How Much Value is Gemstone MM2

When you want to use a knife to kill innocents and sheriff in Murder Mystery 2, at least you need to know how much the value of a weapon that you will use is. The value here can be defined as the rarity or tier of a weapon. By knowing the value of a knife that you will use, you can determine which knife is worthy to use for killing.

Today, you may be looking for the value of Gemstone, one of the Godly knives. Thankfully, this post will show you the Gemstone value as accurately as possible. However, knowing the value of a weapon is a must. Let’s find out the Gemstone Value in our post!

MM2 Gemstone Value

The MM2 Value site shows the Gemstone’s value is 30. You can find the value of MM2 Gemstone on MM2 Value site at The Gemstone comes in tier 3 that was originally announced in Season 1 with Demand of 2.

Talking about Gemstone, this is a knife which is included into Godly rarity. You can get Gemstone by unboxing it (by chance) from Mystery Box 1 or also via trading. This knife was also called Chrome Gemstone.

The model of Gemstone is from the Roblox gear Crystal Blade: Amethyst Attack, but much smaller. The Gemstone has a purple blade which is made from Amethyst. When you look at the bottom of the handle, you can see the gold blade guard with a purple gem in the middle of it.

The Gemstone knife is one of non-chroma godlies, along with Heat, Lightbringer and Darkbringer that are not in knife box or gun box specified crates.

How Much Value is Gemstone MM2

How to Get a GemStone?

As we’ve mentioned, the Gemstone is a obtainable knife that you can get through trading and unboxing from the Mystery Box 1. It means that you need to do one of them or both ways in order to get the Gemstone knife. If you have no know yet of how to get Gemstone, no worries, we’ll also share both ways for you.

Way 1: Through Trading

If you want to trade the Gemstone, you must decide a player who will be willing to trade with. After you find the desired person, you can then click the person on your list on the top right. Once you click the desired person, a small menu will appear that shows two buttons: ‘Profile’ and ‘Trade’ button.

As you want to trade with, you can then click the ‘Trade’ button. After that a request to trade will appear on the screen of the player that is requested. Sure, after you send a trade request, the player you’ve chosen have a right to accept or deny your trade request.

If the player denies your request, your trade request will automatically disappear. While, if he/she accept your request, a trading menu will show on his/her whole screen.  Your inventory will then appear on the left side on the screen. You can only click on an item into the trade.

After you put an item on the trade, the item that you put into the trade will appear. Need to know, every time the item is put into the trade, you need to wait about six seconds to know whether your item is accepted or not. To note, you can only trade four unique items, but you can perform multiple of them.

To trade an item, there will be a button underneath your list, allowing you to turn off your trade requests. If you disable the trade request, you will not receive any incoming trade requests from other players. However, you can still trade with other players if their trades are on.

Last but not least, the trading is a main mechanic in Murder Mystery 2 that aims to exchange your item with another player’s item. An item value will then be measured in Seers, Demand or Rarity.

Way 2: Unboxing Mystery Box 1

Aside from trading, you can also get the Gemstone by unboxing a crate. The Mystery Box 1 can be bought from the shop for 100 Diamonds, 1000 coins or also one Mystery Key. How to unbox the Mystery Box 1 in Murder Mystery 2? Follow some steps below!

    • Go to Murder Mystery.
    • Once you are at the game, you can go to the ‘Shop’ on the left side of the screen.
    • After clicking the option, you will see a list of purchasable items available in MM2.
    • Then, click on the ‘Weapon’ option on the top of the menu. By clicking it, it will show you a list of purchasable weapons.
    • As you want to get the Gemstone, you need to click on the ‘Mystery Box 1’ from the list.
    • After purchasing the Mystery Box 1, you can then open the box.
    • You will then see a list of weapons contained in the Mystery Box 1.
    • To get Gemstone, you can choose one of the options including ‘Use 1,000 coins’, Use 100 Gems and one Key.
    • By clicking on one option, a box will open that shows a list of weapons.
    • Find the Gemstone from the list and click on the Gemstone.
    • After that, you can click the ‘Claim’ button to get Gemstone.

Congratulations! You now have the Gemstone in your inventory.

More Knife Values of Godly Tier 1

As the Gemstone is included into Tier 1 of Godly rarity, we also show you more knife values categorized on Godly Tier 1. Here are they:

    • Hallowgun: Value – 65
    • Pumpking: Value – 55
    • Chill: Value – 50
    • Laser: Value – 50
    • Slasher: Value – 45
    • Lightbringer: Value – 45
    • Darkbringer: Value – 45
    • Nebula: Value – 45
    • Fang: Value – 43
    • BattleAxe: Value – 38
    • Handsaw: Value – 3
    • Death Shard: Value – 35
    • Ice Dragon: Value – 35
    • Red Seer: Value –  35
    • Blue Seer: Value – 35
    • Purpler Seer: Value – 35
    • Orange Seer: Value 35
    • Yellow Seer: Value – 35
    • Ginger Blade: Value – 30
    • Night Blade: Value – 30
    • Saw: Value – 25
    • Winters Edge: Value – 25
    • Hallows Blade: Value – 25
    • Vampires Edge: Value – 25
    • Frostsaber: Value – 22
    • Ice Shard: Value – 22
    • Snowflake: Value – 22
    • Ghost Blade: Value – 22
    • Etc.

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