How Rare is RB Knife in MM2

When you attempt to look for the RB knife in Murder Mystery 2, you may find difficulty, as the knife is hidden in some spots. Unlike other MM2 weapons that can be obtained either by completing an event or through trading, the RB Knife can only be obtained by exploring at specific spots.

Considering the RB Knife is a bit hard to find, it surely makes it as a rare knife in Murder Mystery 2. In other words, RB Knife is included into the rare weapon rarity in MM2. So, you may wonder how rare the RB Knife in MM2 is, as it’s very hard to find.

How Rare is RB Knife in MM2

How Rare Is an RB Knife?

In fact, RB Knife is known as a rare knife in Murder Mystery 2. Why? That’s because the RB Knife is really hard to find. Formerly, the RB Knife can be obtained in some specific spots including House 2, Factory and nStudio. Well, each spot will be explained below!

    1. House 2

In the House 2, the RB Knife can be obtained in the basement area inside the television screen. In Murder Mystery 2, House 2 is a small map that contains a number of hiding spots scratreered around. House 2 is the second version of House.

The House 2 has a bedroom with a closet, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, a bathroom, a laundry room, a garage, a basement with two floors and also a backyard.

    1. Factory

In Factory, the RB Knife can be found outside in the open, inside a truck. Factory is a fairly large map in MM2 with a number of hiding spots. The Factory has an outside area, an office room, a parking room, and a room with a lot of shelves holding boxes, a sewage system and a manufacturing room.

    1. nStudio

At nStudio or known as nSOffice, the RB Knife can be found in the secret place or basement under the map. The secret place is located among the boxes that are located in the area. Moreover, nStudio is a map that replaces Lab 2 and was released in Murder Mystery Season 1.

nSOffice is designed to look like a modern office area. This office looks like a big and confusing map at first glance. That’s because its layout is quite simple and its size is not too far from average.

The nSOffice has two floors, they are:

    • Ground Floor: This floor is a lobby with an indoor playground and a reception desk. There’s an office room behind the reception desk and beside it is Nikilis’s office. It also has a meeting room with some seats and cafetaria beside it. The other side is a hallway that leads to another office room.
    • Basement: This is an underground area with a managing room.

nSOffice is the only map in Murder Mystery 2 that features the automatic sliding doors. It means that it will make existing or entering sections time-consuming, especially if a murderer chases you. It is also a map with the special ceiling lights connected with strings which allow movement when touched.

What Is RB Knife in MM2?

RB Knife is categorized into a common knife that was released as part of the RB battles event in Roblox. Initially, the RB Knife can be obtained by finding after Christmas Event 2020 has been released. Today, the only one way to get the RB Knife is through trading.

Talking about its appearance, the RB knife comes with black handle. It also has the RB Battles logo that is embroidered on it. The color of its blade is black with the curve side outlined in purple and also the straight side outlined in blue.

How to Get the RB Knife in Murder Mystery 2?

If you really know a way of trading an item in MM2, trading the RB Knife will be easier for you. However, trading is such a core mechanic that aims for exchanging a player’s own item for another player’s item.

To trade the RB Knife, a player needs to choose the desired person to trade with.  The desired player can only be selected from the player list located on the top right. Once selecting a desired person, a pop-up menu will appear and show  ‘Profile’ and ‘Trade’ buttons. Then, click on the ‘Trade’ button.

After clicking the ‘Trade’ button, a trade request screen will appear on the desired person. Certainly, the person will have a right either to deny or accept the player’s trade request. If the desired person denies the player’s trade request, the trade request screen will disappear automatically.

Then, a trading menu will appear and cover the whole screen if the desired person accepts the player’s trade request. On the left side of the player’s screen, the player’s inventory will also appear simultaneously. Then, put the RB Knife into the trade.

The RB Knife that the player has put into the trade will appear. Certainly, every time an item is put into the trade, the player should wait about 6 seconds to accept. Congratulations! The player has performed the trading as well as possible.

To note: You may not want to trade, because of any reasons. Certainly, you just simply turn off your trade request underneath the player list. If you turn off your trade request, you will not receive any trade requests from another player anymore.

How Much Is the RB Knife Value?

On the MM2 Value site,  the RB Knife’s value is not available, as the RB Knife may be a rare knife in Murder Mystery. Whereas, knowing the value of a weapon is an important thing for every player. In this case, a weapon’s value represents the tier and rarity that depends on how rare the weapon can be obtained in MM2.

It’s highly recommended for you to identify the RB Knife’s value in order to determine whether this knife is reliable and worthy to use in the game or not. In MM2, you may also find the term ‘Worthy’. However, the term refers to the term ‘Value’. So if you find the RB Knife worthy, it means the value of RB Knife.