How to Log Out of Roblox on All Devices

After you are done playing games on Roblox, you might want to log out of the platform to prevent the other people from accessing your account. Those who have played games on this platform for a long time must think it is easy to log out of the platform.

On the contrary, the ones who are new might find a hard time doing it. Fortunately, you come to the right page. After reading the content on this page, you will be able to log out of Roblox on any device.

How to Log Out of Roblox on All Devices

There are several ways to log out of Roblox. Everything depends on the device that you are currently using. If you are using a browser on PC, you can follow this guide:

    1. Firstly, you will have to go to Roblox.
    2. In the Roblox navigation bar, find the Log Out tab.
    3. Once you have found it, click on that button and just like that you will be able to log out from the Roblox device.

For everyone with Android devices, here is every step to follow:

    1. First of all, tap More on the Navigation bar. This one is located at the bottom.
    2. Then, tap the right arrow button that is found in the upper right of the screen.
    3. In the end, you can tap Log Out in the pop up window.

If you are using iOS, the process of logging out of Roblox that you will need to follow is a bit different compared to the one above. Here are the details of the process:

    1. The first step that you have to do to log out of Roblox on iOS is actually the same as the one used on Android, which is tapping More on the Navigation bar that is found at the bottom.
    2. After tapping More, the second thing to be tapped is Settings.
    3. The next thing that should be done is to tap the Log Out button.
    4. Lastly, tap Log Out in the pop up window.

In case you are having a hard time while logging out of Roblox in a browser, there are some possible causes. In order to fix this kind of issue, you are suggested to try the methods to fix the general issues.

Method 1: Clear the temporary internet files and cookies

The steps to clear the temporary files and cookies are different depending on the browser that you are currently using.

    • Mozilla Firefox (temporary internet files) from tap here.
    • Mozilla Firefox (cookies) from tap here.
    • Google Chrome (temporary internet files and cookies) from tap here.
    • Microsoft Edge (temporary internet files and cookies) from tap here.
    • Safari (cookies) from tap here.

If you cannot find the browser that you are currently using on the list above or if you are using an older version of a browser, please look for the information about the method to delete the cache or browser data or temporary internet files for the certain browser or certain browser version.

Actually, it is possible for you to delete the temporary internet files manually. It can be done by going directly to the Temporary Internet Files folder on the hard drive. The location of the folder might be different depending on the version of the Windows and whether or not you are using profiles so please do not worry if it is different.

After deleting the cache, it is time for you to restart your computer and see if the issue still persists.

Method 2: Disable the add ons of the web browser

In most cases, the third party add ons are the culprits of the web related issues. If you have no idea what the party add ons are, they are more known as extensions or plugins. If it is the case, you can try to disable all of your add ons. If the issue no longer exists, try re-enabling them at once until the issue begins to occur again. When the issue starts showing up, it should be easy to find the one that is incompatible with Roblox. Here are the links that can help you with the PC web browsers:

    • Microsoft Edge from tap here.
    • Firefox from Mozilla.comtap here.
    • Chrome from tap here.

If you are currently using an older version of one of the browsers listed above or if you are currently using a different browser, you can find the information about how to disable the extensions or plugins or add ons for the certain browser or version.

If no one of these steps above works, then you can try these following instructions:

    1. For those who are facing any difficulties in captcha verification or if the captcha box does not appear, you will have to add the following domains to the allow list: and
    2. If the issue still persists, you are encouraged to check to see if the clock of the computer is currently accurate. It might not make any sense but in fact the inaccuracy of the computer’s clock can cause various issues. You can click on these links with you need assistance with this process:
      • Windows (from tap here.
      • Mac (from tap here.
    1. Another option to try if the ones above are not working is to reset your password.

If after trying everything the issue is still there, you can try to reach out to the representative of Roblox. Since there is no phone number to call, you can contact them by filling out the Contact Us form that is able to be found on the official website of Roblox. The information that you have to provide include username, first name, email address, the type of device, the type of help category, and the description of the issue. Actually, the username and the first name are optional. Make sure to fill out the required ones as there is no way to move on to the next step if you skip even one. Lastly, press Submit.

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