How to Get Roblox Spider Man Homecoming Mask

Just like most video games, some games in the Roblox platform also always provide the event that will grant you some rewards. The event is commonly based on what is currently trending in real life. One of the games that offers an inviting in-game event is Heroes of Robloxia.

In Heroes of Robloxia, there’s an event that comes from one of the biggest Marvel series called Spider-Man’s: Homecoming. In this event, you’re allowed to complete a mission in search of Spider-Man’s Mask. If you do not know how to start the mission, you shouldn’t worry, as this post will show you the guide to find the Spider-Man Homecoming Mask. Here you go!

How to Get Roblox Spider Man Homecoming Mask

Getting the Spider-Man Homecoming Mask in Heroes of Robloxia, Here’s How!

Initially, the Spider-Man Homecoming Mask can be obtained by completing the Spider-Man Homecoming event. As of now, you can get the Spider-Man Homecoming Mask by making a purchase in the avatar shop, as Roblox has released this mask to the shop on September 26, 2017.

Getting the Spider-Man Homecoming Mask in Heroes of Roblox

Since released to Avatar Shop, the Spider-Man Homecoming Mask has been favoured by more than 22,847 times. If you really want to get the Spider-Man Homecoming Mask, you can just visit Roblox Avatar Shop here.

Unfortunately, the Spider-Man Homecoming Event is no longer available. That means you cannot get the Spider-Man Homecoming Mask as a prize by completing the mission. For more information, The Spider-Man Homecoming event is the 5th mission that you can complete in the game of Heroes of Robloxia until October 2017.

Review of Completing the Spider-Man Homecoming Event

If you’re wondering about the Spider-Man Homecoming Event, instead of giving you the guide to complete the Spider-Man Homecoming Event, we’ll give you the review of this event that we got from some Roblox YouTubers.

We obtained the guide in completing the Spider-Man Homecoming Event on YouTube Channel named TwiistedPandora. This channel really gave you the guide to complete the Spider-Man Homecoming event. You can watch the guide here.

According to TwiistedPandora channel, to complete the Spider-Man Homecoming event, you just simply go to the game of Heroes of Robloxia that you can access here. Then, you can click the ‘Play’ button to start playing the game.

Once Heroes of Robloxia is open, you need to choose your Power. There are at least  four powers you can choose including Telekinesis (Kinetic), Speed (Overdrive), Strength (Captain  Roblox) and Electricity (Tesla). Based on the channel, he chose the Strength Power used by Captain Roblox.

After selecting the power, you will face some obstacles. You will also find the little spider web around. To start completing the mission, you should enter the theatre available in the game. Inside the theatre, you will see a big screen that allows you to choose the mission. Here, you need to choose the fifth mission called Vengeance of the Vulture.

Once you choose the mission, you need to choose some options including Room, Quick Join and Play Solo. This channel chose the ‘Quick Join’ option to start completing the mission. A few minutes, Mission 5 – Vengeance of the Vulture will open.

In the following screen, you need to choose your outfit. There are a bunch of outfits you choose including Classic Spiderman, Homemade Spiderman, University Spiderman and Iron Spiderman.

Next to the Outfit selection section, you will find the Stats that explain:

    • Attack: Use a combination of punches and kicks!
    • Interaction: Swing between houses using webs!
    • Ultimate: Cover opponents within close vicinity on the web and make them unable to move!

The TwiistedPandora channel chose the Iron Spiderman as his outfit. After choosing the outfit, you can go on completing the mission.

As a Spiderman, you will need to beat a lot of bad guys on the streets. There are some controls you can take, here they are:

    • To attack your opponents, you just need to click your opponents.
    • To trap nearby enemies on the web by pressing ‘R’ key.
    • To climb walls, you just simply press ‘F’ key.
    • To web sling with your left hand, you can hold the ‘Q’ key.
    • To web sling with your right, you can hold the ‘E’ key.

After you defeat all the bad guys, you will have to investigate the bridge as there was something wrong there. So, you will need to climb the bridge to find out what is happening there. Until you successfully reach the bridge, you may need to encounter the Vulture that causes the ruins on the bridge.

To get up and attack Vulture, you can use speed. If you want to damage Vulture, you need to shock the blue barrels here. To knock one onto Vulture, you can punch the crates. You can also throw the green barrels at Vulture by using telekinesis. Last, you can also use your webs to take out Vulture’s engines while he hovers here.

If you use all the functions that we’ve mentioned above, you will successfully defeat the Vulture and the city is now safe again thanks to you. Of course, you are a hero. After you have completed the mission, you will now get the Spider-Man Homecoming Mask, as your prize of completing the Mission 5 – Vengeance of the Vulture. Congratulations, Dude!

About Spider-Man Homecoming Event

According to Roblox Wiki, Spider-Man Homecoming event is a sponsored event which started on September 26, 2017 until October, 2018. Well, the event sponsors one of the biggest Marvel movie series called Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This event began when Spider-Man arrived at Roblox to help defeat the nefarious Vulture. As a Spiderman, you need to help Spidey to prevent the Vulture from stealing the alien Chitauri Weapon tech and defeating him once and for all.

If you successfully complete this mission, you will get a special prize for your efforts. There are two rewards you will get after completing this mission, including:

    1. Spider-Man’s Mask: This item can be obtained by completing the Mission 5 – Vengeance of the Vulture in Heroes of Robloxia.
    2. Vulture’s Mask: This item can be obtained as Promotional Code where you need to redeem the code first. The code for Vulture’s Mask is “SPIDERMANONROBLOX.”

There are also two catalogue items available, including:

    • Spider-Drone
    • Spider-Man Hat

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