Bituro Surveys Code

In this page, we are going to talk about Bituro app referral code. As we know, Bituro has a referral program that allows you to share your referral link with your friends. If you really want to know this information, do not hesitate to read this entire article.

Bituro App Referral Code

Bituro has a referral program, where you are able to share your referral link with others. When anyone joins through your referral link, you are going to get 10% of their income for life. However, it is crucial to remember the points you get for a new referral, depending on the country from which the referral is.  It means that you get paid according to the demographics of your referral.

How to Apply Bituro App Referral code?

Now, Bituro App offers 150 points as a signup bonus + 50 points per referral. You are able to redeem those points for paypal cash, vouchers and many more.

    • At the first step, you have to download the Bituro App from Google Play Store or App Store.
    • After that, you are able to Install and open the Bituro app. Please login by using Facebook/Twitter/Google account.
    • Then, you are going to get 100 points.
    • You will redirect to App dashboard
    • Now, you have to choose option > Inviter & invitees
    • Please enter the Bituro App Referral code.
    • Afterwards, you are able to click on save. You are going to get an extra 50 points, a total of 150 Points.
    • You will be able to start referring friends and earn unlimited by sharing your Bituro App Referral code.

How to Get Your Referral Link in Bituro App?

Here are steps to get your referral link in Bituro app:

    • At the first step, you have to open the app and Click on the Invite Friends option.
    • After that, you are able to copy your Referral link or code.
    • Now, you are able to share your Referral link with your friends.
    • You are going to get 50 points per Refer and also 10% of your Friends Redeem.

How to Redeem Your Earnings in Bituro App?

Here are steps to redeem your earnings in Bituro app:

    • At the first step, you have to open the app and click on the Redeem option.
    • After that, you are able to choose the Reward from the Reward Store.
    • Now, you are able to enter your details and redeem earnings. For your information, the minimum redeem is 1000 Points.

Unlimited Trick of Bituro App

Here is an unlimited trick of Bituro app:

    • Please open Parallel Space App.
    • After that, you are able to add the Bituro App in it.
    • Now, you have to sign up using your referral code.
    • You are going to get 50 points in your Main Account.
    • You need to clear the parallel space app. Repeat above steps again to earn unlimited from Bituro app.

Earn Points by Completing the Tasks in Bituro App

Here are some ways you can do to earn points in Bituro app:

    • Install free mobile applications
    • Watch videos
    • Complete surveys
    • Refer your friends

From your Bituro App Referral code, then you are able to redeem earned points for below Bitcoins (All countries):

    • Ethereum tokens (All countries)
    • PayPal (All countries)
    • iTunes Gift Cards (United States only)
    • Amazon Gift Cards (United States only)
    • Target Gift Cards (United States only)

So, you have to use Bituro Referral code and complete tasks which are refreshed daily on offer walls. You are able to earn easy points and redeem from Bituro for Bitcoins, Ethers (Ethereum tokens), PayPal or other gift cards.

How to Join the Bituro App?

Bituro is a popular app. However, they have not provided clarity on who can join the Bituro app.  You need to check your Appstore to know if the Bituro app runs in your country or not. After you download the Bituro app, then you have to register by email address, name, and phone number. The Bituro app will verify your phone or email address so that after verification, you are able to access various tasks and start earning. But, you have to be over 18 years old to start working and earning from the Bituro app.

What are the Pros of the Bituro App?

Below are some pros of the Bituro survey app:

    • If you are looking for fun ways of getting money, and some tasks which offer flexibility, this Bituro app satisfies both of those requirements, while giving prizes in return.
    • Many different tasks are available, thus you are always going to discover an interesting choice that helps you to earn. You will be able to watch videos, take surveys, install apps, and more. The offer wall always has choices which boost your points.
    • The Bituro referral program does not have a time limit. So, you will not only earn for two months or six months. You keep receiving a percentage of your referrals for life.
    • The minimum for withdrawal is very low. It is easy enough to meet after you watch several videos or complete a few surveys daily.
    • Your points are going to be redeemed via gift card. Also, you will be able to send cash to your PayPal account or get Bitcoins.

What are the Cons of the Bituro App?

Below are some cons of the Bituro survey app:

    • The Bituro Survey App offers points for downloading the applications. However, this is not always the best method to make money with the platform because you have to keep them on your device for quite a while.
    • Although lots of the applications are useful, but they take up a lot of space.
    • The gift cards from Starbucks, Amazon, and Google Play are available. The lack is that this choice for redeeming your points is not available to international participants. It is just offered to the residents of the United States.
    • There are some reviews from the users about the Bituro app. Lots of people report a good experience and say that they received rewards, but there are also other people who say that they have not had points added. Several complain about poor customer service.
    • It is only a small income opportunity.