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Karl Jacobs is one of the Dream SMP members, joining on August 26, 2020. Karl was a citizen of El Rapids. He is the current writer and creative director of the “Tales from the SMP” series, a canon side series compromised of “oneshot” episodes which reveal several lore plots throughout the server. Currently, he serves as the leader of Kinoko Kingdom and resides in the realm with lots of allies and friends.

Karl Jacobs Swirl

Karl Jacobs appears as a human with brown hair, light brown eyes and light skin. He wears a multi-colored hoodie with a teal spiraling swirl, purple shoes, and black pants. But, recently, his hoodie and eyes seem to be changing colors due to his time traveling.

Karl Jacobs Swirl PNG..

Karl Jacobs has no control over where and when he time travels, more being thrown through the time with little to no working and being tasked with recording what he views. Apparently, the portal in his library to be a sort of respawn point where he comes back to after traveling. When traveling back from each journey, Karl seems to be forgetting his memory bit by bit and has to write it down in several diary entries.

Karl Jacobs’ Personality

Karl Jacobs’ Personality

How about Karl Jacobs’ Personality? Karl Jacobs is a friendly and positive guy who loves hanging out with his friends. Currently, he is engaged to Sapnap and Quackity, making it the first polyamorous relationship of the DreamSMP. He is recognized for building and taking credit for constructing some landmarks around the server. Also, Karl Jacobs acts as a tour guide for the new visitors and members, giving tours to Vikkstar123, Pokimane, LazarBeam, Lil Nas X and Corpse Husband.

Karl Jacobs YouTube Channels

Karl Jacobs has a YouTube channel called Game Patrol. Unfortunately, if you check this YouTube channel right now, you are going to see that it has not been updated anymore. This YouTube channel was made on December 25th, 2016. We get information that the videos in this channel have been watched more than one million times. This YouTube channel has more than 9k subscribers. And there are five videos uploaded by Karl Jacobs. For your information, the last video was uploaded on May 22nd, 2021 where the title is Aimblox BETA 2021 (Roblox Aim Lab).

Also, Karl Jacobs has a YouTube channel named Karl. This YouTube channel was made on September 12th, 2020. Until now, the videos have been watched more than 120 million times. There are more than three million subscribers. In this YouTube channel, the videos are about Minecraft. Several of the videos which are available to watch in this YouTube channel are:

    • I Hunted LazarBeam on Dream SMP that was published on December 4th, 2020. The video has been watched by more than two million people.
    • I Made a Manhunt Parody on Dream SMP that was published on December 9th, 2020. The video has been watched by more than two million people.
    • I Pretended To Be AFK that was published on December 15th, 2020. The video has been watched by more than 14 million people.
    • and many more.

The Victories of Karl Jacobs

According to research, there may have been very few instances where he was in the first place. But, frequently, Karl Jacobs has reached the second place in the challenges he took part in. Karl Jacobs became the first place in the challenges as explained on the MrBeast wiki. He hit the button in Push This Red Button For $100,000 at 14:35, and after more than 50 presses. The TV ask him to give Corry $100,000. It made him the winner of the challenge and his sister the winner of the $100,000.

When Karl Jacobs and Sean’s house was judged in I Put 1,000,000 Christmas Lights On A House (World Record), Quackity, MatPat, and MrBeast gave it a 9, and Damaris gave it a 10. Thus, it led to the total score being 37/40. For the tiebreaker, a fan who was watching the competition was selected by MrBeast to select whose house was the better decorated one. The fan decided to select Karl Jacobs and Sean’s house. So, the team of Karl Jacobs won, and Sean obtained the $300,000 house. While Chris obtained a $30,000 car as a consolation prize.

Trivia About Karl Jacobs

Here is the trivia about Karl Jacobs that you need to know:

    • Before Karl Jacobs became a player of the Minecraft game, he played the game of Roblox.
    • Karl Jacobs has been a part of the Austin Show’s Love or Host.
    • Karl Jacobs likes watching the show entitled Survivor, the franchise High School Musical, and some cartoon shows such as Code Name: Kids Next Door.
    • In a tweet, Karl Jacobs created a statement that he is scared of the dogs. He loves the cats with all his whole heart.
    • In early December of 2020, Karl Jacobs and Quackity had a surprise meetup which had only lasted about two days which the fans had gotten one stream out of. They both met up again with AustinShow where it occurred in early March of 2021.
    • It is known that Karl Jacobs and Sapnap met up and they stayed together for about a week. They streamed almost every day when they were together. Even though they were in quarantine, Karl Jacobs stated that they were safe and sapnap was only there for work.
    • MCC 11 was won by Karl Jacobs while having 1329 coins which makes him the MCC champion to have the least number of coins.
    • Karl Jacobs’ Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff.
    • Karl Jacobs used to be a host on a channel named Cartoon Overload where he discussed Cartoons with the guests in a podcast format.
    • In the game Roblox, he has a MrBeast group.
    • Karl Jacobs is 5’11” or 181 centimeters tall.
    • Karl Jacobs has red-green color-blindness.
    • Karl Jacobs made an article for the famous news gaming site named Gamerbolt where he talked about why people hated the Death Note movie too much. So, Karl Jacobs could get a media badge to a gaming convention.

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