How to Fix Bloxburg Donation Limit

In the popular Roblox game called Welcome to Bloxburg or just Bloxburg in short, there is a donation system. This kind of system is the one that makes it possible for the players to help the other ones. Unfortunately, there is a limit on donation, meaning the players cannot donate as much money as they want.

There are a couple of factors that affect the donation limit in Bloxburg. The first one is the status of the player and the second one is the time. Aside from these two, there are also some other factors that can affect the donation limit. Then, how do you fix the donation limit in Bloxburg? The answer to the question may vary, as follows:

How to Fix Bloxburg Donation Limit

    • Player status

Talking about the status of the player, it is divided into two. The first one is the regular players and the second one is the Premium players. Each of them has its own privileges. For the regular players, the donation that they can make starts from $1. As for the maximum amount, it is $10,000. If they want to fix the donation limit, they are encouraged to upgrade into a Premium one. What about the Premium players? As for those with Premium accounts, the donation can also be started at $1 and up to $50,000.

    • Time limit

After every donation transaction in Bloxburg, the users have to wait for a maximum 24 hours to be able to make another donation. Actually, everything depends on the donation. If one gets a donation which was made from exploiting, they can get an appealable ban. They will be able to get unbanned when the ban is successfully appealed. However, the money will be removed from their account. In case the balance in their account shows less than the amount of exploited money that they received, the balance will turn negative after getting unbanned.

If the players want to make more donations, they are able to bypass the limit and time cap of the donation system. To be able to make another donation by bypassing the limit, they are suggested to donate the maximum every day. They will have to do that until reaching the donation amount that they want to donate. For instance, their friend has $200,000 in their account and they wanted to donate everything to them. If the account of that friend is a Premium account, they have to donate $50,000 a day. If it is a regular one, just donate $10,000. Clearly, they will have to wait for the cool down before they are allowed to donate the maximum amount again. It should be noted that the reason why the rule of the time cap and the donation limit is applied is to avoid scams and money exploitation.

While getting donations is always exciting as you do not have to work your body off to get something, it is still not good compared to earning money by yourself. Instead of waiting for someone to donate to you, it is better for you to work hard and earn money with your sweat. The money that you get by yourself is always sweeter compared to the one given by the other.

Similar to real life, it is true that earning money in Bloxburg takes time and hard work. It may be harder if you refuse to spend real money on the game as either you do not have money in real life or you feel like it is worthless to spend money on the game. However, if you have a will you will succeed. Talking about earning money, there are some tips that you can keep in mind, as follows:

    1. Select the right job

There are two categories of the jobs in Bloxburg. The first one is active and the second one is passive. By the active ones, you are required to move your character from a place to another. These kinds of jobs in this game include delivery, woodcutting, and so on. Unlike the active jobs, passive jobs do not require you to move your avatars more. Some of the jobs that are counted as passive jobs include hairdressing, burger cashier, and a seller job.

Both active jobs and passive jobs have their own pros and cons. The active jobs are better than the passive ones when it comes to payment. As for the passive jobs, which are also known as stagnant jobs, they win against the active ones when it comes to efficiency. For anyone who tends to get bored when does not have anything to do, then playing active roles is recommended.

    1. Keep the moods high

The better the mood the better you do your job. It means you will have to make your mood good if you want to do your job properly and earn money. Try your best to keep the moods high, especially the hunger mood, the one that can affect the overall moods. One of the ways that you can try to increase your moods is to keep your avatar refreshed and hygienic. Do not hesitate to try allowing your avatar to do a few things such as drinking smoothies, taking a bath, eating, and cooking. In addition, it is also possible for you to purchase a mood booster that is available at the Bloxburg store.

    1. Set a goal

Having a certain goal in mind is better so that you can focus on reaching that goal. If you have more than one goal, you can reward yourself every time you manage to successfully achieve it.

    1. Get an Excellent Employee game pass

If you are pretty wealthy by having a hundred Robux or more, you are suggested to consider getting an Excellent Employee game pass. By purchasing this game pass, you will be able to increase your work capacity. Not only that, you will also be able to increase your paycheck. The more you get a promotion and money while you are working, the game pass rewards will be increased.

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