Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook?

Now, Facebook has more features that can make people enjoy more when they are accessing their account. One of the features is Video. You may wonder whether you are able to see who viewed your video on Facebook or not. If so, you can read the information related to Facebook below.

Checking Who Watched Your Videos on Facebook

According to the Techni Pages site, when you are hosting a live broadcast on Facebook, you are able to go to the live stream management page to be able to see who is watching the broadcast. However, if the broadcast is over, you are not able to see who watched your video while you were live streaming. You are permitted to see the number of viewers, but you are not permitted to see who watched your video.

If it is important for you to know who watches your video during the broadcast, you are able to ask your viewers to interact with you during the broadcast and ask them to leave comments on the video.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook

On the Fry Social website, it is also explained that you are not able to see who viewed your Facebook videos. In this platform, you are permitted to see how many people viewed your video posted on your timeline, but it does not give you further details. However, if they leave a response to your video such as a ‘like’ or some other reaction or even leave a comment in your video, you can know that they have watched your video.

On Fry Social site, there are some tips for knowing whether certain people watched your video or not. You are able to make sure that certain people watch your video by sharing the video with them on messenger, tag them, or add the video to your Facebook stories.

If you add your video to your Facebook stories, you are able to find out who watched your videos on Facebook. However, it is important for you to note that you can only add the video to your story as long as the video is short. If the video is long, you may only be able to reshare the posted video in your stories and it will not allow you to know who watched your video.

You may wonder why you cannot see who viewed your video. According to the Apps UK website, the reason why Facebook does not allow you to see who viewed your video is because it would take a complex system for Facebook to collect the data for each video posted.

The Way To See Who Is Viewing Your Facebook Live Video

If you are doing a Facebook live, you will get a notification which pops up every time someone new is watching your live. As explained on the Apps UK, this pop up notification shows the name of the person who is watching your live.

Do you want to collect data about your video after your live has ended? If so, you are able to do that by following the steps below according to the Apps UK site.

    • First, you have to access your profile and then you have to choose the video that you want to see data for.
    • After that, it will automatically open up a new tab on your web browser where it will take you to a page entitled “Live Broadcast Audience”.
    • On that page, you can see two key metrics:
      • Peak Concurrent Viewers
        In this section, you will be able to see the data about the highest number of viewers you live video had at any one time.
      • Viewers During Live Broadcast
        Here, you are able to see an insight about how your total number of viewers ebbed and flowed during the entirety of your broadcast.

The Way to Go Live on Facebook

According to the Apps UK, here are the steps to go live on Facebook.

    • First, you have to log in to your Facebook account through the app.
    • Then, under the status option, you have to choose the ‘live tab’.
    • Now, you have to give Facebook access to your camera and microphone.
    • In this step, you have to enter in a description of your live so that your friends on Facebook know what they can expect from your live when they decide to watch your live.
    • The last step, you have to tap the ‘Go Live’ option.

Can Others See What I Watch on Facebook?

You may have watched various videos and now you wonder whether people can see what you watch on Facebook or not. According to the Facebook site, here is the explanation about it.

On Facebook Watch, you are able to find videos, original shows and movies. It is important for you to note that the history of your watch will not be visible to others on Facebook. However, let’s say that you take a specific action related to a video or a page such as liking a video. If you do that, this action may be able to be seen by other people on Facebook.

Let’s say that you watch videos on Facebook. There are some actions that may be seen by others depending on your privacy settings as you can read below.

    • Liking Or Following A Page
      If you like or follow a Page, your friends may be able to see your name when they access that Page where it may state: “[Name] and 4 other friends like this.”
    • Liking A Video
      If you like a video, your name may be able to appear when your friends access that specific video where it may state: “[Name] also liked this.”
    • Commenting On A Page Or Video
      If you make any comments, it can be seen by anyone on Facebook.
    • Sharing An Episode Or Series
      You are able to choose to share a video to your timeline or in a direct message to a person or group. If it is done by you, it will be visible to your selected audience.

That’s all the information that I can give to you about Facebook according to some online sources. Hopefully, this information can be useful for you especially, for Facebook users.

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