How to Get Rubies in Islands Roblox

There are a number of items that you can find in the game of Islands Roblox. Those items can be used for crafting ingredients. The Islands Roblox items are the things which are confined to a player’s chests, inventory or also item transformers. They surely cannot be put on player islands.

Some items can be obtained from defeating any bosses that are also called as a drop item. Generally, these items are included as rare items. So, what is the rare item that you can obtain after defeating a boss? Let’s see our post below!

How to Get Rubies in Islands Roblox

Ruby, A Rare Item in Islands Roblox, How to Get?

Ruby is a rare item which is dropped by Bhaa with a drop chance of 20%. In other words, you can obtain Rubies after you successfully defeat the Bhaa. So, if you want to get the Rubies item, all things to do is to defeat the Bhaa, after it drops the item.

How to Use Ruby?

Just like other items in Islands Roblox, the Ruby can also be used for crafting ingredients. So, after you obtain the Rubies, you can use them as an ingredient to craft another item. There are at least two items that need the Ruby for crafting. Here are they:

    1. For Crafting Ruby Blok

For Crafting Ruby Blok
First item that will need Ruby is Ruby Block. This is a decorative, solid block that cannot be turned back into rubies, just like the diamond block and gold block. To craft the Ruby Block, you will need:

    • 4 Ruby
    • Workbench Tier 2+

Here’s for Max Hits Needed information:


    • Axe: 75
    • Pickaxe: 75


    • Axe: 40
    • Pickaxe: 40


    • Axe: 25
    • Pickaxe: 25

Glided Steel

    • Axe: 18
    • Pickaxe: 18


    • Axe: 13
    • Pickaxe: 13
    1. For Crafting Ruby Staff

For Crafting Ruby Staff
Aside from crafting the Ruby Block, the Ruby can also be used for crafting Ruby Staff. This is a ranged magic weapon that was added in the April 24, 2021 update. To craft the Ruby Staff, you will need:

    • 10 Ruby
    • 2 Gilded Steel Rod
    • Anvil

The Ruby Staff deals damage of 50 HP that will also share the same damage stats as the tidal spellbook. The only difference is that the Ruby Staff has a special ability to heal the players with the lowest health by 20 for each hit. Unlike the tidal spellbook,  the Ruby Staff doesn’t do area damage.

Its healing effect is accompanied by a unique sound effect that will also make the players flash green for less than a second. It’s not unlike the red effect that is shown when taking damage, however with a green tint rather than a red one. In this case, not all Roblox players can be healed at the same time, but only the player with lowest HP.

Well, those are the items that you can craft by using the Ruby, as one of the ingredients.

Who Is Bhaa?

Ruby, A Rare Item in Islands Roblox, How to Get

After you know in order to get the Ruby, you should defeat Bhaa, you may then be wondering who the Bhaa is. According to Roblox Wiki Fandom, Bhaa is a boss that can be found on Desert Island. He is also known as the only source for rubies.

Bhaa has 10,000 health and a 2-hour (120 minutes) summon cooldown. You can summon him on the island across the bridge from the skorps. He is a moderately-fast boss who has a special ability in ranged attacks.

Bhaa will despawn if there are no players in the battle area and he will spawn once every 2 hours, just like other bosses. So, you need to wait another 2 hour before you are able to defeat him.

Even though he is the boss that should be defeated, it will grant you 1251 (4998 with the 4x daily bonus) Light Melee, Heavy Melee, Magic or Archery XP that depends on the weapon that you used to defeat him. Aside from that, he also gives you 1251 (4998 with the 4x daily bonus) Combat XP.

Bhaa’s Attack Strength

Bhaa has a number of attacks that have a certain amount of damage. Sure, you have to know his attacks to make it easier for you to avoid his attacks. Here are Bhaa’s attacks:

    • Staff Strike: Before swiping at the player with his staff strike, and dealing damage to the players, Bhaa will wind up for half a second.
    • Sandstone Hurl: Before thrusting his staff onto the ground, he will bring the staff over his head and wait two seconds. The ground to hurl boulders at the player after he thrust his staff onto the ground. If the boulders hit the players, it will deal 65 damage each. It will also give the stun effect that makes the player slower and unable to jump.
    • Skorp Summon: Bhaa commonly summons a gold skorp and iron skorp first before summoning a ruby skorp. He will summon the amount of skorps, depending on how many players are in his area.
    • Sandstone Spike: Bhaa is going to hit the ground with his staff. However, it will cause the ground to shake underneath the location where the players are during that time and afterwards, it will shoot out. If hit, it will deal 100 damage that also gives the stun effect. However, he will always use it if his sandstone hurl attack from earlier successfully hits the player or also if the player is standing still.

What things does Bhaa drop? Aside from Ruby, Bhaa also drop other items including:

    • 15 Gold with a drop chance of 100%
    • Ruby with a drop chance of 20%
    • Desert Portal Shard with a drop chance of 0.25%
    • Mysterious Fragment with a drop chance of 4%
    • Red Jukebox Disk with a drop chance of 0.35%
    • Yellow Jukebox Disk with a drop chance of 0.35%
    • Blue Jukebox Disk with a drop chance of 0.35%
    • Green Jukebox Disk with a drop chance of 0.01%
    • Purple Jukebox Disk with a drop chance of 0.01%
    • Orange Jukebox Disk with a drop chance of 0.01%

For more information, Bhaa will not have enough time to perform his attack if there are too many players fighting him.