create clans/ packs/ herds through a complex mechanic called Grouping System. If you create an animal clan in the game, you will be able to attack or kill the other animals. In addition to creating a clan, you can also join a clan that was created by other players.

If you are looking for information about the way to create or join a clan in Wild Savannah, you definitely can get the information in our post, as we’ll show you everything about the Grouping System in Wild Savannah. Let’s see our post below!

How to Make a Clan in Wild Savannah Roblox

Can You Create a Clan in Wild Savannah?

The answer is totally Yes! You can really make a clan/ group for the same species. The clan/ group here aims to ease the players to attack or kill other animals together.

As we know, when you play as a cheetah, it may be hard to kill an African Lion by yourself. However, when you join a group, you definitely have friends in the same group as a teamwork to kill the bigger or stronger animal together.

Talking about the way to create a group in Wild Savannah, we’re sorry that we haven’t found the information to create a clan in detail. We have looked for some sources such as blogs, forums and even YouTube. Unfortunately, there’s none who describe the guide to create a clan in Wild Savannah clearly.

Instead, you can try to watch some YouTube videos that show how people join a clan in Wild Savannah and how your friends in a group work together to attack and kill other animals. Here they are:

    • A video titled ‘Joining a clan of hyenas in Wild Savannah Testing A – Roblox’ uploaded by Mirounga The Southern Elephant Seal that you can watch here.
    • A video titled ‘ROBLOX WILD SAVANNAH HERD!! (RANDOM GAME SLOT TESTING A) ZEBRA, Elephant, Wild Dog, Cheetah, Hyena’ uploaded by Lyronyx that you can watch here.
    • A video titled ‘ROBLOX ZEBRA (RANDOM GAME SLOT) (Wild Savannah Animals Lets Play Gaming Video)’ that you can watch here.
    • A video titled ‘I’m A Baboon! Update Random Game Slot / Wild Savannah Roblox (Survival Realism Animals Lets Play)’ uploaded by Barry On Blox that you can watch here.

If you really want to create a clan in Wild Savannah, you can try to explore any gaming forums. Hopefully, you can find the guide to create a clan in Wild Savannah. Then, you will be able to create a clan and invite other players to join your clan.

How Does the Grouping System Work?

The grouping system in Wild Savannah allows the players to create a clan/ group. Moreover, the animal species that live together in real life can create groups in the game. After creating a clan/ group, the creator of the group can’t invite or kick other players of the same species.

Even though the basic requirement such as food will likely make it harder for a huge group of carnivores to survive, there will not be any limits to the number of players in a single group.

Talking about the structure of a group, it will actually be based on the animal’s real-life behaviour. In short, male lions can create a clan/ group called a coalition, while females cannot create a clan/ group or join them.

Each member in a clan will have a rank, different species that have different ranks in their groups including leader, dominant male, matriarch, alpha, member and many more. Your rank in the clan will be determined by a variety of factors like how strong you are in the group or how long you have been in the group, etc.

It is known that most animal groups will have a leader either may be the person who created the group or may not be the person who created the group. Furthermore, if the leader successfully becomes the leader themselves, they can also be challenged by other players.

Well, the players in the same group will own some perks too where they can keep their own territory. Aside from that, they can also help each other raise young, allow easier cooperative hunting, decrease less damage to each other (although they can still have some quarrels). Sure, all of course will depend on what species they are.

If you join a clan/ group, you can see the information of the group like the members of the group, the name of the group, what ranks everyone and who the leader is.

Is Wild Savannah a Popular Game in Roblox?

We can say ‘Yes’ that Wild Savannah is one of the popular fighting games in Roblox. It means that  this game is not very popular among all Roblox game genres.  Having more than 429K favourites with 54.2 million visits, it’s such a proof that Wild Savannah is one of the most played games in Roblox.

On average, Wild Savannah has about 80 active users at one time. Certainly, it can be a parameter that this game is a bit popular among Roblox players who really love fighting genre. This game actually offers challenges where you’re allowed to play a role as an animal. Well, you will be able to choose your favorite animal, right?

Created by LudicrousCunningFox in January 2017, Wild Savannah has attracted a lot of players. In addition to playing as an animal to survive in the wild, you can also attack and against the stronger animal with your clan. So, it will make it easier for you to defeat and kill the other animals. After killing them, you can make them as your food source.

To play Wild Savannah, you must have your own skills and strategies to survive or to kill other animals. Aside from that, you can also escape from any threats in which you can be killed anytime. So, you need to understand your gameplay every time you choose an animal in Wild Savannah.

Here are some popular animals you can choose in Roblox Wild Animal:

    • African lion
    • Marabou Stork
    • Martial Eagle
    • Zebra
    • Cheetah
    • Spotted Hyena
    • Impala
    • African Bush Elephant
    • Blue Gnu
    • Leopard
    • Nile Crocodile
    • Cape Buffalo