How to Delete Apartment List Account

Through the Apartment List, you will easily find your dream home from thousands of homes and apartment choices in almost every state, city and neighborhood across the nation. To make it easier for you to seek out a home or apartment, you will have to create an Apartment List account first.

For some reasons such as lost interest in the home products and services, sick of using the Apartment List’ service or even due to your data security, you finally decide to delete your Apartment List account. Unfortunately, there’s no option to delete or remove your account on the Apartment List website.

How to Delete Apartment List Account

No worries! We’ll show you the guide to delete your Apartment List account through our post below!

Deleting Your Apartment List Account, Here’s How!

Deleting your Apartment List account may take up a long time, since you can only delete your Apartment List account by sending them an email. To send email to Apartment List, you can do the following steps:

    • First, you need to open your email account that you have registered on the Apartment List.
    • After that, you need to enter the email address
    • Now, you can compose an email and make sure to tell as clearly as possible that you really want to delete your Apartment List account.
    • You also need to type ‘Request to Remove My Information and Cancel My Account’, ‘Account Deletion Request’, or ‘Request to Delete my Chime Account’ on the email Subject. Even though it is a short word, but it will get the message across quickly.
    • Last, click on the ‘Send’ button to send your email.

Okay, that’s how to delete your Apartment List account. You should know that you can no longer use Apartment List after you delete your account. Instead, you may need to create a new Apartment List account, if you want to access Apartment List again.

How to Stop Receiving Messages from Apartment List?

It is known that if you register as a user of Apartment List service, that means you consent to receive calls and text messages via automated means and pre-recorded or artificial voice, even if you are on the no-call list.

In this case, approval is not a condition of purchase. Your use of and access to their Service acts as your binding electronic signature. Of course, message rates and data changes may also apply. However, the operator is not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. It would be better for you to contact your carrier if you have any questions about your text or data plan.

If you do not want to receive text messages anymore from them, you can cancel it at any time. Of course, you may need to contact Apartment List customer support directly if you want to cancel messages received from property managers or landlords.

Here’s how to stop messages sent by Apartment List!

    • First, you just need to text ‘Stop’ in response to a text message to stop receiving text messages from Apartment List.
    • Once you send a text message, Apartment List Customer Support will then send you a text message to confirm that you have been unsubscribed.
    • Afterwards, you will no longer receive text messages from Apartment List.

Okay, that’s how to stop receiving messages from Apartment List.

You can also email them at or respond to their last text message with a keyword such as ‘Start’ or ‘Yes’ if you want to receive text messages from Apartment List again.

If you are experiencing any problems with the text messaging program, you can then reply with the keyword ‘Help’ for more assistance or you will be able to get help directly at

How Does an Apartment List Work?

Apartment List allows people who are looking for a home or apartment and also people who are selling their property in one platform, so they can contact directly and easily through Apartment List. With thousands of homes and apartments for rent, Apartment List is here to help you find your dream home.

Apartment List works to get to know you a lot. Of course, you will have to answer a few simple questions and they will find the best matches just for you. After that, they will mix and match your personalized results, making it simple to explore places with the perfect combination of location, price and amenities.

From there, they will help find out which listings are best to visit and finally lease, showing you the latest pricing and availability, rent specials and many more. Of course, everyone actually deserves a home they really love, making them feel cozy to stay.

How to Discover Your Dream Home with an Apartment List?

To discover the choice of homes and apartments, you can do it on the Apartment List website or also through the Apartment List app. Of course, you may need to create an Apartment List account first.

To make it easier for you to search a home or apartment on the go, you can do it on the Apartment List app.

    • Download Apartment List app on Play Store (for Android) here.
    • Download Apartment List app on App Store (for iOS) here.

Through Apartment List, you will get personalized matches, easily compare favorites and contact apartments. Well, all within a gorgeous experience designed for the modern day renter.

Apartment List actually works hard to find the listings which are most relevant to you, and make your search easier. So far, Apartment List is genuinely pumped about helping you through the entire process from finding the proper location to a manageable commute.

To start your search through Apartment List, you may need to:

    • Choose how many bedrooms you want (studio, 1 bed, 2 beds or 3+beds)
    • Set the price of a home or apartment you are looking for
    • Set the location of a home or apartment you are looking to move
    • Choose what do you prefer (on-site laundry, in-unit laundry, washer/dryer connections
    • Select the place to park your vehicle (garage or parking)
    • Choose other features you want to exist at your home (hardwood floors, dishwasher, AC, pool, gym and patio/balcony)
    • Confirm whether you have a pet or not (dog or cat)
    • Set up the time when you would want to move in
    • Set up your monthly household income before taxes
    • Etc.

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