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Online dating websites have been really popular, especially in this modern era when everything is done online. Talking about online dating websites, there are a number of the most popular ones. One of them is called Secret Benefits. What is Secret Benefits and why is it popular?

As stated before, Secret Benefits is one of the online dating websites. One of the things that make it popular is the fact that it is a mutually beneficial dating site that promotes unconventional but mutually beneficial relationships. This one is the place where men with a lot of fortune meet ambitious young women who love to live a luxurious lifestyle. Each month, millions of people access the service. That’s why it is known as one of the most popular online dating websites. This service is free for female users. However, it is not for the male ones. For the male users, they will have to buy a subscription if they want to access the account services.

How To Delete Secret Benefits Account

In order to facilitate access, Secret Benefits collects sensitive data and payment information, which is clearly not a good thing for the users as there is a risk of their private and personal information being leaked. To prevent such important information from getting leaked, it is better for the users like you to delete their Secret Benefits account if they no longer use it. Deleting the Secret Benefits account is recommended for the other reasons, such as:

    • Privacy protection: Apparently, your profile will be able to be seen by the other users even when it is not active. If you care about your privacy, you may not feel good about it and want to delete your Secret Benefits account.
    • Prevent identity theft and fraud: Everyone is allowed to use the other profile details. It means it is possible for the other users to use your profile details to do bad things, such as creating pseudo accounts and commit identity theft or fraud.
    • Protect your credit or debit card information: Online dating platforms such as Secret Benefits are known as an easy target for hackers since the card information is linked to the online platform. As it is not safe, you may want to pull yourself out of Secret Benefits by deleting your account.
    • Avoid spam emails: For the marketing purposes, companies, including the company that creates and develops Secret Benefits, are authorized to use email addresses on their database. Getting the emails that you do not think are important must be annoying, hence you want to delete your Secret Benefits account.

In order to delete Secret Benefits, there are a few steps to follow, such as:

    1. The first thing that you have to do is to open your favorite browser.
    2. Then, look for the official website of Secret Benefits from your browser or go to the official website of Secret Benefits.
    3. When you are on its homepage, find the Login button that is located at the top right of the page and then click it. It is next to the Free Signup button.
    4. After that, enter your email address and the password.
    5. Do not forget to press the green Login button to be able to login in.
    6. Once you are logged in to your Secret Benefits account, the next thing that you have to do is to go to the Account Settings. Just like the Login button, this one is also located on the homepage.
    7. Then, click on Membership and look for the Delete Account option.
    8. Afterward, enter your password to confirm account deletion.
    9. Lastly, click on Continue Cancellation.

When everything is done, you can just wait until you get an email from Secret Benefits that confirms your successful account deletion.

What should you do if you forget your password? In case you cannot recall the password, you are recommended to request a password reset on the log-in page. You will have to enter the email address that is linked to your Secret Benefits account. By doing so, the password recovery settings will be sent to your email. Just use the link that you find in the email to reset your password. After that, log in. Once you are logging in to your account, you can delete your account.

Aside from the method explained above, there is an alternative way to delete your Secret Benefits account, which is with the help of DoNotPay. Using DoNotPay is easier, simpler, and faster compared to the method above. On top of that, it is also reliable. Plus, it has the ability to delete any other account, whether it is a social media or financial institution account. Basically, it is really good at deleting any account as long as it has your personal information.

For anyone who is interested in deleting any old account but you have no idea where to start, here is step by step to follow:

    1. First of all, you should go to the Delete Old Accounts product on DoNotPay.
    2. Afterward, choose the kind of account that you want to delete. In this case, the account that you have to choose is your Secret Benefits account.
    3. It is needed for you to tell them more about your account. Just provide some information such as usernames and associated emails or phone numbers.
    4. Besides, you will also help them to verify your account ownership. You can do it by entering the date when you created the account for the first time, the date when you logged in for the last time, the payment methods that are saved under the account, and so on.
    5. In the next step, upload photographic evidence that can help to prove your ownership. Do it if there is any.
    6. After that, enter any last known or previously used passwords.
    7. The seventh step is to enter your contact information.
    8. When everything is done, do not forget to submit the task.

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