Do the Fortnite Roblox ID Loud Code

In Roblox, you can use plenty of audio for any purpose including background music for your own game, narration, sound effects and many more. In fact, the audios available in Roblox really help both players and creators of the game. What is the reason?

Well, if you are a creator of a game in Roblox, you can make your game more alive and interesting to play. While if you are a player of Roblox, you probably will have fun when you are playing a game with an audio input or also playing any games while playing your favorite song.

Do the Fortnite Roblox ID Loud Code

We’ll take an audio sample to show more explanation how reliable the audio in Roblox is for players and game creators. In this chance, we’ll show ‘Do Da Fortnite’ audio that is very interesting to talk about. So, learn more about how to use this audio in Roblox through our post below!

Here’s the Do Da Fortnite’ Roblox ID!

The ID code of the ‘Do Da Fortnite’ is 6555860948. After you find the ID code of the Do Da Fortnite audio, you can then use it for any purposes whoever you are either a player or a game creator.

As a player, you may only be able to use the ‘Do Da Fortnite’ as a music background that you can play when you are at any certain Roblox games. Meanwhile, if you are a game creator, you can use the ‘Do Da Fortnite’ for a bunch of purposes including for music background for your games, sound effects and many more.

What Can You Do with Roblox Audio?

Here’s what you can do with Roblox audio:

For Player

As we’ve mentioned, you can only use the ‘Do Da Fortnite’ as your music background while playing Roblox games. If you want to play the ‘Do Da Fortnite’ audio make sure to play the game that has a gear icon. The Golden Boombox is one of the gears that you can get in the catalog of Roblox. With the use of this gear, you can then play any Roblox audios while playing games.

If you are already at a Roblox game, click on the gear. By clicking the gear, a GUI window will pop up on your screen that requires you to enter the ID code of a song/ audio. Click on the code bar and paste the ‘Do Da Fortnite’ ID code in the GUI. Then click the ‘Play’ button to start listening to this audio.

Another alternative, you can also play a Roblox audio via admin command. However, you can use the admin command option if you are an admin in a game you play. Thanks to the same commands, luckily you only need to press  Ctrl-V to paste it in your music ID.

For Game Creator

You can use the Roblox audios for a number of purposes, if you are a game creator. What are they? Let’s see them below!

    • As Music Background

You can use the ‘Do Da Fortnite’ audio as music background into your game. If you do not know yet of how to add the Do Da Fortnite’ into your game, let’s follow some steps that we’ll show below!

    • Open Roblox Studio and find the ‘View’ tab.
    • Click the ‘Explorer’ and then ‘Properties’.
    • Hover an item on your Explorer To add an object and click the (+) icon.
    • Click the ‘Sound’ option.
    • After that, you need to click on the  newly created Sound object. Then, go to the ‘Properties’ window.
    • Paste the Asset ID/ the ID of the Do Da Fortnite audio shown above on the ‘Soundid’ section and then press ‘Enter’. Don’t forget to enable the ‘Playing’ option.
    • If you want to make the song more interesting to listen to, turn and use other features in the Properties window. You can also adjust the volume of the song.
    • You can then go to StarterGui.
    • Here, you need to click on the (+) icon and choose ‘LocalScript’.
    • Remove all of its contents and then type ‘game.Workspace.Sound:Play()’
    • Close the LocalScript window.
    • After that, you need to check if the song works on your game.
    • Last, to run the game on the Test section on your Toolbar, you can click the ‘Play’ button.

Other Things You Can Do With Roblox Audios

    • Music Randomizer

If you want to randomly shuffle the background music, you need to use the scripts that can shuffle the songs and prevent back-to-back repeats. To randomly shuffle the Roblox audios, you need to create a new ‘LocalScript’ inside ‘StarterPlayer → StarterPlayerScripts’ in the Explorer Window.

Then, you will also need to remove all existing lines and paste the following code. We show just a few parts of the scripts. You can find the complete script for Music Randomizer at Roblox Developer site. Here’s for the scripts:

local SoundService = game:GetService(“SoundService”)


— Number of other songs required to play before the same song can play again


local DEFAULT_VOLUME = 0.5


local random =

local recentlyPlayedSoundObjects = {}


— Array of song asset IDs to play randomly

local songs = {




} …… (The script is still continuing)

    • Gui Sounds

If you want to play the audio as sound effects for interactive GUI objects, you can use the audio model. To play Roblox audio immediately, you can hook it up to the ‘Activated’ event listener for the GUI button.

To add the GUI sounds, you can add a new ‘ScreenGui’ in StarterGui. After that, you need to create a new ‘TextButton’ within it. If you’re not familiar with the buttons and the basic options, you can see the GUI buttons here.

You may also have to choose the new button and attach a ‘LocalScript’. You can remove all existing lines and then paste the following scripts:

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService(“ReplicatedStorage”)


— Require audio player module

local AudioPlayer = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild(“AudioPlayer”))


— Set up sounds


            [“SimpleClick”] = 3061551819



— Reference the button

local textButton = script.Parent


— Function activated when button is pressed

local function onButtonActivated()





Once you insert the script, you can play and test the game. Sure, you should hear the sound name that is specified in the bold line of this script:

— Function activated when button is pressed

local function onButtonActivated()