How Much is Nebula Worth in MM2

Each weapon in Murder Mystery 2 has each different worth. The ‘worth’ also refers to the term ‘value’ that means the tier or the rarity of the weapon. You may look for a weapon value before you want to use it for killing innocents and the sheriff. The value of a weapon in MM2 depends on how rare a weapon is obtained.

If you know the value of a weapon, you can determine which weapon is easy to get and able to use in the game. You may wonder how much the Nebula value is, considering many players attempt to get this weapon. If you’re curious, let’s find out the Nebula worth/ value in our post!

MM2 Nebula Worth/ Value

Certainly, you can find the value of each MM2 weapon on MM2 Value Site. Sure, it provides a list of all MM2 weapon values, including Nebula worth/ value. Well, according to the MM2 Value site, Nebula has a value of 45. We think, with its amount of value, Nebula is such a worthy weapon that you can use to kill sheriffs and innocents.

How Much is Nebula Worth in MM2

Nebula is included into the Godly tier.  This knife has been released as part of the Nebula gamepass for a limited time. You can get Nebula by purchasing the Nebula Gamepass and also through Trading. So, you can choose one of the methods or also both if necessary.

Nebula comes in the blade design which is similar to Gemstone’s. Both knives have an amethyst blade where the handle is brown and its guard is gold. For more information, Nebula is categorized into Tier 1 of Godly rarity.

Getting Nebula in MM2, Here’s How!

You may have a plan to get Nebula in Murder Mystery 2 in order to kill sheriff and innocents easily. As we’ve mentioned, to get Nebula, there are two ways that you can perform, including  by buying the Nebula Gamepass and through Trading. Sure, choose one of the methods.

Thankfully, this post will show you a guide of how to get Nebula in MM2 in both ways, here are they:

Metod 1: Buying Nebula Gamepass

Nebula Game Pass is currently available and costs 1699 Robux. If you buy a Nebula Gamepass, you will surely get a Nebula weapon. Buying the Nebula Game Pass is pretty easy to do, as it is now available in the game.

Here’s how to buy the Nebula Gamepass!

    • First, go to Murder Mystery 2.
    • Then, click on the ‘Store’ tab between the ‘About’ tab and ‘Servers’ tab.
    • After you click the ‘Store’ tab, you can see the availability of MM2 Gamepasses.
    • On the ‘Store’ tab, you may see Elite Gamepass (costs 499 Robux), Radio Gamepass (costs 475 Robux) and Godly: Nebula (costs 1699 Robux).
    • As you want to buy the Nebula Gamepass, you need to click on the ‘Buy’ button under the Godly: Nebula Gamepass.
    • A pop up window will appear to confirm you to buy the Nebula Gamepass.

That’s it! After successfully buying the Nebula Game Pass, the Nebula weapon will be in your inventory. So, it’s your turn to start making a purchase for Nebula Gamepass, before it’s no longer available in Murder Mystery 2.

Method 2: Through Trading

Aside from buying the Nebula Gamepass, you may prefer to get Nebula weapons through trading. However, buying the Nebula Game Pass is easier than trading. You need to know that you can only trade 4 unique items in MM2.

For more information, trading is a primary mechanic in Murder Myster 2 which aims to exchange an item with another player. Sure, the value of an item will be measured in Seers, Demand or also Rarity.

So, how to trade the Nebula weapon? Let’s follow step-by-step below!

    • First, go to Murder Mystery 2.
    • Once you are at the game, make sure to choose a player who is willing to trade with you.
    • After you find a player either a friend or someone you do not know before, you can click him/her on your list on the top right.
    • After clicking a person, a menu window will appear that shows two buttons: ‘Profile’ and ‘Trade’ button.
    • As you want to trade, you can click the ‘Trade’ button to trade with.
    • After you click the ‘Trade’ button, a request to the trade window will appear on the screen of a player who is requested.
    • After you send a trade request, a person that you have chosen will either accept or also deny your request. That’s a person’s right.
    • If a person denies your request, a trade request will disappear automatically.
    • If a person accepts your trade request, a menu will display on his/her whole screen.
    • Afterwards, your inventory will show on the left side of the screen. If you trade Nebula weapons, you can only click on an item into the trade box.
    • Once you put a Nebula weapon to the trade box, the Nebula weapon that a person put into the trade box will appear.
    • Sure, every time an item is put into the trade box, you should also wait about six seconds to accept.
    • After that, you can click on the ‘Claim’ button that appears on a pop up window to claim the Nebula weapon.
    • Sure, the Nebula weapon is now yours and can be used in the game.

That’s it! You successfully get  the Nebula weapon through the Trading method. Of course, it’s also your turn to start become trader in Murder Mystery 2 to get the Nebula weapon.

Important Notes!

When you’re trading a weapon with another player in MM2, you may get some issues. Well, the issue here is related to value loss, scamming, duping and also data loss. So, make sure to be careful when trading a weapon in MM2.

Aside from that, you may also face an issue where both players cannot add a weapon into the trade box while trading. There is also a mistake where when the trade is automatically accepted, a weapon you put in the trade box may disappear from your inventory. Last but not least, the trading seems to force the players to rejoin the server.

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