The Strongest Animal in Roblox Wild Savannah

Talking about the strongest animal in Roblox Wild Savannah, we won’t get the exact answer. Why? However, the strongest animal in this game will depend on how well you can survive in the wild from the threat of other animals. Aside from that, it’s also influenced by how strong you can attack or against other animals.

If you want to know what is the strongest animal in Wild Savannah, you may need to try to play some animals that are categorized into strong animals. Thankfully, this post will show you a comparison between strong animals in Wild Savannah to know which is the strongest one. Let’s see our post below!

What Is the Strongest Animal in Roblox Wild Savannah?

In this post, we’ll show you a comparison between African Lion and Nile Crocodile. Why we show those animals is because the African Lion and Nile Crocodile are the two animals that are known to each have different strengths. Here’s the detailed explanation!

African Lion

Nile Crocodile
  • Being an African Lion, you can kill a hyena, cheetah and also impala instantly.
  • If you’re a male lion, you will have a mate and make a pride and be known as a king.
  • If you’re smart, you can also kill two buffalos (the rival enemy of the lion) at one time.
  • Being a Nile Crocodile, you can drown other larger animals into the river.
  • Crocodile’s bite force is known as the strongest of any animal in the game, so it will easily attack and kill other animals.
  • With large heads and powerful jaws, you can kill other animals easily

From the comparison above, we cannot say that either the African Lion or Nile Crocodile is the strongest animal in Wild Savannah, as each has each other’s strength.

However, African Lions can kill other strong animals such as hyena, impala and cheetah. Of course, it’s possible that Lion can also kill a crocodile, although it’s a bit difficult because the crocodile is in the water and is almost invisible.

While Nile Crocodiles have an ability to drown other animals into water, it is surely possible a Nile Crocodile can also bite African Lion, drown it into the water and kill them easily in the water. That’s possible, isn’t it?

The point is, the strongest animal in Wild Savannah can be determined depending on how good you attack other animals and kill them a lot. So far, we can just say that African Lion and Nile Crocodile are the strongest animals in Wild Savannah.

Let’s see our explanation for each animal below!

    1. African Lion

The Strongest Animal in Roblox Wild Savannah

African Lion is one of playable mammal animals in Wild Savannah that is categorized into an apex predator. Here’s additional information about African Lion:

    • Scientific name: Panthera leo melanochaita
    • Average weight: Male: 308 to 440 lb (140-200 kg) and Female: 220.4 to 352.7 lb (100-160 kg)
    • Diet: Carnivore
    • Preferred habitat: Grasslands and light woodlands

It is known that the African Lion is the largest terrestrial predator in Wild Savannah. The male lions are larger than females that sport a mane with a variety of color. African Lions are one of the only animals in-game with variations in appearance and in calls.

African Lions will spawn with a randomly selected call, distinguished in roughness and pitch. Moreover, African Lions are social animals that probably live in groups that are known as process, consisting of multiple lionesses and one or some adult males. For more information, the dominant male in a pride needs to patrol their territory and protect it against a rival.

African lions are ambush predators with poor stamina. Therefore, they rely on getting close to a target. They can also camouflage by crouching in grass that make them appear inconspicuous and translucent to herbivores.

Just in real life, Lions will be able to catch a lot of animals. The difficulty it has in escaping from a pounce actually depends on its size. Their paw swipe attack is used to deal damage to other predators or other lions. However, it does not deal damage to herbivores. Well, beige is the lion’s team colour.

In the game, the multiple lions will be able to pounce onto buffaloes and giraffes that makes it harder for them to escape and drains their stamina faster. A lion will grab onto its neck to suffocate and kill it after the buffalo or giraffe has collapsed. Currently, African Lions are the only animals that can kill giraffes easily.

Here’s the controls for African Lion:

    • 1: Roar (You can cancel to roar by pressing SHIFT or attacking)
    • 3: Growl
    • CTRL: Crouch (X and Z to toggle crouching speed, R while crouching to lay flat)
    • LMB: Paw swipe attack
    • RMB: Pounce
    • SPACE: Quick turn while turning
    • Q: Dodge backwards (You can turn camera left or right to turn in that direction)
    1. Nile Crocodile

Nile Crocodile

The Nile Crocodile is one of playable reptile animals that is categorized into apex predator in Wild Savannah. Here is the additional information about Nile Crocodile:

    • Scientific name: Crocodylus niloticus
    • Average weight Male: 485 to 1653 lbs (220-750 kg) and Female: 88 to 551 lbs (40-250 kg)
    • Diet: Carnivore, piscivore
    • Preferred habitat: Rivers and watering holes

It is known that Nile Crocodiles are the largest carnivore and also largest reptile in Wild Savannah. Talking about its appearance, Nile Crocodiles are greenish-gray with a creamy, scally underbelly that are covered in darker splotches.

They also have small eyes and nostrils. Most of their bodies are covered by Armoured scales, osteoderms. With the large heads and powerful jaws, Nile Crocodile’s bite is the strongest of any animal in Wild Savannah. They are well suited to ambushing prey at water sources, with the highest current oxygen level and swim speed in the game.

Okay, that’s the information about the African Lion and Nile Crocodile. If you really want to prove which is the strongest between them, you can try to play the game and choose them as your role and see if the African Lion or Nile Crocodile wins the battle.

In addition to playing as African Lion and Nile Crocodile, you can also play as a variety of different animals where each has its own different gameplay mechanics.