How Good is Roblox Support

Whatever the issue you are facing when using Roblox, the only one way that will give you the solution is Roblox Support. Sooner or later, Roblox Support will respond to your complaint, your appeal, and many more to give satisfactory service to you.

Unfortunately, a lot of Roblox users start questioning Roblox Support performance, as they get disappointed with the response from Roblox Support which is sometimes very long, even if that is an urgent issue. If you are also wondering how good the Roblox Support is to give your solution, let’s dive into our post to find more.

How Good is Roblox Support

How Good Is the Roblox Support?

The performance of Roblox Support  currently goes down and gets a very low rating. It occurs when there are a lot of Roblox users that post some threads on DevForum, talking about the Roblox Support Performance.

Based on our little research on DevForum, many users give the negative review of the Roblox Support where they have been bad as long as the users can remember. They also stated that Roblox Support is a very terrible service, more than often they cannot solve the problems of most users.

Most DevForum members revealed that Roblox Support is not a great service for Roblox players, as there are many issues that users are facing, but they don’t get solved by Roblox Support, even getting shot down after a few replies.

Most answers of Roblox Support are not helpful and they often come in the form of copy pasted responses. Certainly, it actually leads a lot of users to assume that Roblox Support is held by bots.

Furthermore, Roblox users are very disappointed with this, since they expect that a support service is supposed to support the user using it whatever issue that they are facing. They will think that something was wrong, when they begin to think that they are talking to bots who cannot help them at all.

Why Are Many Roblox Players Disappointed with Roblox Support?

After we take a look at any threads on DevForum that talk about Roblox Support performance, there are a lot of things that make Roblox users get disappointed with Roblox Support.

Aside from taking a very long time to respond, Roblox Support also often gives the members a notification that informs them that Roblox Support cannot solve the problem. The most interesting thing that we have found here is the apologies from Roblox Support, even many times without giving the users a solution.

As a proof, the Roblox users often get any notifications that say:

    • ‘We have assisted you with this all that we can and further requests will not receive response.’
    • ‘We’re sorry but we’re unable to provide you with any further information or response regarding this inquiry.’

With the two sentences that Roblox Support informs you, you will believe that Roblox Support does not care with your issue and is now ignoring your request. A lot of Roblox users speculate that Roblox Support seems to ignore what the users say completely. It is known that users often just take the general first message and respond based on that, without taking details into consideration.

With the bad performance of Roblox Support, many users are wondering whether Roblox Support is really needed or not. In fact, Roblox has grown over the years rapidly and has improved its resources massively.

Even though Roblox has revealed that they are hiring more staff and even doing a full moderation revamp, many users don’t already believe in Roblox Support, since Roblox Support seems to have improved in terms of quality.

Many users believe that anyone who currently uses Roblox Support will easily take a turn for the worse on how they see Roblox depending on their certain situation. If Roblox Support was more responsive, helpful and useful, people will see it with a brighter light as well.

How Does Roblox Support Work

How Does Roblox Support Work?

It is known that Roblox Support is a system where you can send email to Roblox staff for help and gain a response from them. You will then receive customer support tickets soon once sending your request.

To contact Roblox Support, you need to go to the Support page here. Once you are at the Roblox Support page, you may need to fill out the form. Once you contact them, you will quickly receive an email bringing your support ticket, meaning you need to wait a little for Roblox Support response to your problem.

For more information, it will take up to a week for a response from a staff member. Furthermore, it will also take even longer on holidays or events interfering.

Through Roblox Support, you can ask for help if you forgot your password, your account got banned or hacked, your billing and payment issues and many more. Even though no longer suggested or preferred by Roblox, you can email to get help or get questions answered, though it is similar to using the website version of support.

How to Contact Roblox Support?

When contacting Roblox Support, you will need to fill out the form that can be found on the Roblox Support page. On the form, there are two sections that you should fill, here they are

    1.  Contact information

On ‘Contact Information’ Section, you need to provide your contact information as correctly as possible such as Your Username, Your First Name, Your Email Address and Confirm Email Address.

    1.  Issue in details

On ‘Issue’ section, you may need to provide your issue as detailed as possible. Here, you may need to

    • Select what device you’re using when having the issue
    • Choose the type of the help category. For example, you can select the ‘Account Hacked or Can’t Log in’ category if your account gets banned.
    • Describe your issue on the Description of issue box. Make sure to describe your issue in detail to make them solve your problem easier. Aside from that, you should also provide any relevant information.

You can then submit your form by simply clicking the ‘Submit’ button on the bottom right underneath the form. Then, wait until Roblox responds to your issue through email or your Spam folder.

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