How To Delete Chipotle Account

Among all of the reasons why many users want to delete their Chipotle Account is due to email spamming sent by the company. Aside from that, newsletters subscription will always allow you to receive any kinds of news related to Chipotle on your inbox. For some people, it’s such a very annoying thing at all.

Whatever the reason you have to delete your Chipotle account, you can do it easily. However, many users do not know yet the way to remove their Chipotle account. If you’re also one of those who do not yet know how to delete your Chipotle account, you can see the guide in our post below!

Deleting Your Chipotle Account, Here’s How!

How To Delete Chipotle Account

It’s pretty straightforward to delete your Chipotle account, as you can do it through three methods. Here are they:

Method 1: By sending email

    • To delete your Chipotle account by sending email, you need to open your email account that you have registered with the Chipotle application or website.
    • You can then compose an email and enter the email address ‘’.
    • Make sure to type ‘Request to Delete My Account’ on Subject.
    • You can now compose an email and make a request to remove your Chipotle account from their databases. If any, you can also request to wipe all your information with them.

Method 2: Through Website

In addition to deleting your Chipotle account by sending an email, you can also delete your Chipotle account through the website. Here’s how to delete a Chipotle account through a website!

    • First, you will need to contact them using their official number on the website or you can visit the data request page to delete your data here.
    • You can then decide to send them a request to remove your data or any other personal information that they have of you.
    • After Chipotle receives the request and has gone through it, Chipotle will then remove your account from their records unless there is an exception prohibiting them from doing so.

It’s important to note, if Chipotle is unable to verify your Account ID from their system, it is highly possible that Chipotle rejects your request. Chipotle will also deny your request if Chipotle retains your request on their system.

Method 3: By Calling

You can also call Chipotle at their help center number and request them to remove your account easily. Here’s how to delete Chipotle by calling!

    • First, you can pick up your phone and call at 833-506-0473.
    • During the call, you can speak with the agent and request them to remove your account.
    • Make sure to give details about your account.
    • Then, you can confirm your all given data.
    • After that, you can confirm the deletion process by verbally or email.
    • You also need to confirm all your payments or about pending payments
    • It may take a few minutes for them to delete your data.

Method 4: Through Chipotle App

If you have downloaded the Chipotle app for your devices like Apple and Android. Then, you can remove your account through the app. From the app, you can go to ‘Contact us page’ and contact them and request them to remove your account.

Okay, those are some ways that you can take to delete your Chipotle account.

What Should You Do Before Removing Your Chipotle Account?

As we’ve mentioned, deleting your Chipotle account is not a hard process, but you should do some things before going to delete your account. However, it will be necessary for you and your data. However, you cannot do that later when you do not do these things.

Here are some things you need to consider before deleting your Chipotle account:

1) Remove your data

Removing your data is the first step you should do before deleting your Chipotle account. To remove your data, there is not a direct method, instead of sending a request for deletion data. Here’s how to remove your data!

    • Click this link.
    • Once clicking this link, a form will appear in front of you.
    • You can then fill up all boxes of a form.
    • Enter your first name and your last name.
    • Enter your email address.
    • Enter your phone number.
    • Check all the boxes which are given.
    • Click on submit request.

2) Remove credit cards

Before deleting your Chipotle account, you may need to remove your credit cards first. Here’s how to remove your credit cards!

    • First, you can go to your account and then click on the ‘Profile’.
    • You can now go to account info and choose a payment method.
    • In the following page, you will see all the cards that you add at the time of creating your account.
    • Last, you can click on the ‘trash bin’ icon or ‘delete’ button for the deletion card.

Creating a Chipotle Account

Creating a Chipotle Account, Here’s How!

In addition to deleting your Chipotle account, you may also need the guide to create a Chipotle account. Of course, creating a Chipotle account is as simple as deleting a Chipotle account. Okay, let’s see how to create a Chipotle account below!

    • To create a Chipotle account, you should visit the registration page here.
    • Once you are at the registration page, you will need to provide your personal information including your first name, your last name, your email, your password, your mobile number, your country, your birthdate.
    • After all the fields are filled out, you can then click on the ‘Create an Account’ button to continue for registration.

Okay, that’s how to create a Chipotle account. Of course, you can use your email address and password anytime you sign into Chipotle.

It is known that Chipotle will collect the information you provide and they will gain certain personal information from you including:

    • Your personal information such as your name address, phone number, email address, date of birth and other identifiers
    • Your orders records and other transactions with us
    • Debit/credit/gift card number(s) and account information, including any associated expiration date(s) and billing address(es)
    • Information provided via surveys, focus groups, and/or other marketing research efforts
    • Employer and/or other company affiliations such as employer name, work address, titles, and other contact information
    • Visual or audio information, such as CCTV images
    • Precise location
    • Other information described in the Information Collected Automatically section
    • Any other information you provide to us, including user-generated content

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