How Many Seers is Batwing Worth MM2

Batwing is a MM2 weapon that is included into Ancient rarity. Sure, you can use this Ancient knife to kill innocents and sheriffs. Considering Batwing is sought after by every Roblox player, you may wonder what makes this knife so worthy to use.

Certainly, each MM2 weapon has a certain estimated value and also seems to measure its worth. So as with Batwing, this knife also has estimated Value and Seers that you should know before using it in the game. So, how many seers is Batwing worth in MM2? Get the answer from our post below!

How Many Seers is Batwing Worth MM2

Batwing Estimated Seers

Batwing is estimated to have x65 Seers. In this case, the term ‘Seer’ refers to a godly knife used as the base value on many value lists. It is a proof that the Godly knife is the least valued godly item in the Murder Mystery 2. Well, the seer was obtained by trading or also by crafting that salvages 10 legendary weapons in order to obtain 20 legendary shards.

Seer before Season 1 was used to be crafted by salvaging 5 legendary weapons for 10 legendary shards. Today, you should salvage twice that amount to craft one. In fact, Seer was unobtainable in a brief period of time in 2016, as crafting was temporarily closed during that time for any updates.

Batwing Estimated Worth/ Value

Batwing has a value of 65, according to MM2 Value Site. The amount of Batwing value is moderate for such MM2 weapons. With the amount of Batwing’s value, we think that Batwing is such a reliable weapon that you can use to kill sheriffs and innocents.

Batwing’s Appearance

If you see Batwing in the game, you may see that it looks like a scythe with a thin grip. The thin grip here is also featured by a bat that forms a spearhead in the top part. As the name implies, Batwing means the wing of a bat from the handle. But, Batwing has no guard with a deep red and solid black color palette.

Batwing can only be obtained from Nikilis as a gift, as it is an old version of Niks Scythe. It was initially a Nikilis exclusive item that is based on a Roblox gear named Bay Scythe. Batwing costs 2499 Robux which replaced the Shadow Pack Bundle, resembling a thin grip connected to a bat blade.

Unfortunately, Batwing has become a common knife Glitch where it has the same design as Whiteout. This knife initially can only be obtained through Batwing gamepass,  but you can now get this knife through Trading too. Let’s see the value of Batwing:

Batwing’s Appearance

  • Value: 65
  • Demand: 2
  • Rarity: 2
  • Origin: Halloween 2018
  • Obtained: Trade Only

Getting Batwing in MM2, Here’s How!

Due to Batwing Gamepass is no longer available to get Batwing in Murder Mystery, so you can do another way to get Batwing knife through Trading. In MM2, trading is a main mechanic which aims to exchange your item with a person’s item. In this case, an item’s value is measured in Seers, Demand or also Rarity.

In the case of trading an item, you can only trade four unique items. If you want to get Batwing through trading, make sure that you have chosen a person who will be willing to trade with you. If you already have, you can then begin trading Batwing.

To trade Batwing, make sure to go to Murder Mystery 2. When you’re at the game, click a person on your list on the top right that you want to send a trade request. After you click him/her, there will be a menu window that appears and shows two buttons: ‘Profile’ and ‘Trade’ button.

You can then click the ‘Trade’ button to trade with your friend. Afterwards, a request to the trade window will appear on the screen of he/she who requested it. After sending a trade request, he/she that you’ve chosen will have a right to deny or accept your trade request.

If she/he denies your request, your trade request will automatically disappear. Meanwhile, if he/she accepts a trade request, a menu will appear on his/her whole screen. Then, your inventory will appear on the left side of the screen. If you trade Batwing, you can only click on an item into the trade box.

After putting Batwing into the trade box, Batwing that he/she put into the trade box will appear. Need to know, every time an item is placed into the trade box, make sure to always wait about six seconds to accept. Afterwards, a pop up window will appear that requires you to click on the ‘Claim’ button to claim the Batwing. Then, Batwing will be in your inventory and you can use it to kill sheriff and innocents in Murder Mystery 2.

Other Ancient Weapon Values

Aside from Batwing, there are still six remaining Ancient weapons that you should know. Certainly, it’s highly recommended for you to know each Ancient weapon value to ensure whether that weapon is worthy to use in the game or not.

So, here are Ancient Weapons that you have to get, apart from Batwing:

Niks Scythe

Niks Scythe1

This is a special tier of Ancient weapons to replace Batwing after the Batwing weapon was released.

  • Value: 150000
  • Demand: 10
  • Rarity: 10
  • Origin: Gift from Nikilis
  • Obtained: Trade Only



This is the third Ancient weapon that is similar to Batwing, but coming in an icy design.

  • Value: 40
  • Demand: 2
  • Rarity: 3
  • Origin: Xmas 2018
  • Obtained: Trade Only

Elderwood Scythe

Elderwood Scythe1

This is the fourth ancient weapon that can be obtained by completing the Halloween 2019 rewards pass and through trading.

  • Value: 165
  • Demand: 4
  • Rarity: 3
  • Origin: Halloween 2019 Tier System
  • Obtained: Trade Only



This is the fifth ancient weapon which was introduced during the Christmas Event 2019.

  • Value: 120
  • Demand: 3
  • Rarity: 3
  • Origin: 2019 Xmas Tiers
  • Obtained: Trade Only



This is the sixth ancient weapon which can be obtained after completing the Halloween Event 2000 Main Event.

  • Value: 115
  • Demand: 5
  • Rarity: 3
  • Origin: 2020 Hallows Event
  • Obtained: Buy/Trade



This is the seventh ancient weapon that was introduced during the Christmas Event 2020.

  • Value: 160
  • Demand: 6
  • Rarity: 3
  • Origin: 2020 Xmas Event
  • Obtained: 2020 Xmas Tiers

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