How to Increase Gardening Level in Bloxburg Fast

In Bloxburg, there is Gardening skill. This is one of the skills that players can have in the game. If you have this skill, you may wonder how you are able to increase gardening level fast in Bloxburg. You are able to read the explanation about increasing gardening levels in Bloxburg fast below.

Increasing Gardening Level in Bloxburg Fast

I read some online sources and here is what I got from those sources about increasing Gardening level in Bloxburg fast.

According to the Pro Game Guides site, here are the ways to increase Gardening level in Bloxburg fast.

    • Buying Cheap Plants and Repetition
      If you buy a cheap planter and cheap plants, it can level up your gardening skill. The thing that you can do is to buy a really cheap planter such as the Dirt Pile where it gets you the most size, namely 5×5 for your money which is $30. After that, you have to buy a cheap plant such as the Short Grass which is cheap and it has a growth time of less than seven minutes. These can be planted, adding more than one Dirt Pile if you want, even though you do not have to. Don’t forget to water the plant and wait for the plant to fully grow. If the plant is ready, then you are able to cut it. This process can be repeated many times. Every time you fully plant the grass, you will level up a bit.
    • Expensive Plants and Land
      Do you have money to invest and want to increase the value of your home while gardening? If so, you are able to use this method. To use this method, you have to make sure that you have a large area to plant on. If you have done it, then you need to add a lot of Dirt Piles or whatever planter that you want. After that, you need to add expensive plants such as the Lemon Tree or Noobish Hedge Sculpture to the planting areas and then water them. If you choose this method to level up your gardening skill, make sure that you have a lot of money because it costs you quite a bit of money. If you plant a lot of plants, it gives you the ability to have a lot of chances to plant and water at once. The plants which are expensive will also increase the value of your lot.
    • Using Blockbux and Selling Plants
      You may not want to wait for plants to fully grow for a long time. If so, you are able to use your Blockbux to speed along the process of the growth. It is important for you to note that it will be very expensive so that you need to have some money at the beginning. If the plants have been grown, then you will sell them. By selling them, it does not only level up your skill, but also gives you money. However, note that you should not have too many plants at once if you choose this option. It is because the selling price of the plant will decrease with the amount of plants that you have on your lot.

In the Welcome to Bloxburg Wiki forum, there was a user who also asked about the fastest way to level gardening. A user named Cinnna explained that the fastest way that Cinnna had done it was to get a large area of land where Cinnna had about 8×11 and Cinnna put many large dirt piles in every square so that Cinnna could have a variety of plant sizes. Cinnna planted the most expensive plant Cinnna could and waited. While levelling the gardening skill, Cinnna did athletics and intelligence at the same time by running on a treadmill and reading a book. Cinnna wrote that it is a huge investment if you do not have a lot of money because every plant that you add onto your house value and this method brought the Cinnna’s house worth up by about 100k. The Noobish Hedge Sculpture is the most expensive plant where it is $600 per plant.

How to Increase Gardening Level in Bloxburg Fast

Some Videos About Levelling UP Gardening Fast in Bloxburg

If you access YouTube, you will find some videos about how to level up gardening skills fast in Bloxburg. Here are some videos on YouTube about leveling up gardening skills fast in Bloxburg.

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About Gardening in Bloxburg

Gardening is one of the skills that a player can have in the Welcome to Bloxburg game on Roblox. If you have gardening skill, you are able to take care of your gardens. It means that you are able to water, sell, fertilize and store various items in your gardens.

When a player plants the item in the pot, the player will water the plant automatically. When it starts to wither, they will be asked to water the plant again. After they plant the item, it needs some time to grow. If players spend a various amount of Blockbux, it can speed up the process. The cost for speeding up the process varies depending on the state of the plant.

There are a lot of plants in Bloxburg for gardening such as Short Grass, Compact Bush, Mushrooms, Wild Flowers, Small Cactus, Daisies, Blossom Cactus, Tulips, Apple Tree, Lemon Tree, Orange Tree and many more.